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The Madonna Unreleased Rate (A winner has been crowned)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Raichu, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. I think it being associated with the Confessions Tour version was a double-edged sword: I think that was one of the reasons it got this far, but the fact that this demo is not the Confessions Tour version also prevented it from going further. That's my theory.
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  2. It just got sooooo much tougher...



    Average: 7.3

    Highest Score: 11 (@WhatKindOfKylie?)
    Lowest Score: 4x2 (@Posh Spears, @Epic Chocolat)

    My Score: 8

    “Shame” is a song from The Rain Tapes, a collection of Erotica outtakes and demos. It leaked in July of 2014.

    I think this is easily the best song from The Rain Tapes. It goes on a bit too long, but I love the slightly grand and regal feel it has. The melodies are great, the vocals are sexy, and the horns parts in the chorus are ace. I adore the “the way you live you life is a shame” bit. It’s the kind of vocal bit that I eagerly wait for. This going out before that other Erotica era track that’s still in is the real shame.

    Anyway, Posh Spears (4) brands it “forgettable.” The way you rate your songs is a shame. Deja-Boo (8) thinks they missed opportunities with this one: “What's a shame is that this wasn't B-side on a single instead of fucking album tracks or even five year old singles ffs.” I agree. I think this was good enough to be finished and released. If it wasn’t for it not lyrically fitting in with the rest of Erotica, I wouldn’t have minded it having a place on the album. One Stop Candy Shop (7) also thinks it would make a good B-side: “It's not bad, but Erotica had enough songs that sound like this one, so it's not a "shame" that it wasn't included. Still b-side worthy though.” Ya’ll are picking some low hanging fruit with these shame jokes, but I’m a let you live since I’m doing it too. For NightmareBoy (8.5), the shame is not quite juicy enough: “Not as exciting as I hoped it would be before it leaked, but still a strong demo.” As much as I like this song, I kind of agree. I thought this would be a more lyrically interesting than it is, but it just sounds so damn good that I’m willing the overlook the somewhat bland lyrics. I’m going to let WhatKindOfKylie?, who bestowed his precious 11 on this song, have the last word: “Another piece of classy and empowering early 90's house from Miss M. I can't believe (like so many of these songs in ths rate), we have yet to ever get this in HQ. It's just perfection. And had to be my 11.”
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  3. Hearts might be broken...



    Average: 7.366666667

    Highest Score: 10
    (@WhatKindOfKylie?, @Zdarlight, @NightmareBoy, @phoenix123)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@playboy69)

    My Score: 7.5

    “Each Time You Break My Heart” was written and recorded during the True Blue sessions. It didn’t make the album but was given to a singer named Nick Kamen.

    Despite this being better than Jimmy Jimmy and Love Makes The World Go Round, I see why it wasn’t included on True Blue. It doesn’t fit with the overall vibe. That being said, it’s quite good. I don’t know that it’s up to that much, but it’s got a catchy melody and a very appealing arrangement; I love those chimes. Like Love Won’t Wait, I can see why they deemed this good enough to give away. It wasn’t quite what she wanted for True Blue, but it was probably obvious that it would make a good song for somebody.

    WhatKindOfKylie? gives this full marks and enthusiastic praise: “AMAZING! How can M give away such a tune? Then again, she was on such a roll at the time, guess it would have been nothing to her. Pure 80's Madonna pop at is finest.” Zdarlight (10) also can’t believe she gave the song up for adoption: “This is classic Madonna with one of the most gorgeous choruses of the 80s. I will never not be pissed that she gave this little gem away.” One Stop Candy Shop (9) seems to embrace the giveaway: “Queen of writing hits for others.” Epic Chocolat (7.5) decides to use his floortime to give Nick Camen a shout out: “Shout out to Nick!” I have it on good authority that he’s reading this thread at this very moment. Posh Spears (7) gives it lukewarm praise: “Another track that falls under the “good, but doesn’t really stand out” category, but it is quite catchy. Sadly it kinda suffers from not having a high quality version readily available.” I really wish I had some kind of magic program that could make all these tracks HQ. And I’m not even joking. It would really make a huge difference for many of these songs.

    Speaking of songs in HQ, let’s listen to Nick Camen’s version:

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  4. Oh wow. I expected this and You Thrill Me to be the top two!
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  5. Woohoo my 11 is doing pretty well then as it's still in!
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  6. I'm going to eliminate another after I do some errands for the day. The next elimination is an 11.
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    Shame indeed.
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  8. The mad things we do for love...



    Average: 7.4

    Highest Score: 11 (@One Stop Candy Shop)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@NightmareBoy)

    My Score: 7.5

    “Latte,” dubbed “La La” and “The Coffee Song” by Timbaland, is an outtake from Hard Candy. It incorporates lyrics from “Pela Tute” by Gogio Bordello.

    Now why did she have to go and compromise this perfectly good bop by singing in Romani? Not that that’s inherently a bad thing, but Madonna singing in other languages feels like a chore at the best of times and here it adds a tedious element to what is otherwise quite seductive. The dark, exotic beat, which feels like Timberland in a particularly funky zone, and Madonna’s pretty vocals all work very well, but the Pala Tute bits feel really shoehorned in, like every other time she utilizes Gogol Bordello. As much as I adore her, sometimes Madonna overthinks songs and this is one of those times. Still a jam though.

    Posh Spears (7) confuses me with this puzzling bit of commentary: “Um I’ll have a soy latte, thanks.” Does this mean that you want to listen to American Life or does this mean that you actually, at the moment of composing that comment, wanted a soy latte? This latte does have some soy in it though: some of the lyrics have that Esther feel. Maybe that’s what Deja-Boo (8.5) digs about them: “Some of these lyrics are really good tbh.” WhatKindOfKylie? (8) appears to shade this by saying “Nice!” but I know his feelings are genuine because he’s such a reliable fan of Hard Candy: “I am acutally a great fan of the Hard Candy era anyway, but this is a cool little jam.” One Stop Candy Stop might need an alcoholic latte after this elimination because he gave the song an “Instant 11. This is just too good to be true. The "Lela pala pute" was one of the best parts of S&S Tour, so I'm glad this exists.”

    Maybe that performance will help him process his loss:

  9. Yeah, it should have gotten further.
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  10. Tomorrow I will do two eliminations and the Top 10 will be revealed. I'll just say right now that one of tomorrow's eliminations has me shaking my head and not in the fun way.
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  11. Good to see Latte do pretty well.
  12. Scream! I'm sure I forgot that American Life had that lyric when I wrote that. I just don't drink milk, nn.
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  13. Noooo not Latte!!! One of my favourite M songs, so sad to see it missed the cut for Hard Candy AND the top 10 for this!
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  14. I thought Latte was a certainty for top 10. I stand by my 11.

    I guess I'm gonna stan for Across The Sky now.
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  15. For those who gave this high scores, this is some kind of crime...



    Average: 7.566666667

    Highest Score: 10x4
    (@Posh Spears, @Sideout, @phoenix123, @WhatKindOfKylie?)
    Lowest Score: 5x3 (@Epic Chocolat, @playboy69, @etienne)

    My Score: 7

    Weirdly enough, “Crimes of Passion” is not listed on the Madonna unreleased Wikipedia page. But it was included on “Pre-Madonna,” the collection of demos and songs from before Madonna’s rise to fame. I find its non-inclusion on the Wikipedia page weird because it’s actually one of her better known early demos.

    I think I could have scored this a half a point higher. Despite the sometimes annoying vocals, that horrible candy store lyric, and the fact that it goes on a bit long at the end, this is a nice little disco-glittered bop. It’s also very cleanly produced and easy on the ears even in 2017. It wouldn’t sound too out of place on the debut, though I’m glad it wasn’t used. I think there are songs on the debut that basically do what this does and better.

    Let’s hear from GhettoPrincess (9), who almost gives this full marks: “Really catchy, there’s potential for this to be a ten but in it’s current form it’s a bit rough around the edges.” While it’s not as polished as her released recordings, I do think it stands out as one of most polished demos in this rate. WhatKindOfKylie? (10) mentions a song that you just know I’m going to embed at the end of the write up cause embedding is my shit: “Much more like it! Just when I was starting to think perhaps pre fame Madonna was all rock chick, out pops this cute little post Disco ditty. Sounds like a mash up between her own Physical Attraction and Baby Love by Regina, of course which was meant for her initially anyway....” Deja-Boo (6) is also hearing Physical Attraction in this: “It's cute but thank god for Physical Attraction.” Physical Attraction does beat this at being that glitery passionate bop (while also beating it at lasting too fucking long). Posh Spears (10) is eating this up, maybe literally: “Living for the delicious, bubblegummy production. Yum!”

    Now for that Regina song that WhatKindOfKylie? was mentioning:

    Kind of a bop and I definitely hear the similarity. Sounds like a more bubblegum version of the sound Madonna displayed on her debut.
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  16. Glad that one went so far. It's glittery goodness.
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  17. Liquid hate was seriously dripping on my keyboard as I typed up this next elimination. This was my only 10 in the rate and it didn't make the top 10. WTF?....



    Average: 7.633333333

    Highest Score: 10x4 (@Raichu, @GhettoPrincess, @Andy French, @WhatKindOfKylie? @Sideout)
    Lowest Score: 2x2 (@etienne, @playboy69)

    My Score: 10

    “Liquid Love” was written and recorded for the Music album. It was ultimately not released because Madonna said in an interview that it gave her the “wrong kind of tingles.” It contains many elements of William Orbit’s “Bubble Universe.”

    This was my only 10 in the rate and for good reason. The production on this is absolutely enchanting: it’s ethereal, but also pulses with so much sensual energy. Although the song was created during the Music sessions, it has that really elemental, layered quality of Ray of Light. I feel like I am traveling through skies and oceans and the journey is just so magical. And unlike Arioso, the melody and the vocals live up to the instrumental’s promise; both of these elements are absolutely gorgeous. IMO, the “My heart is frozen till you came and melted it” bit is among her most sonically lovely middle-eights.

    That being said, the lyrics are not up to much. They are actually quite silly. But the song is so good that it actually sells them. In fact, I love this so much that I would gladly have this on the album even though it doesn’t quite fit the mood. I think it’s easily better than the whiny dirge that is Nobody’s Perfect.

    To find out what caused the sheer fuckery of this leaving just before the Top 10, I turn to one of the lowest scorers, etienne, who says, “Surprised this one even got off the ground...” Explain! If you know what’s good for you…and your 11. Deja-Boo (9) gets downright…graphic: “Cum guzzling metaphor no? (I'm so sorry.)” Don’t apologize. At least you gave this a respectable score, unlike some people. Posh Spears (6) both rewards and punishes it for its playfulness: “I enjoy its playfulness and how it feels like it connects Ray of Light to Music, but some of the lyrics are too silly even for me.” Yes, it’s lyrically silly, but not any more so than a good chunk of her other songs. One Stop Candy Shop (9) describes the song perfectly: “It's a Ray Of Light-Music crossbreed and I love it.” Yes, it has that ethereal new agey Ray of Light feel, but it’s not as sonically dense as those tracks and it’s a little more boppy. GhettoPrincess (10) recognizes a great song when she hears one: “What a gem, should’ve been on the album but it probably sounded too much like a Ray of Light track…” I would rather believe this explanation than Madonna’s tingles comment, that’s for sure! I'll give the final word to WhatKindOfKylie? (10), who gets the right tingles from this: "Quite trippy and trancey, with soft and effective M vocals. Bliss to listen too." Indeed.

    We’ll honor Liquid Love’s untimely passing by listening to the gorgeous “Bubble Universe.”

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  19. With these two eliminations, we have reached a landmark: our top 10.

    You Are The One
    Gone Gone Gone
    Set The Right
    History (Land of the Free)
    Across the Sky
    Two Steps Behind Me
    Never Let You Go
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  20. Liquid Love should be in the top 10. *cries* Actually the last two eliminations both hurt.
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