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The Pussycat Dolls Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by LA Hallucinations, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. The PCD artwork will always be a kii. How they made their way to put Nicole in the middle even though they were six, plus the flare ddddd. I would've left the group as soon as I saw it.
  2. No 11?
  3. I definitely have one and scored so, but I am not telling where it is. Not yet.
  4. Oh I see. I didn't do my averages, I'll do them now.
  5. Averages

    PCD: 8.233
    Doll Domination: 7.37
    Extras: 7.5
  6. Carmit literally leaning in to be in shot and Melody looking like she has a child's leg is always a kii when I see the cover.
  7. I am cackling at the promo's. Lord. This will be fun, Imma join.
  8. Uh Oh. I might be a rate villain again.

    PCD finished out at 6.3 and only got one 10.

  9. Hmm I feel like the 10 candidate is quite an obvious one. I definitely don't think PCD is flawless and I probably have a similar average but more 10's and the tracks I don't like dragging it down a bit. Be interesting to see your Doll Domination average.
  10. Some of 'classic pop' sound-a-like songs are just complete misses for me. Yet a couple more of that type are rate discoveries. Also, the singles aren't all they're cracked up to be, many of them are the kind of pop I didn't like from that era of music.
  11. Yeah their material is definitely a mixed bag and on Doll Domination in particular I feel it would've been much stronger without Nicole's solo album castoffs. In terms of performance they were unbeatable though.
  12. Iconic album is iconic. Especially on pink vinyl

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  13. Woops.

    PCD - 6.3 - 10x1 - 2x1
    Doll Domination - 6.9 - 11x1 - 10x2 - 3x1
    Extras - 6.5 - 9x1 - 4x1
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  14. DQ ha
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  15. Someone had to offset all of those 9.something averages.
  16. PCD had an amazing campaign but I never really found it that amazing as an album. I listen to DD way more. There are some stinkers on PCD (and in my opinion, in the singles run as well).
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  17. DQ ha
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  18. Always found Wait a Minute and Beep really weak. One is tuneless and both feature too much of the male collaborator.
  19. Whatchamacallit was my biggest discovery and I bet that scares people. Kii.
  20. A bawp!
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