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The Saturdays - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. We were trying to forget!
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  2. Not Giving Up still goes all the way OFF.
  3. Living For The Weekend is by far (like, in an entirely other league) their weakest album. I literally never listen to it anymore, whereas the other there still hold up.
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  4. The tracks I use from LFTW are; What About Us, Gentlemen, Disco Love, Lease My Love, Leave A Light On, 30 Days and Somebody Else's Life (Acoustic). That's not bad.
  5. So 2 album tracks and a b-side. That's pretty bad.
  7. Living For The Weekend and On Your Radar has a couple of great tracks but generally as bodies of work were piss poor.
  8. On Your Radar is their best album though.... Living For The Weekend has some of their best singles and some album tracks which are interesting but have poor production.
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  9. 'Living for the Weekend' does get immensely helped by the fact it contains their top 3 singles : What About Us, Disco Love and Not Giving Up.
  10. No.
  11. Very true. Not to mention the old-by-then but fantastic 30 Days. It's just absolute garbage like Lease My Love and Gentleman that just kill it. Problem With Love is fine but it's so forgettable (I had to look at the tracklist just now). I think Leave a Light On is lovely for a Coming Home ripoff and You Don't Have the Right gets points for being the only straight up ballad. Don't Let Me Dance Alone could be amazing if it wasn't produced so horribly. I suppose with Wildfire in place of Lease or Gentleman I wouldn't hate it so much because that one is brilliant.
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  12. Did anyone read that Rochelle was told to go on a diet by their managers around the time she met Marvin? Found that so weird.

    What kind of fucking album title is Living for the Weekend? Who chose that? I'd like to talk with them. And whoever let Jordan whatever produce a lot of that album. It sounds so cheap at points, even though it has a string of gems.

    Gentleman > > >
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  13. They really just gave up around the time of Living For The Weekend. They gave up with worldwide success after America didn't work out and then they lost their passion for their UK attempts after they got their #1 single here. The album release had no buzz and none of the girls seemed that passionate about any of the tracks (unlike the way they RAVED about On Your Radar), and the promo just seemed to consist of those awful Google Hangout things which were just awkward and the girls seemed so over it and lifeless.
  14. I'm sorry but Gentleman is cringe and a cousin of that Michelle Obama song from Fifth Harmony #gross
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  15. Gentleman would have been a killer b-side.
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  16. I actually adore Disco Love.
  17. GCZ


    I’m still bitter over White Lies not being a single.
  18. Lease My Love slays.

    One of my absolute fave Darkchild productions. I'm amazed it wasn't a single however I adore the Living for the Weekend single run regardless.
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  19. It's literally their worst album.
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  20. Their best album (EP) is Headlines. Karma still slaps.