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The Sarah Slean Thread

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by xOJakeXo, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. With such eclectic tastes on this board from all over the world, I can't be the only person who likes her?

    She has a dramatic, theatrical voice and is a truly gifted composer. She's been releasing records since the 90s and just released her 7th album called Metaphysics. Of her albums, I'd say Night Bugs and Day One are her most universally lauded among fans and critics. She used to be married to Royal Wood.

    Here's the song she released first to promote Metaphysics called "Sarah." I'd say it's a fairly good representation of her sound, but my top 5 I'd recommend would be:

    1. Weight (Night Bugs)
    2. Duncan (Night Bugs)
    3. Book Smart Street Stupid (Night Bugs)
    4. Lucky Me (Day One)
    5. Mary (Live version from her live album Orphan Music).

    Any other fans?
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  2. I still cannot get over the fact that her ex-husband's actual god-given birth name is Royal Wood.

    I had no idea this was out already, Sarah (the song, i mean, but the artist too) is wonderful, I'll be peeling through the album as soon as I get a chance.
    Also, it probably didn't strictly speaking need to be a double album but Land & Sea had some very lovely things on it too.

    For someone who's done this for as long as she has her follower base is so absurdly tiny, has she ever made even the slightest attempts at promotion outside of Canada? *resists urge to tag the local moose population*
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  3. I love Night Bugs but the rest of her discography is a bit shaky to me.
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  4. Mm, I think I would dare to call Metaphysics a career highlight. If not my favourite body of work of hers altogether, it's a bit stunning. In peak vocal shape, she is too.
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  5. Yeah I need to give it a couple more spins. I need to be in the right headspace / atmosphere. It screams rainy day walk or something.
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  6. I'm (very pleasantly) surprised to see a thread on her.

    Orphan Music
    has been my fave for a long time, with Night Bugs a close second. The rest of her work has moments of brilliance, however inconsistent. I'll give Metaphysics another go based on the suggestion above.
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  7. I could take or leave Not In Vain and titling a song The Gypsy in this day and age is a bit "um, sis" but overall it's pretty much the better parts of Land and Sea rolled into one fairly solid whole, I'd say. Perfect Sky, Thousand Butterflies and Nothing but the Light would be my top three picks thus far.

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  8. I'm loving Metaphysics, i think it is the best thing she has done since Night Bugs.
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  9. A&E


    I liked what most of what I've heard from Sarah (which is: The Baroness + Parasol and Land & Sea). Euphoria is A Choon. I should give the new album a try.
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  10. You need to listen Night Bugs if you did not. Such a gorgeous record that one is.
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  11. Sarah has been in Europe several times; first time I saw her in The Netherlands was in 2004, opening for Ron Sexsmith, then we had to wait a while over here: she opened for Ariane Moffatt in Brussels in 2012, but quickly came back (twice!) for her own tour in 2013. To my knowledge, she hasn't toured Europe since. I met her a few times at those shows, and she's a very kind and friendly person (though also a bit awkward under the attention of the fans, it seemed; but then who wouldn't be?)

    My absolute favourite album is Night Bugs. That records has everything: drama, soaring vocals, gorgeous piano... The new one is really good, too! My least favourite album is Day One, but that one however does include my favourite song by her: California. Goosebumps!!