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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. It looks like SDE is going in a particular direction, sadly.
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  3. I much prefer The Second Disc or reading IMWAN. I like The Second Disc because they cover a wide range of music genres. I actually learn about new releases I had never heard of before (recently, a new collection by Sean Paul). They also cover Broadway and film soundtracks (which SDE doesn't). I actually have found that SDE has become more narrow in the types of music it covers. That Paul is more interested in Bowie or The Beatles than Liza's Results doesn't surprise me. To be honest, I love The Beatles and Bowie but you get so much coverage on those artist's catalogues already that it would interest me more to learn at which stage the Results reissue is at right now.

    And, to be honest, I learn more about new releases from here than SDE.
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  4. Yes, I was a bit careful what question I sent him as I know anything too pop and he would ignore it. As it was I asked about Liza, he was very quick to brush it off but I am not sure that is because it was pop or that it was Cherry Red. I don't think he has that close a relationship with them.
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  5. Not just because I started this thread all those yonks ago, but I agree with @torontodj that I find out much, much more about a whole range of reissues from here. SDE has become more about T-shirts and Facebook broadcasts, and a slight whiff of self-promotion. Which is understandable, but not what interests me that much.
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  6. I only need to see the word Facebook and my interest in gone!

    That said, I feel that SDE has actually posted many articles about pop releases. The feedback they often get from the readers however is appalling! Musical snobbery at it's highest - but I seem to remember Paul quite often defending his choices of subject matters in his articles.

    I find it a little strange why anyone needs to put down the site just because it promotes Amazon. I order mostly from Amazon and find it handy to read about a new release, then just clicking on a link right there to order it. If people want to order from someplace else surely that would not be a problem.

    This forum is still, however, my number one place to go to to find about upcoming reissues. Musical snobbery seems to be short supply here and you don't see much of fighting. I visit several times a day, while I check out SDE a few times a week.
  7. Yes, the lack of music snobbery is so wonderful here.

    On another forum - which I won't mention the name - there was a Sam Fox Box thread which was full of posters making jokes about her cleavage and no mention of her music. After about 20 replies, I said "Well, I, for one, am looking forward to this" and went into a lengthy speech about her accomplishments as a pop star. Surprisingly, I got a number of likes which proved to me that even on that board, there were some Foxy fans who were probably too intimidated to speak up.

    I like the fact that I can come to Pop Justice and not have that kind of misogynistic, condescending, "you-really-like-that-kind-of-music?" attitude. I've said it before but elsewhere acts like SAW, Sam Fox, Sabrina would be slagged off but here, they are appreciated. Even someone like Madonna, I find the General Madonna Discussion thread a nice change from the usual "She needs to retire" and "She's old" rants I read almost everywhere else. And if there is criticism, it's constructive and usually pretty thoughtful.

    But I hope I don't sound like I am dismissing SDE; it still serves a purpose. I just don't think it speaks to me anymore. But I know others enjoy it. I do think Paul did a great job handling the Dead or Alive Gloom Box disaster. It was useful in getting updates (as was this board).
  8. Yes, I agree. I find his site useful for information, if it is a little biased as some pop stuff doesn't get a mention. I just think if you want to go there to express your delight at forthcoming pop release, then expect lots of insults and bigoted views. Unfortunately a lot of pop fans are no longer commenting on there, which means most of these re-issues have a barrage of rudeness and smart ass comments. Sad but unlike facebook fan sites it is hard to monitor those who can comment.

    I have seen on the Cherry Red fan facebook site when Vinny posted the tracklist to Expose, one comment in particular read 'Unknown Artists, Unknown Music'. The guy replied when told who they were, that he was from Italy & they don't who they are there. They weren't very big here but I was lucky to discover them at the time of that album, but even if I hadn't I'd have been made aware through the internet and become a fan then. A general discussion page does tend to be a place where music snobbery goes on, fortunately not here though.
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  9. Yes, there are lot of good things about SDE, or there have been over the years. I like the design, I like being able to leave comments (it's not Paul's fault he had to bring in moderation due to trolling), I like the amount of money I can save thanks to the Deal Alerts (yes, they're usually the same things as get posted here, but I check my e-mails more often than logging here on some days).

    Perhaps, as this is just speculation, he sees which way the wind is blowing as regards the (most vocal sections of) SDE's readership and has decided to focus more on the big, safe names rather than invite aggravation by posting about the likes of Nick Kamen, Divine, Expose and Jimmy Somerville. Hopefully he doesn't feel the need to target some particular audience just to maximise traffic and click-throughs.
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  10. Give me Nick Kamen, Divine and Expose over Bowie, the Stones and the Beatles any day!

    God bless Popjustice.
  11. You'd think with Tears for fears supporting The Killers in a few weeks 'The seeds of love' would have been ideal now. They must be holding it back for a 30th anniversary reissue.
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  12. I believe it's because they have new material coming first.

    Though SDE is useful, it isn't what it was. What I don't like is his self righteousness and occasional ott defence of his pov, he needs to lighten up.
  13. I didn't realize that SDE was going that direction. Have no issues with amazon links but it certainly feels like it's a Rolling Stone blog!
  14. SDE is homophobic.
  15. I have to say I have a bit of an allergy when people start talking about themselves in the third person. For example "In a new feature, SDE Editor Paul Sinclair broadcast....", I mean, it's a freaking blog, calling yourself an editor on your own blog sounds very much like delusions of grandeur. Sorry, don't wanna bit a bitch here but that's my impression. Woa, I managed to fit in two PSB songs without even trying.
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  16. Well a lot of it's followers are. Anytime anything pop is posted, there are way too many comments about it only being bought by gay people.
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  17. Well as far as Eric Generic is concerned..........

    I can sense a shift in priorities from it being merely a blog about music, music, music to "here is what I, Paul Sinclair, has to say about the music I want to talk about so put aside an hour of your time while I tell you what that is". He does get help from a few people, or at least he used to, so I'm not 100% sure it's a one-man show, but it's close to 100%.

    Recognition is bound to turn someone's head. He's worked very hard to make SDE what it is, and if all the attention and nice comments from hundreds of people around the world who read the blog avidly has possibly made it tricky to get through some doorways, it won't be the first time it's happened to somebody! I'm not going to sit here and say it wouldn't have turned my head if the old Generic World website from 2002 had become something like SDE is today.
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  18. Why haven't you started your own blog @Eric Generic ? I can see it easily being the pop counterpart of SDE honestly.
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  19. Oh I dabbled a LOT in the very early days of the internet. Had my own site(s), and wrote for a few other people's as well (and some recording artists too); had some other offers, thought maybe I could get somewhere with it all, but my health took a turn for the worse (it was already pretty shit by then anyway!).
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  20. Well, hope you are better now. We all enjoy your posts here. Some of the posters here are so eloquent, they almost wouldn't need their own blog! (or they could simply copy and paste their posts).

    I had a blog but need to revive it. It is quite enjoyable but to keep it up you have to be consistent. I do respect Paul and the runners of The Second Disc for keeping up with their blogs. As enjoyable as it is to write about music, you have to keep writing about it and a strong work ethic and dedication come in handy. Both have benefitted professionally from their blogs which shows their hard work has paid off. They definitely marketed themselves properly because their blogs came at a time when the reissue market really started to take off. I think it would be a bit more challenging to start a reissue or deluxe edition blog nowadays, although not impossible.