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The PJ00s - The 2nd Round // We have a winner + reveals started page 79

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Sprockrooster, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. I haven't decided yet, so it'll be a surprise.
  2. Ray


    ...even for you.
  3. I am free Friday afternoon. So I will be F5'ing for my life, cause my entry is not going to be snatched by anyone else.
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  4. Ray


    I'm open and ready.

    I'm also aware that the type of song I am choosing ensures placement outside top 20 but I don't care because it's amazing.
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  5. Well, since I am still in the alltime top 10 I will try to stay there as long as possible there. Cause I know once I am out, I will never be back in.
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  6. I had some kinda deja vu here
  7. OK but Beautiful Cause You Love Me peaking at 97 is very

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  8. The round 2 summary has been posted in the PJ00s vault.

    @Sprockrooster, could you share your spreadsheet with us when you get a chance? You can PM me and @londonrain a link to your Google doc (if you used one), and I can take care of creating a .jpg image of the final sheet to add to the round summary post.
  9. I have an excel and will send it today.
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  10. I think I found my next entry. If this passes veto it will either get me the win, flop, or win me the animosity of a certain group. But at this point causing drama in these contests is kind of my M.O. so....

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  11. Also, thankyou for whoever that put the spotify playlist in order of performance on out charts. Amazing!!
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  12. You’re welcome.

  13. You do know who's vetoing this upcoming round, right?
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I went from obscure all-girl pop-punk band that finished #27 and I expected to be outside the Top 30 to Dutch electro-pop queen that finished #18 and I expected Top 15.

    I'm now going with something even more up my alley and I expect Top 5. i.e. enough playing around, I'm going to show everyone why this decade really is my wheelhouse.

    Y'all might want to buy some of this now and be prepared.

  16. Yes, I am aware. If he wants to be professional though he will have to put aside his personal vendetta against me and be a fair judge.
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  17. You do know the veto panel doesn't know who submitted what, right?
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  18. Yes. At this point he probably has a better idea of what I would submit especially now that I am part of the Indie Clique.

    It did slip my mind but I am still not fully awake so don't chastise me too much!
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  19. Maybe this will help scare you awake...I am also on veto panel next round (though on a temporary basis, filling in for @iheartpoptarts).

    So in case anyone is planning to troll (@Island, @Jeffo) warned.
  20. I'm not trolling the next round. I'm being serious with my choice even if one of them might seem otherwise if I choose to use it.
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