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The Pussycat Dolls Reunion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Lucas, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. living hahah but kinda bitter that someone compared my Mel to that wailing cat.
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  2. OMG

    I live
  3. I would done the same, took my one moment in the song and stretched it for all it's worth. (Or mid-performance I would punched Nicole in the throat).
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  4. Feeling inspired by all the chat in this thread I'm revisiting Doll Domination, and wow. That one-two-three punch single run of When I Grow Up, Whatcha Think About That and I Hate This Part was amazing.

    If the reunion is really happening... take my money!
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  5. I'm so here for this reunion. I just hope the material is good. Their original singles run was one of the finest in pop history.
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  6. Time to revive one of the performances that made me love Carmit:
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  7. Crying, Shaking, Quaking, Hiding - WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?
  8. I Hate This Part middle 8 is coming to delete careers again.
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  9. If they do a tour, I don't care I need G.R.L. as the support act.
  10. I always thought the line in I Hate This Part's middle-8 was "cause I see salsa in your eyes". (Ouch.)
  11. Here as well, had their 2 albums on repeat on work all day
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  12. Their songs don't get old.. I'm so ready for new music by the PCD
  13. All these years later and I'm still trying to solve the mystery of the random "7th" doll dancing with the girls during the chrous...
  14. It's Kaya Jones, they hadn't decided on the final line up before they shot the video so they had all 7 in it. Nicole was in obviously, but they were looking for others to round up the group.
  15. Speaking of Kaya Jones

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  16. Hooooo boy.

    Edit: her twitter is a RIDE.

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  17. I think Carmit is still my fave Pussycat Doll she had something special that was missed from the second era.

    Will be interesting to see her perform When I Grow Up which I always felt was made for her presence.
  18. The formation when there was 6 of them just didn't work. For that reason I hope Carmit's not involved plus they'll get a bigger cut splitting it 5 ways oop.
  19. [​IMG]
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