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The Reissue Thread!

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Eric Generic, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. For those wanting the Cherry Red releases of 5 Star, you can get the first 3 for £45 pm on, the first album goes for near that price on it's own now it's out of print. There is limited stock. I have used this site before and they are normally very good.
  2. Would anybody be up for a Siouxsie and the Banshee's thread? I've slowly been getting into them for the past 10 years and I'm currently head over heels with them, they've turned into an obsession...
    All the albums I didn't bother with I am currently loving, like Superstition for example.
  3. Calling @anfunny2003 , hehe!

    (I agree about Superstition, I was very disappointed with it in 1991 - after how sublime the single was - but listening to it now it's a very strong album for most of the time).
  4. Other than their greatest hits, Superstition was my first Siouxsie album, despite liking them for years.

    Never realised it was produced by Stephen Hague (fave producer of sainted New Order) until last year!

    So count me in for a thread (if there isn't already, I forget?) - recently got the albums box sets and it's been very enjoyable hearing the albums again
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  5. Actually, I think there might already be a Siouxsie-type thread.
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  6. Indeed there is
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  7. You're right it's a very strong album, I can see how the fans would be disappointed at the time, as it sounds very 1991, and it's a lot more poppier than they usually do, but the production definitely helps give the album its charm. Fear of the Unknown, Little Sister, Shadowtime, The Ghost In You, Kiss them for Me... all great songs.
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  8. Thanks I'll check it out.
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  9. Yeah, CDs were so expensive, it took a long time for me to build up my collection after having mostly cassettes and vinyl. Now, there are a lot of CDs with low prices because many people think CDs are outdated...but they buy vinyl and tapes. When I was a teenager in the 90s, I never would've thought that vinyl would become such a big thing again...everyone hated it except for the occasional collector. Sometimes I bought a vinyl for nostalgia in the 90s. I still do. But I prefer CDs. I still have some of the Longboxes I got in the early 90s. CDs were so great, I loved skipping and repeating songs with ease. One of the worst things was to get an album that had only 1 or 2 good songs on it, and it was such a let down to spend all that money.
  10. Those two are especially brilliant, although I didn't appreciate them in 1991. The latter was entered into an early OPS round and I couldn't believe such an amazing track had gone over my head all those years ago. I don't mind poppy, Kiss Them was a #1 on my personal charts, but something just didn't click with me. June 1991 had a lot of strong albums and maybe it simply got lost in the deluge.
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  11. Though not the same year (it was released in 92), The Cure's 'Wish' and 'Superstition' were firm faves back then, and contributed to several c90 compilations...
  12. June 1991 was all about Deacon Blue, Marillion, Hue & Cry and Kraftwerk for me. I had been looking forward to the Siouxsie album so much, after Peep Show was a favourite in 1988 and after how brilliant the lead single was, but funny how it goes sometimes with music.
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  13. Superstition is one of my favourite Banshees albums.
    It's a bit of an anomaly in their discography and I think some hardcore fans were ashamed to say how much they liked it at the time.
    But it seems to get way more love these days so that's good.
    I love the softness of the album and its pure pop moments are brilliant.
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  14. I think Fear coming so early on just jarred with me....I played the remaster last month, and rejigged the order so that Face To Face (the bonus track on the reissue) comes as track 2, and everything just flowed better.
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  15. I love Superstition. Kiss Them for Me is just so brilliant as a single and an album opener that everything follows pales in comparison but I don't mean that as a dig to the rest of the album because it's great. Funny, I also found I had the same experience in 1991 with Bananarama's Pop Life. Preacher Man is such an amazing opener but the rest of the album is excellent.
  16. The B-sides for Superstition were A grade too.
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  17. I haven't got around to listening to those yet, I'll make them a priority.
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  18. Now wondering which songs they were as naturally I have both the cd singles released and a pitiful memory that appears to be getting worse!
  19. My Siouxsie anthology tells me that they included:

    Staring Back
    Spiral Twist
    Sea Of Light
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  20. I was surprised it came in a slipcase because one is not always guaranteed.

    Wish there were some extras (like a tribute to Donna Summer) but nice to have it in hi-def.