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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. It's funny how Alison Moyet was offered the track. Maybe Kirsty was in two minds about the song as well.
  2. I never knew this!
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  3. I did and it's a thing of beauty! I still think her debut is her best album by a mile.

    If it's good enough for Debbie to have a multi disc CD/DVD set it's certainly good enough for Tiffany!
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  4. Thankfully we have the retrochart!
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  5. It made #24 for me in 1991, albeit at a very competitive time. I won't try and rewrite history.
  6. You have until 2027 to change your mind…..
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  7. My copy of the I'm Talking 2CD arrived from down under today. Presently nicely, sounds good and most of it is brand new to me, so a welcome addition. I appreciate 'less is more' in some cases, but it's puzzling why they've not made use of the 35 minutes spare on CD1, or the 20 minutes spare on CD2, yet have quite a few additional tracks included in the digital bundle.

    Totally unrelated, but whilst I was listening to it, I spotted this tweet about RSD on Twitter, from one of the participating shops;

    £18 for a 7" single... just further confirmation this event is wildly out of control, whatever good intentions it may have began with. Well done this shop for speaking up.
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  8. Which is a shame because the emphasis on it keeping independent stores open is to be applauded. the over expensive 'records only' arent.
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  9. Why Record Store Day is all about vinyl ? Like Record Stores only sell vinyls ? Really ?
    I know, labels are sooo happy for those different vinyls and their crazy prices...
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  10. Michael Jay, song writer of The Slightest Touch, If I Say Yes has posted this on his facebook :

    'It won't be released until June 29th, but Five Star's new 10-CD definitive anthology "Luxury" is already the #1 best-seller on Amazon. At £70 in pre-orders it's out-selling Pink's current album which costs only £8. The collection obviously includes my hits "The Slightest Touch" and "If I Say Yes". What a great way to prepare for the release of Five Star's all-new studio album which we've just started working on. Get ready for the return of Five Star. #FiveStar #FiveStarLuxury'
  11. Ooh good news that Five Star are coming back-and using the writers of some of their best work-exciting!
  12. Interesting - but not surprising - that superdeluxeediton hasn't mentioned the Five Star box set...
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  13. I hope it's not the all new 5 Star line up making a return with a new album (Deniece with 4 other stand ins, which have been parading as 5 Star for live appearances).

    Be great if they have managed to get all 5 to agree to a new album. I can imagine it may appear on Pledge soon.
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  14. I hope 5 Star can produce an album of new material as good as The Fizz did last year.
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  15. Probably waiting until the tracklist is announced, I hope.
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  16. Oh, if he wants to I'm sure Paul will ignore the dadrock apologist snobs and feature it eventually.
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  17. It's a shame that this recording falls outside the 1988-1991 remit of the new Kirsty MacColl box set. It needs to be released commercially, perhaps as part of a Kirsty MacColl demo collection.
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  18. One of my favourite Tracey Ullman songs, but Kirsty sings this so well!
  19. Bow Wow Wow just showed-up as one of my Amazon pre-order recommendations.
  20. I think that SDE has a piece on the box set scheduled to go up this week... I actually think he's probably awaiting a confirmed track list. Not much of an article without one, eh?
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