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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Finally (yeah a bit late) caught Dr Strange, and loved It! Special effects were brilliant, I feared they would be far too GCI, but actually they still felt very solid and real. Excited by the post credit scene that implies the Dr might be part of the next Thor.
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  2. Luke Cage wasn't the best series so I was hoping Iron Fist would be an improvement. I'll make up my own mind about it but so far I'd say Daredevil is the only one I'm truly invested in.
  3. I mean all of them have been incredibly flawed despite the critical praise. Literally all 3 seem to have the same issues with the story just collapsing 2/3s of the way through and fucking up the ending.

    Objectively, Jessica Jones is the best of the 3 and it's not even really up for debate.
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  4. I didn't like Daredevil or Luke Cage.
  5. The Hollywood Reporter gave a very bad review to Iron Fist. They called it the first big misstep by Marvel and Netflix.

    I just want Jessica Jones S2...
  6. Luke Cage was terrible... it had all the plausibility of a CBBC drama... and it seemed go go on forever. Loved both Daredevil and Jessica Jones... though they both went on for too long as well.
  7. Luke Cage was slow but ultimately satisfactory enough. A solid 7/10.
  8. I agree, Luke Cage was good. It just suffered from serious pacing issues like the other series. However it's still the weaker of the three. Iron Fist sounds like a complete mess. Hopefully it will be a one off.
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  9. Nothing I've seen so far has made me interested in watching Iron Fist, which is a shame as I did love the previous shows in varying degrees.

    I'm personally more intrigued about The Punisher.
  10. The first half of Luke Cage is the best of any Marvel/Netflix show. It just goes to shit the second you know who dies and Diamondback appears.
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  11. Truth, Cottonmouth should've been on the show for the full season.
  12. He


    Diamondback was such a terribly caricaturesque villain.
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  13. Doctor Strange wasn't as good as I was hoping it'd be. It's better than Ant-Man but maybe I'm a little Marvel'd out.
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  14. In retrospect I think Doctor Strange was awful. The most formulaic, hollow, joyless, nonsensical Marvel movie since Thor: The Dark World.
  15. It just annoys me that we lost Cottonmouth who was fantastic for that. I haven’t had a rewatch yet but all I remember is Diamondback mostly just walking up to Luke on the street and being “mysteriously menacing” then fucking off again.

    Also Cottonmouth would get it.
  16. He


    Yes to all of this.

    Cottonmouth was a complex yet extremely threatening character. He could have died the same way but way later, like at the very end.

    And oh so fine.

    Diamondback in his budget Iron Man suit was so wrong, and a kii.
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  17. Diamondback was just cringeworthy. They definitely should’ve had Cottonmouth die at the very end of this season and have season 2 on Mariah.
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  18. I've watched I think one episode of Luke Cage every 2 months. And now I hear the second half isn't even worth it? Ugh. I'm ceebs with Iron Fist as well. I'll skim synopses ahead of Defenders.

  19. This scene still fucks me up quite a bit.
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  20. BYE
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