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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I don't think so. I think Sheila Ferguson worked with them after those 2 SAW singles, on her solo album. I think she recorded some tracks but they have remained unreleased, after the album got shelved.
  2. Such a great album. I remember this came out in 2010 and that's when I seriously got into reissues. This and The Supremes This is the Story ('70s Supremes) were two of my first serious purchases. Of course, leave it to legendary girl groups...
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  3. To be honest I came for the Caron Wheeler LQQK and When Will I see You Again but stayed because the album is magnificent. Just the type of 70s music I love.
  4. I didn't know that much about them when I was younger but one of my first boyfriends got me into them. He actually knew them all personally and I met them, separately, as Sheila had left by then. We went to see them perform at gay clubs around 1993/1994, The remaining girls with their newer stuff 'Hurry Hurry & Dirty Ol' Man 1993. Sheila was also doing her solo stuff, a remake of 'When Will I See You Again'. I didn't know them much but I have old photo's taken with them, the one's with Sheila, she is pulling a face at me coz I looked miserable. A wasted opportunity. I must have been in a bad mood.
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  5. They really are great. Those harmonies!

    And all the BBR reissues are terrific. Of all the (many) reissues I own, I find I go back to their albums quite a bit. High quality and great vocals.
  6. Definitely buying the three new MCDLX sets - for a fiver a pop, they're not bad at all. I suppose they'll be popular with those who like the acts but didn't/couldn't afford to collect the BBR album remasters. It's basically the hits, a few 12" mixes and key album cuts cribbed from the BBR sets. I'm surprised BBR didn't knock out a nice deluxe Digipak anthology for each of them, like they have done for others (Evelyn King, Loleatta Holloway, Denise Williams). Their Pointer Sisters and Three Degrees reissues are 10/10, I really love them. I got most of them 'buy one get one free' when HMV had that crazy liquidation sale... happy days.
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  8. Personally, I don't think the Results reissue with Vibe On is happening. If Cherry Pop is planning a box and The Second Disc is announcing it, it's safe to say that it's pretty much confirmed Cherry Pop is doing it.

    As always, things can change, but I trust The Second Disc.
  9. Those Music Club releases seem to include a lot of UK 45 versions, but by no means all.
    Dare Me is tagged "Hot New Remix" - was this only on a US promo 45? I can't find any evidence it was released in the UK at all.
  10. Nothing is guaranteed until it's in your hand, but yes, things can change. I'd be content with a Dusty-fied 2CD+DVD re-issue of Results. None of Vibe On's 2016 announced forthcoming products have materialised beyond the Cher one, and it's been a year now since Kylie, Miami Sound Machine, etc. were revealed as forthcoming. I know these things can take time, but they should've kept quiet perhaps until they were paid for and signed off. It was unfortunate that the Estefans blocked Primitive Love, but I'd rather not know about what might've been - just the "on the way for sure" stuff.
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  11. The three-disc Results reissue was listed for pre-sale on some local online retailed, it's been pending in my order for like two years now.
    I love The Three Degrees! When Will I See You Again is one of the best songs ever, and I love harmonies.

    The 70s Supremes This Is The Story was a dream come true, like something nobody ever expected to happen. But after the legendary The 70s Anthology came out, things seemed more feasible. I remember it was such a great time to be on a Motown forum at the time, I even managed to get someone to get an autographed copy when some of the members were present at a signing session in the US. It such a beautiful package and a stunning artwork.
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  12. I really miss Hip-O-Select. Hopefully the Supremes A Go-Go reissue looks good and comparable to the Hip-O-Select reissues.
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  13. I think Go-Go probably will match the previous Hip-O-Select releases. There will be two booklets, unpublished images etc - hopefully it will also come in a thick digipack to match the previous releases.

    I'm just a tad annoyed that there does not seem to be a Euro release - I ordered from the US, which means it will take ages to get to me. Amazon UK and Germany only list this title as an (expensive) import. But in any case, I am so thrilled that this is being released at all.
  14. Black Box Recorder have announced a forthcoming box set, Life Is Unfair, due in the summer. Literally no more details yet, other than sort of confirming unreleased material and a vinyl pressing (via a reply tweet), but this is something I'm very much looking forward too!

  15. Actually, Luke Haines has confirmed it will include, "Rarities, unreleased, live album and DVD". I'm guessing it could well be via 3 Loop Music, who have done Luke's Auteurs material recently. Should be decent if so!
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  16. This is quite good news in terms of any unreleased stuff and to (hopefully) get Final Statement on CD ... Not sure we need the albums (assumed) remastered as they still sound fine but I'll gladly take what's on offer ...
  17. Yeah well, I bet that amazon will ship these in a bubblewrap envelope and they will arrive looking like poopydoop.
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  19. If this is true then I'm super happy. Most of the unreleased stuff has been widely bootlegged for years but to get studio/quality versions of The Dance Electric and Electric Intercourse would be a dream (for me).
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  20. Looks good. Hopefully more on CD1 than just the LP, as tracks like the full "17 days" (was there an edit?) and the dance mix of "Let's go crazy" are missing from the other discs (of course, this is still a leak).
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