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The Pokémon Generation 5 Rate: WINNER REVEALED

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Rommers, May 14, 2017.


When should the finale be?

Poll closed Jul 19, 2017.
  1. Top 5 on Wednesday

  2. Top 3 on Thursday

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Mienshow better make it to the top 10 or I'll hate myself for wasting my 11 on Meloetta.
  2. Sawsbuck needs to go next, as well as any two of Chandelure's forms. It is good, but not good enough to deserve more than one place in the top 10.
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  3. I'm here for the entire Chandelure line snatching spots in the Top 10 tbh
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  4. The bugs can leave next along with most/if not all of the Chandelure's line.
  5. Didn't vote but rooting for king's surprise top 10. Having the defiant ability is so much fun.
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  6. There's actually not a single Pokémon left in that I really like. I don't think I'd have given any of these more than a 7.

    Also Lilligant deserved so much more!
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  8. Wow didn't expect Lilligant to be punched out like that.

    Also fucking cackling at Chandelure's whole family coming along for the ride. Drifloon WHO?
  9. My fucking KING.
  10. I don't want it to win, but Serperior's design is really rather great. I wonder why it took them so long to combine Grass/Snake, when they'd already essentially duplicated a Poison one?

    Interesting that everyone has been slamming Gen V's designs when y'all have, so far, been equally harsh on Gen VI! In a rather eerie turn of events, 23 Pokémon in this rate broke an average of 7/10, and the exact same amount are currently over that threshold in Gen VI.

    I've been a little shocked at how harsh some of the scores have been, but there seems to be very few unified 'mons that are attracting consistently high scores - I'm guessing it was the same for this rate too, @Rommers? I think a few people have definitely scored tactically (read: bombed) to subvert what they think will be a high scorer.

    (So, please, if you still haven't voted, click the link in my signature to get started! And please vote a little higher because all of these 6/10s are so depressing gaaaaaaawd.)
  11. You gave Mienshao a 7.5 and Leavanny an 8 so there's them at least!

    @EnsnareTheSenses yeah most things had their detractors here. It's inevitable with something like this where there are multiple iterations though. In later runs people get a better feel for how things will go, and their opinions grow more polarised accordingly. Hence the averages of each subsequent rate serving album sales decline after 90s.

    I'll save the stats for finale night, but the overall average score of this gen (i.e. the overall average of all the voters' individual averages) was 5.48.
  12. What the FUCK.

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  13. How did they get a score in the range of 7 when you yourself gave them both a 7, sis?


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  14. asfasfjbaskfas why is Rommers punching so hard?

  15. Dddd. I think most voters give absurdly low scores for Pokémon that are inoffensive, if a bit boring. You guys are way too generous with your 0s and 1s, I tend to use that only on Pokémon I truly despise. I give a 6/7 to about... 65% of the Pokémon in a generation, since most don't really cause a strong reaction in me either way.
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  16. We'll be seeing exactly who was way too generous with their zeroes on finale night, when I throw one voter's entire ballot out—live.


    Nah but we will do a cute little top 10 most zero givers list though.
  17. I finally get to top something.
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  18. [​IMG]
  19. RJF


    Wait at this Top 15 shaking down quite well.

    That fucking plushie trapped in jell-o

    Can vacate in that exact order.

    @Rommers I will be catching up and liking every single one of your posts... tonight.