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The Pussycat Dolls Reunion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. I looooooved the Girlicious show. Except for Mikey Minden, he can stay home.
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  3. If not all the girls are there / up for it then Robin should bring in Lauren Bennett and Natasha Slayton. I’d love a PCD lineup that could all dance AND sing. Fair enough Nicole will always have a fair chunk of vocals but it would be nice to have verses and adlibs from the other girls.
  4. They'd be the absolute best addition to the group!!!
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  5. Lauren and Natasha need to stay in GRL land ..
  6. Search For The Next Doll was an absolute scream-fest, right from the first episode.

    The whole segment from about 20 minutes in when the girls are taken to a PCD show, and then they all come down with this virus and start throwing up on the pavement/in the hotel/as they're about to do the most important audition of their lives is such an bizarre/amazing mess.

    And the incredibad 'I Don't Need a Man' performance dd.
  7. They’re better than what GRL currently is.
  8. Can we take a moment to appreciate that Jessica is actually the underrated queen of PCD?
  9. Goes without saying,she has achieved the most solo success in her niche market. Several number 1 on the Billboard Dance Charts.
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  10. Ashley is my favourite but Jessica's Show Me remains the best solo Pussycat Doll song.
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  11. A 'Drop Dead Gorgeous - Minnesota American Teen Princess' tea.
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  12. Again,Forever,I'm Gonna Get You,White Lies...Jessica has really had the best songs though
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  13. I follow them all on Instagram jnkdsfsdin
  14. They should perform a well mixed megamix at the EMA's and X Factor final then put tour tickets on sale. I remember when they played Dublin years ago my Auntie was about 26 and went with all her friends of the same age and wouldn't let me attend coz I was 10 years younger. Said Auntie still lives it up most weekends with "her girlos" so they are guaranteed ticket sales and I cannot be told I'm too young now!.
  15. Your time to shine is coming! Queen of biding your time.
  16. Can't wait for Melody to be released back into the mainstream with her screeching.
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  17. The world isn't ready.
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  18. Didn't realize that they'd done this recently! Carmit + Robin + Nicole:

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  19. I thought that was going to be reunion related, ah well.
  20. Nicole. You can hear Ashley laughing in Right Now though.