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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. I get secondhand embarrassment seeing Carole talk about the election because that was me.
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  2. I'm not into New York yet but it's just warming up, I'm sure it'll get juicier.
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  3. NY really has the most dynamic cast. With or without drama Ramona, Sonja, and Dorinda are just bursting with charisma and ridiculousness. Bethenny is the most confrontational person to ever exist, Luann lives in an actual dreamland it's borderline worrisome, and Tinsley should at least bring in some new energy. You can't go wrong with a cast like that.
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  4. Add Jill Zarin for perfection.
  5. I already feel like Tinsley will be a welcome addition. She has a very interesting backstory, arrives free of an insufferable husband, and desperate enough to remain famous to do just about anything.
  6. New York will always be my favourite but I have a feeling that this season is going to disappoint slightly after how strong the last two seasons have been. It also doesn't help that Atlanta has really stepped it up this season and for the last two years New York has been out shining all the franchises.

    But I am willing to eat my Luann styled hat if I'm incorrect.
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  7. I've never not loved one location for one reason or another except for the dearly departed Miami and DC - two places which never quite gelled with the "concept" of the franchise. But each of the current incarnations have something to offer that speaks both about their regional locations and their visions of wealth: for metropolitan sophistication and outdated social manners, I watch New York; for refined vulgarity and audacious glamour, there's Beverly Hills; for laidback, high-end suburbia, there's the OC; for upwardly-mobile new-coinage, there's Atlanta; and for old-world familial madness, there's Jersey. Potomac is fine for its sheer bouginess and Dallas delights in its southern charms but I'm still kind of on the fence.
  8. All I could think of when I saw Luann's hat is:
    Remember when she did an episode of Celebrity Wife Swap with Jill Zarin?
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  9. this clip has be shook, "soft porn" & "ex porno life"..

  10. Is this the argument between Ramona vs Bethenny that Ramona was talking about where she blacked out, or is this the beginning of the feud? It's weird seen as they were pretty close last season.
  11. Everyone's complaining about NYC starting slow / being a dud season, but you've always got to have a calm before a storm... Otherwise there's nothing to build up to. The second the ladies all get together for a trip (hopefully to the Berkshires), best believe shit will hit the fan.

    It's strange to me that Sonja is once again on the outs and appears to be set up as the antagonist of the season. She's so harmless, but I guess that makes her an easy target.
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  12. Sydney showed us you can star with bang and still deliver every single week.
  13. She also makes a lot of problematic decisions when it comes to her friends. She should have stuck with Luann and not made such a big deal out of her marriage. It was awkward for Luann and it made Sonja look a bit desperate. Not only that but Ramona will never be the friend she needs. That will never happen again like it did in earlier seasons. Bethenny is too powerful and has changed the dynamics. Instead of throwing herself at Beth and Ramona, she should have joined with Luann and Dorinda (though she put her foot in that one too) and she would have been in a better position.
  14. Excited for the Atlanta reunion tonight/tomorrow, it seems juicy if the trailers are anything to go by, I just hope that if there's going to be four reunion episodes, that there will be no filler. As for the ATL Housewives, I think Kandi, Cynthia, Porsha, Kenya and Sheree should stay, along with the return of Kim Z, loved her in the finale and it's great to see her again. I tried Don't Be Tardy but it's nothing compared to her time on Housewives. As for FAKEdra, I hope her fake cease and desist gets her fired! Her constant lying and not owning her shit (as Rinna would have it) as become not just tiresome, but embarrassing to watch. I get second hand embarrassment watching her.

    The Beverly Hills reunion only cemented my love for Rinna, laughing even when LVP shades her and Eileen, dancing to Erika's music and trying to insert herself anywhere, makes me howl! Apart from that it was a snoozefest and I'm excited for the Kim moment next week. I used to love Kim in the beginning seasons, feeling sorry for her struggle but when it comes down to it, sober or not she's an inherently cold woman. Not mean in a funny way like Brandi or Dorit, but just bitter.

    I'm loving Sydney, Athena and Lisa are the perfect villains. Cheshire is better this season, it seems to be gradually getting better although I'm not sure how Ampika will top her helicopter entrance last season! My only wish is Magali will return or replace Tanya/Seema, she's a hot mess on twitter - I wish she'd return! Tornoto remains a boring mess that I can't even be bothered to watch because it's so bad whilst Potomac and New York are keeping afloat, although I wish there was more drama! Loving the new housewives (Tinsley and Monique).
  15. Monique is such a great addition to Potomac. Totally elevates the show!
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  16. Sydney is amazing. I'm so proud of my city. The next episode looks so good.
  17. Victoria saved my life with that napkin throw and the line (spoken in a dragged out Australian accent): "we are not friends and if she thinks we're friends, she's DELUSIONAL"
  18. Just finished Sydney and that dinner... wow. I had my jaw to the floor as soon as the napkin was thrown. These women are nuts haha! The way Victoria walked back and threw ANOTHER drink.

    Really enjoying Krissy, Athena X, Matty, Victoria and Lisa. They are all super entertaining housewives.
  19. Ampika TV is on right now!
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  20. Dawn's card has been marked. Even Tanya can see what she's about now.
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