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The PJOPS Vault

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Kii.

    Now I'm just waiting for @londonrain to come up with a similar analysis for PJ00s...
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  2. As I thought, more spreadsheets I don't appear on. I get close though, @ModeRed - Forces & Missing The Music were edging towards your top 10 as I recall, just no release! :(
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  3. They were I think - often by .2 of a point or so! My over analytical score sheets lead me back to more discoveries once the contests finish too
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  4. Replying to myself.. oh dear... anyway, it was raining this weekend so contest's one to twelve are done.


    Now to vet it before I get too far along and see where I've messed up...

    Any good ideas for hosting this someplace so its accessible to all?
  5. For the first year or so I used to keep a record like that (i.e. numbers scribbled on a used envelope) but when it became clear that @Laurence Nope had like 3 or 4 times more points than anybody else on all fronts, keeping track sorta became pointless hehe.
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  6. Hosting it on Google Docs as a read-only spreadsheet (editable by you) should work. That’s what @invertedbutterfly does with the list of entries on page 1.
  7. Thanks, will investigate that...

    Once it's completed, you can all download and pivot table/chart to your hearts content (I'm so sad...) - but as a taster, shall we see who one of the PJOPS founding fathers was voting for up to round 12... @Eric Generic favoured @chanex with his votes...


    but @Laurence Nope with his actual points...
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  8. a PJOPS Vaults stats question for you long timers - who was formally known as Malestrom?
  9. @Russron.
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