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The Pussycat Dolls Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by LA Hallucinations, Jun 12, 2017.

  1. Ok, I'm in. Saw them live back in '05. Nicole <3
  2. PCD - 7.83/10 (10x5, 4.5x1)
    Doll Domination - 6.815/10 (10x2, 3x3) [those solo songs, yikes]
  3. I was pretty lenient towards the solo songs if you consider 5-7 range lenient. I would likely not seek them out again though.
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  4. I like two of the solo songs, the rest can go early for all I care.
  5. Nn, the petty side of me is living for this battle between the solo songs.
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  6. Where it feels very natural on Three from the Sugababes it seems so forced on Doll Domination.
  7. I gave two solo songs 10s, oops.
  8. Played and Space are good, but I admit I used to frequently bop to I Don't Wanna Fall In Love and If I Was A Man. Nicole's is the only one I don't really love.
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  9. It would be funny to see the other girls' solo songs beat Nicole's.
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  10. Well most of them deserve to in this case but considering Nicole has had many solo's elsewhere I'm sure she won't mind.
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  11. I mean, it literally was forced, just to supposedly make them more like a group. Like most things aside from the music and performance, it fell apart pretty quickly.
  12. I just wanted to say how much of a discovery both Happily Never After and Halo are. I gave them both 9s because of the newness factor, but I hope they do well. I'd assume they're well-loved by fans or something is wrong with my ears, per usual.
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  13. I have just submitted my scores! It goes something like this:

    PCD: 8 (10x4; 6x4)
    Doll Domination: 6.555 (10x3; 3x1)
    Extras: 6.750 (8x1; 6x2)
  14. Happily Never After is almost perfect to my ears.
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  15. I played Happily Never After to death when it leaked from the Her Name is Nicole sessions. Such a great song.
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  16. I've extended the deadline by a week (and a day to not disturb from Lust For Life dd), so the new deadline is Saturday July 22nd, 23:59 Central European time. This will allow for me to obtain all of your addresses, send you email, mail and text messages and harass all of you for the next week to get your votes in xx
  17. RMK


    New deep question:

    Is Nicole to blame for doing all the vocals, or is it their management/label? Did Nicole care?
  18. Well originally it was a lot more shared vocally (see Santa Baby and performances before the line-up was finalised) then I believe it was Nicole, Melody and Carmit who were given singing roles from the management/label but Nicole was obviously the front woman which is either due to Robin Antin's vision of the group or Ron Fair. Did Nicole care? No. She loved it.
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  19. Not me busting my ass to finish until the deadline and then get an extension. Twice in one week.
  20. The leaked song 'Supernatural' is also a good indication of the more shared vocals.