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The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Shockbox, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. Apparently the fourth movie will be called Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet, Zoe Saldana kind of let that slip in an interview a few months ago, but it might not be 100% accurate. Also, as far as I know, those two movies only count as one contract-wise, most likely because they are being filmed together, so we might get another one with Cap at the very least, unless he renews his contract. I definitely think there will be at least a couple of deaths in those movies, otherwise they will pretty much say fuck you to having stakes, since there have really been a single dead Avenger in over 15 movies (poor Quicksilver), and my current guess is Thor (it might even happen on Ragnarök) since he's the most boring of the Big Three.

    To be honest, I think they have a lot of great things going for them that can become huge and render the original Avengers unnecessary. I, for one, am a lot more interested in sequels to Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy than yet another Cap'n or Iron Man movie. I like how they handled Stark by finishing his trilogy and having him as a supporting character in other movies, he worked quite well on Homecoming. I also don't think the Thor franchise is long for this world, and it's a bummer Natalie Portman doesn't want to be a part of it anymore because she could be amazing as female Thor. Lastly, money-wise, these franchises tend to start a little "smaller" and grow bigger with each new installment, so it's not like focusing on growing these more varied new characters will cost Marvel a ton of money. If anything, it's in-keeping with their tendency to take big "risks" and run with them, even if I'm disgusted at myself and the world by talking about diversity as a risk.
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  2. I don’t think I could take another Guardians of The Galaxy. All other sequels are welcome.

    I’m late but I just finished watching Spider-Man. It was as good as I expected. Holland is the definitive Peter Parker. That character is made for him. Totally surprised at how the Vulture was fleshed out. I thought his costume and purpose made no sense in the trailer but seeing the movie changed things.

    My one negative about Spider-Man’s power is how he has no spider sense. I don’t like how Iron Man’s tech has replaced it
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  3. I saw Spider-Man last night and really enjoyed it. I'm so happy they didn't start with the "bitten by a spider on a high school field trip" angle again, twice is enough. Tom Holland was really good, and Michael Keaton made for a great villain.
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  4. Skipping Uncle Ben and the spider bite makes me wonder if they'd do a similar thing if they ever got the rights to the Fantastic Four back, starting with them already being super powered and jumping off from that. Can Fox please just see the light already and make a deal???
  5. Confession: I liked (and still do) the Jessica Alba "F4" movies. I'd never been interested in the team before the first movie came out, and I ended up buying the "Ultimate F4" comic for a little while, and the tie-in video games.
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  6. Those two FF movies were decent. The second one was more "comic booky" than the first, which helped. I would have liked them to have made a trilogy with that cast.
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  7. Though the bad wig and contact lenses that made Sue look like an alien in the sequel were... a choice. A distracting choice.
    Making Jessica Alba look not-so-great is a visual FX feat in and of itself, but they managed it.
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  8. He


    Her skin also looked ridiculous.
  9. That seems to be a thing with sequels. Hair becomes more extreme in colour as things go on. See also Jean Grey in the X-Men trilogy. She went from a subtle but bold red to looking like a Nice 'n Easy bottle model.
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  10. Homecoming was so fun! Tom Holland could wear me as a glove. The Vulture was Doc Oc in Spiderman 2 levels of cool.
  11. The very first official footage of Infinity War has just been shown at the D23 Expo, here's a description:

    The Guardians of the Galaxy are flying around. “Put on your mean faces,” Star-Lord says, because he expects something nasty. There has been crazy destruction, and then a body smashes up against their ship. “Get it away,” Rocket says. They bring the body in and it’s Thor. (Spoilers for Ragnarok, we guess?) Mantis wakes him up and Thor jumps up and exclaims “Who the hell are you guys?”

    Next we see the Guardians with Thor, flying to another planet, and when they arrive—again, it’s just massive destruction again. They all know something is very wrong.

    Cut to Earth. Scarlet Witch is moving around some cars or something and a female voiceover says “Death follows him like a shadow.” Loki emerges and presents the Tesseract to someone who is taller than him.

    Cut to Queens and the hairs on the arm of a young Peter Parker stand up on end. He turns around in fear and we see a ship flying toward a planet we assume is Earth. “We have one advantage,” Tony Stark says. “He’s coming to us.” As the ship crashes, we see Mantis, Iron Man, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange, and a few others characters in total shock.

    “Fun really isn’t something one considers when balancing the universe,” a voice says. Gamora turns around in total horror. “But this puts a smile on my face.” Star-Lord: “Oh no.” And out of a black hole emerges the purple madman, Thanos.

    A fight begins. Doctor Strange is putting down platforms and Star-Lord is jumping off them, shooting his guns. Cut to Spider-Man, in his new suit revealed at the end of Homecoming, jumping through the air. A shot of Vision behind bars. A shot of a Wakandan army which includes Bucky. Captain America comes out of shadows with a full beard. Black Widow is shown with blonde hair. Iron Man has new, very sleek armor. Someone is using the Hulkbuster armor. Just a huge montage of shots.

    Peter Parker is on the ground very hurt. “I’m sorry Tony,” he says behind tears with Iron Man holding his head. Thanos grabs Thor’s head and squeezes. Then Thanos, in the heat of battle with the Infinity Gauntlet on his hand, uses the power of the two stones he has (Purple and Blue, I think) to grab a moon. He starts to drag it toward whatever planet everyone is standing on. The debris starts to fly and... cut to title card.

    Avengers: Infinity War opens May 4, 2018.

    It sounds huge in literally every sense of the word.

    Also wait.
  12. Only just saw Homecoming... massive spider-man fan but the last 3 movies left me jaded. Loved it. Not slavish to the comics in the slightest but pure Spidey all the way.
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  13. Christ... When will we get to see this?
  14. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    That was peak Fake Tan Era.

    The first Fantastic Four is fine. It's not great, and the casting of Reed and Doom wasn't exactly Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark levels of spot-on, but it's a fun movie.
  15. The 2 FF movies are decent popcorn fun. The reboot is AWFUL though.
  16. I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned the reveal of the Black Order, queen Proxima Midnight.
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  17. I need to see this trailer. I am drooling. The trailer alone sounds better than Age of Ultron.
  18. Just saw 'Spider-Man: Homecoming'.

    Things I liked:

    - Tom Holland was very likeable (and fit, too bad he wears loose boxers).
    - Michael Keaton. Finally, while waiting for queen Hela, Marvel is able to give us a more memorable villain like Loki or Nebula.
    - The smaller scale.
    - The highschool setting.
    - Aunt May was more aunt-like and less hot-aunt-like than in 'Civil War'.
    - Captain America cameo.
    - A cameo at the end that I wasn't expecting.
    - That scene when they drive to the homecoming was very strong.

    Things I didn't like:

    - Linking the movie to 'Civil War' made it even more obvious how it absolutely didn't make any sense to have a 15-years old kid go to battle againt Captain America & co. He should've been linked to the MCU in a better way.
    - No strong or memorable female characters. Zendaya didn't do it for me and Liz Allen was meh. Emma Stone was better.
    - No organic costumes for Spider-Man or the Vulture. Why not just give them an Iron Man suit? It had too many options and the female Jarvis was not needed. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit remains the best.
    - Characters like Ned (or Flash) are so irritating and one-note. He reminded me of Luis in Ant-Man.

    Overall, it was ok and I enjoyed myself. Unpopular opinion, but, for now, I like the Amazing Spider-Man better.
  19. Somebody else mentioned a cameo at the end and I can't remember who it was..
  20. The cameo is...
    . I thought it was quite random for a Spider-Man movie.
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