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'The Real Housewives...' series

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Smoke My Cigar, May 30, 2009.

  1. The fact that we're only on episode two of New York and its already delivering classic moments galore -- the group dynamics in NY are breathaking to witness.

    LuAnn embracing villain status this season is delicious - comparing herself to Queen Latifah, hashtagging Countess, and bragging about her own Pandora station, all while in a cornrow braid... Never change Lu. That lunch with Sonja was so cynical though -- they clearly are aligning only out of convenience and necessity this season, because the rest of the group can't stand them.

    I'm actually feeling really refreshed by Carol this season -- now that she's out of Bethenny's shadow and newly single, she's back to being that Carrie Bradshaw figure I loved her for in the early days -- the triathlon storyline was nice to watch and her unlikely friendship with Tinsley is oddly endearing. And the return of Holla (even for a second) filled me with glee.

    Sonja's Wednesday "with the gays" was both hilarious and completely offensive. Her interns clearly put up an ad on Central Casting because that was a ragtag bunch of strangers showing up to that townhouse. You can tell she's racking her brain for storyline because the cast won't film with her.

    Dorinda & Tinsley bonding over their raging alcoholism with midday cocktails was cute too. I'm sensing that Dorinda owns this whole season.

    Very little Ramona but she's still such a powerful force that a little airtime goes a long way for her. After all her inner rage and darkness last season, I'm totally here for a backseat on the Ramonacoaster this year.

    The only real downside I saw to the episode is Bethenny seems firmly in spin-off mode so far. She needs to stop flipping apartments with Frederick and start filming with the other ladies. Her paying absolute dust to Carol this year and not caring about the group at large makes me wonder she's only staying on to keep her place within the Bravo umbrella until her next solo venture.
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  2. So Andy confirmed today that 'nobody's been picked up' for S11 of ATL yet. And denied that Sheree and Kim were fired.

    Seems like Porsha and Nene were just starting rumours.

    However, he also stated that he would be surprised if Kim returned for S11.
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  3. This is the best thing I’ve ever seen

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  4. Well, I guess it's just the usual, the producers were trying to get out rumours and test audience reaction, just like they said Kenya would be fired even at the beginning of the season. I'm sure they are making the decision now about to keep which ones, as all six of them have been stayed on the show for so many seasons that the cost must have been high.
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  6. I'm glad there is hope Shereé will still have her peach.

    I really would like these ladies to return:

    I go back and forth because Porsha is quite the mess which may be needed, but the delusion in that girl... They should give Shamea a peach if they keep Porsha. Then at least she would have a solid friend and one that is willing to fight her (unlike Cynthia with Kenya/any housewife actually).

    Cynthia doesn't really have a lot going for her storyline, but I never mind her solo scenes.

    Marlo remains a heavily featured friend.
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  7. Nene , Sheree , Kandi , Kenya would be the ones I'd bring back. I feel like it's time for Porsha and Cynthia to go for sure.
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  8. I have a feeling that Shereé would be coming back as a friend capacity.
  9. But who's friend though?

    Shade intended.
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  10. I haven’t watch New York since season 5 when they nuked the cast but this line alone makes we want to tune in for season 10.

    I think Porsha is safe considering they put her next to Andy for the first time and she really held her own at the reunion like I’ve never seen before. I’ve never been a massive fan of Porsha but her ‘character development’ since joining the show has been interesting to watch. I also get the feeling that Kenya And Porsha are on the road to becoming friends which I’d love to see happen on camera.

    Cynthia and Sheree are the only girls I feel are in danger. Cynthia has never been an exciting part of the cast and I believe they’ll demote her to a friend of role. Then when it comes to Sheree, it seemed evident that the cast are sick of her bone carrying antics which suggests no one would want to film and open up to her. Plus I’m not interested in watching Sheree scrambling to make her “Joggers/lifestyle” happen for “September Spring Summer” for a storyline now that prison bae won’t be out for a few years.
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  11. She sat next to Andy in season eight reunion (correct me if I'm wrong). It was definitely not the first. Porsha was in the hotseat, so she easily deserves to return.

    Cynthia, Eva, Shamea and Kandi, though don't bring much to the table. Especially Eva, what did she do than forcely stirred up Cynthia's relationship with her boyfriend and just faded in the background after that. Boring. I would rather see someone new than give Eva a peach.

    Shereé and Porsha don't necessarily need to be in good terms with the rest to stay (well at least for 1 season). It would be interesting to see them as outcasts. Shereé have never been target #1, so if that's her storyline next year - that would be new.
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  12. I can't believe Potomac is the one serving the petty drama.
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  13. Most Real Housewives series usually take time (seasons) to take off. Atlanta, Beverly Hills and New Jersey had a good first season but easily eclipsed by their second season. New York City's first real good season was the third, while Orange County had massive quality change in season 4. Miami got a lot better in season 2. So not surprised that Potomac is finally taking off though I have yet to watch it and Dallas.

    I'm finally catching up to Beverly Hills 8, and I'm bored after five episodes. This is easily has the potential to take the title of the worst season of the show. I'm not a fan of Beverly Hills but always appreciate it for its iconic moments. But this one is just lackluster. They couldn't find a more bland housewife. Teddy's like the combination of Eileen and the season 6 one and done woman. Lisa and Kyle are just so bland now, and I'm not surprised that people want them gone. While Camille is easily the worst of the recent iconic OGs (Danielle/Kim) in a friend status. The spark is no longer there . For me, the only bright spot is Dorit. This feels like her season, and they didn't even let her sit next to Andy for the reunion.
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  14. I will let you know Sonja no longer has interns! Believe me- I thought about leaving my current position to do it
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  15. I'm just wondering... What does Sonja's interns do?
  16. A few years ago I knew people at fashion school in New York who got college credit interning for her. This is when she was relatively new to the show. She does it through Bravo, and its her way of having assistants work for free in return for college credits?
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  17. I see, that makes sense with all the paperwork since it's not that easy, and Sonja is definitely not having like a proper business or brand.
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  20. An ITV Hub EXCLUSIVE too. Wow.

    Did anybody see Dawn Lauren and Tanya on Release The Hounds? It was hilarious.
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