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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. She really is the worst. The whole casting process of that show kills me, how do they let actual great castmembers like Ampika and Magali walk away in favour of terribly boring and divisive people? I'll never understand.

    I think Ester is friends with Dawn again sadly, so it'll probably be Tanya vs Dawn/everyone. The way the producers and crew ran to Dawn's side at the last reunion when Leanne just dared to get up from the tiny rental couch they were all wedged on was VERY telling.
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  2. I wish someone would speak out against her and not disappear the next season.
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  3. Speaking of BH, I can't really see Bravo asking Teddi to come back next season. She's given us a whole lot of nothing to be honest. Her getting stood up by Dorit was literally fun for like, half an episode. Now every time they bring it up it's annoying as fuck.
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  4. I think Teddi will be asked back.
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  5. Teddi's a non-starter for sure, I can't see them bringing her back. Even Eden was more lively.

    The problem is Beverly Hills has no crazies except for Dorit. Housewives is built on unstable personalities... I will never stop asking why Brandi and Kim were let go when they were the only ones on this show bringing the action.
  6. I also think, like you said, Housewives needs crazy, delusional people to function like it was intended to. I have to admit that Dorit (as much as I despise her) brings nothing but idiotic, stupid, useless drama but it's FUN.

    I think if they brought back Brandi, I can totally see Kyle and Lisa V threatening to leave the show and as much as we hate to admit, it's not BH without them and surely Bravo realizes this, even if their storylines tend to be a bit of a nonevent nowadays. With someone like Kim Richards, her drama stopped being enjoyable a long time ago and now it just veers off into sad and pathetic territory. It's not fun to see her on screen because she's a hot mess, and not an enjoyable mess like some of the other Housewives.
  7. Who would you rather see on the show? Brandi who brings it or Vyle & Vanderfake? I'm sure they'd threaten to leave but that doesn't necessarily mean they actually would.
  8. I also think Andy himself doesn't like certain ladies. Brandi and Jacqueline are two that seem like obvious returnees, but I just gather Andy can't stand them.
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  9. The only way Brandi will return is if LVP quits (and she never will). Lisa's said numerous times that she wants nothing to do with Brandi and wouldn't film with her again. Also Brandi hinted a few months ago that LVP sued her, which could've also been a reason why Brandi wasn't asked back.

    I haven't read the book, but I heard Andy put in his book that Brandi was fired because she got physical with Kyle (?!?!). And also that none of the ladies apart from Yolanda agreed to film with her.

    So I highly doubt that Brandi will ever return to BH, Jacqueline is more likely to go back to NJ at some point though.
  10. I don’t think Brandi is the saviour Housewives fans have made her out to be. I mean, she was pretty dark in Season 5 and really plunged it to new depths, but the DRAMA of that season came from Kim Richards.
  11. I need this back ASAP!
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  12. The only time Brandi was physical with Kyle, onscreen at least, was when she was trying to create a barrier between her and Kim as she was trying to be a protective friend. Kyle's bracelet scratched Brandi as she grabbed her so she shoved her away in defence. Then Kyle made herself look like a victim.

    Honestly even I know Brandi's not perfect but the show is suffering without her or casting someone like her in the dramatic sense.
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  13. I’m sorry @GhettoPrincess but you can’t surely think Brandi was right in that situation? I will hate on Kyle like any other but it was fucked up that Brandi wouldn’t even let Kim and Kyle speak to each other when both clearly wanted to.
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  14. Brandi was completely out of line that time and all the other times she inserted herself in the middle of Kim and Kyle's drama. I'm not surprised none of the cast wanted to film with her.
    That said, watching her on Celebrity Big Brother really makes me miss the Brandi from season 2 and 3. She can be so funny and... charming? in a hot mess kind of way.
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  15. Hmm maybe I need a rewatch and I definitely don't agree with trying to tear two sisters apart but I felt like Brandi was trying to get Kim out of there cos of her strange behaviour (to save her friend from embarrassing herself further....). I haven't rewatched much of Beverly Hills in a while cos it'd probably make me sad with the current state of the show.
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  16. The best thing about Poker Night was Eileen's husband peering through the garage window at what was going down.

  17. I disagree. To me Brandi was trying to get Kim out of there, Kyle wanted to expolit it further on camera. She has form for that.
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  18. She may have had those intentions but Kyle never instigated anything. Both Brandi and Kim were wasted and started taking shots at Kyle. Kyle took herself off the bathroom, Kim followed and confessed she took a ‘pill’ - they go back and now Kim is spiralling because she knows she’s being weird and feels like Rinna has said something. They wait for pizza and Kim leaves abruptly. Kyle is like wtf and wants to know what the problem is and Brandi won’t let her anywhere close. Kim doesn’t even know what’s going on behind her as the pizza gets thrown and once she realises she starts to get upset and walks back to speak to her sister and Brandi just kept getting in between making it about her.

    I honestly don’t think Kyle wanted any of that to happen that night and I don’t think she wanted to exploit Kim, Kim was already a mess and no one knew what the fuck was going on with her.
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  19. God. That poker night is so iconic though.
    This scene still makes me shudder.

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