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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. That's the thing, by today's standards we baulk at £16.99 for a triple-CD fatbox, but in the late 80s or early 90s we were paying that for just a two-disc set. Funny how it goes. I'm the same....I try to remind myself of what things used to cost....but we've been spoiled.
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  2. As much as amazon pisses tf outta me I am grateful when through all the recommendation on the site (not the emails you get where they keep on annoying you recommending items you already purchased on their site) and tonight I was so happy to see a Love Unlimited Anthology with an ok sleeve and it includes one of my all-time favorites, the stunning "It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It's Spring)" in all its Supremes' "Love Is Here And Now You're Gone" ripoffage.

    Also, saw this with some Tom Moulton mixes, and I never heard of the label or artists and songs. It this good disco? It's been ages since I ventured into some new underground disco.
  3. Alternatively, given what vinyl costs these days that 3CD set seemed great value to me!
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  4. I might get it if an HMV near me decides to stock it.
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  5. I was shocked the other day when I dug out my Best of Donna Summer CD, the one released around 1990 and only around 12 tracks. It had it's price sticker on it. I paid £15.99 for that CD for 12 tracks!.

    What I find funny is new Vinyl is around £20 when back in 1987 new albums on vinyl were £5.99 in Woolworths.

  6. Yeah cause CDs were a luxury item / a novelty in the 80s and vinyl is a luxury item / a novelty in
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  7. Yes, most of time double the price of cassettes or vinyl. Also if you live out of London like I did (Surrey), they were also hard to come by as were not well stocked because of the expense. They did not sell as well in the sticks.
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  8. Until about 1988/89, I had to get most of my CDs from Central London. Lots of late night errands to Tower for my Dad!
  9. [​IMG]

    Now out on July 6th from Hot Shot Records. Looks like they've changed the artwork. It's definite apparently.
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  10. Will this have their best song No Question on it? I couldn't believe that was The Nolans when I first heard it! For anyone unfamiliar it was the B-side to I'm In The Mood For Dancing '89 and is a slice of Miami freestyle genius! It sounds more Expose than Nolans... Sadly not on Youtube but I'd buy this to get that in CD quality.
  11. As that's a b-side to a later re-recording of I'm In The Mood, it wont be on a compilation of their greatest hits, no. That song is actually a cover, I think, of Barry Upton's (ex-Brotherhood Of Man, producer of Sonia, Steps, Dollar, Cheeky Girls) No Question About It.
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  12. Wishful thinking on my part! I love it so.
  13. The track listing is still on Amazon from the original release date which came and went.

  14. Am I the only person who gets a blank space where these Amazon links are? It's been happening for a while now... I'll check it out on the site, am not really familiar with the Nolans beyond a couple of singles but I will probably get this.
  15. Also recorded by my old friend Sandee (This Years Blonde "Who's That Mix") and produced by Barry Upton in 1990. Funnily enough I haven't thought about that song for years. I must dig out her version. If I remember right I actually sent a copy to Barry Upton who didn't have a copy anymore. The A side was to be Get It Up For Love, again, a Barry production of the David Cassidy song.

    PS - is Barrys version of No Question About It online to hear?
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  16. I'm surprised for once I'm not where you are. I see small custom-y thumbnails with the amazon logo and artwork of the release. It's the first time I used them and was surprised that simply copying any pasting the link the message resulted in that.
  17. I used to have no bother with the Amazon links but lately nothing is there at all! I can't be the only one surely?
  18. They don't show up for me either but I've just always figured it was due to my ad blocker.
  19. I can see the amazon links.
  20. Yes, I think it's certain browsers and ad blocks that don't work for the links.
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