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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. So uncomfortable to watch... but god damn it made great TV (Sorry Kim).
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  2. Kim and Rinna is probably one of my favourite feuds in Housewife History.

    There are so many wonderful and bat shit moments but I feel like most people overlook the part where they are on the barge playing the compliment game and Rinna looks Kim directly in the eyes before lying through her teeth, "You are a wonderful mother. . . and . . . I love. . . you."

    It's just perfect.
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  3. Even though last season was overall weak, the bunny at the reunion was genuinely incredible.
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  4. "She's close to death!"
  5. Followed by the best piece of acting ever attempted on film:

  6. Omg and when after some soul-searching she magically remembered it again two weeks later I died.
  7. I miss that Lisa Rinna. Give me less momager and give me more of.....

  8. She pops out now & again, but not nearly enough.
  9. She has been carrying Beverly Hills for so long now.
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  10. As much as I like Lisa Rinna, I'm not sure about actors/soap stars being Housewives.....
  11. BH is really shit right now, they're focusing too much on the wealth aspect to make entertaining TV. BH is one of the few franchises that actually benefits from a larger cast of "friends" to revolve around the main cast. Camille is doing an atrocious job at being a friend of the housewives this season, there's no need for her to be back in the mix considering her current performance. Getting called a "stupid cunt" by Dorit is not enough to salvage Camille.

    How they should have done season 8 / should do season 9

    LVP - - beloved, best house on Housewives. That's it really
    Kyle - - glue that holds cast together
    Dorit - - messy, serving fashions and insane. Best casting decision in years
    Rinna - - iconic and breathed life back into the show in seasons 5 and 7
    Erika - - fan fave even though I don't care for her
    Sydney Holland - - she was linked to the show last year during casting for season 7 but they went with Dorit. She split with her 94-year-old hub Sumner Redstone and got an estimated $75million pay-out. Would love to see her in the mix with the likes of Erika and Dorit, and Rinna and LVP's commentary would be iconic. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...stone-ex-Sydney-selling-house-join-RHOBH.html

    Bring back Kim for some more messy moments, LVP and Dorit could bring on Carlton to antagonise Kyle (and because Carlton is a mess right now - assaulting her housekeeping during her tubulent divorce.) They could have Taylor come visit Kyle, and give Faye Resnick some moments too.
  12. I died at Nene talking about Kroy’s booty implants. Her, Marlo and surprisingly Porsha were all pretty hilarious this week.

    ATL has been missing dinners like Porsha’s where they actually get drunk and get more outspoken and shady as the night goes on. Also, Marlo burping...
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  13. Peggy from RHOC has been confirmed as another cast member "leaving" Hoo-fucking-ray! Another one I'm glad to see the back of.
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  14. Literally the one I wanted to see leave the most.
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  15. Finally bitchy Camille has manifested herself into an actual scene.

  16. Camille was right to call our queen mess Dorit out, glad she finally did something.
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  17. Dorit shit her pants in that one millisecond of silence. She knew she was coming up against an OG housewife.
  18. Erika didn't come off well in that clip either.
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  19. Oh my God that was so unbelievably awkward (and amazing). Dorit just fucked it all up for herself. Clearly Bravo wasn't planning on using any of the footage of them talking shit that night but since Dorit opened her mouth, now they HAVE to.
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  20. Neither did Lisa’s camel toe.
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