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The Saturdays - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. It's hard to see that Peter Loraine made some questionable decisions with The Saturdays, when he and his team have done WONDERS with the Steps campaign.
    I know Steps was a 'comeback', but surely the principles of management are the same?
  2. Only if you allow yourself to be old.

    I'm just saying they''ll be so mature at that point, it will be kind of weird to see something like that. I didn't say when you're 29, you can't be a bad ass bitch on the dance floor, you can do whatever the fuck you want. I mean, I will.
  3. Yeah, we'll be drinking and nobody's gonna stop us
    And we'll be kissing anybody that's around

    I just wanna have fun tonight (blow up this shit tonight)
    Put me under the flashing light
    Ohhhhh, let me blow up this house tonight

    Bitch I'm Madonna!

    - Madonna, Age 59.
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  4. Una Healy has a writing credit on Steps' just released Dear Santa... so I think it's safe to assume that it originates from that cancelled Saturdays Christmas album.
  5. What cancelled Christmas album
  6. They were originally planning to end 2014 with a Christmas album. The Christmas Wrapping cover that ended up on the Get Santa soundtrack that year was one of the tracks done for it. It was in the press release for Frankie's appearance on Strictly that year and would've come out whilst she was competing, possibly with a performance slot.
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  7. TMI


    I prefer the Spice Girls version. The Saturdays cover is awful.
  8. Oh god yeah. It was such an awful proposal that I completely repressed the idea.
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  9. Steps were huge back in the day. So they've had that nostalgia.

    The Saturdays were pushing uphill from Wordshaker. I don't think Peter even managed them badly, it was just circumstances, pregnancy, sickness, gentleman.
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  10. Every time they started getting back on track, something would always go wrong.
  11. The Saturdays have a fantastic back catalogue and recorded some amazing pop/dance songs but they have a pretty weak singles collection. The casual public had to experience dirge like If This Is Love, Missing You, Forever Is Over, 30 Days and Gentleman as the face of The Saturdays music so no wonder nobody got that invested. At least the fans know of all the amazing album tracks they released.
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  12. [​IMG]

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  13. ^ Compared to their album tracks like Fall, Chasing Lights, Get Ready Get Set, White Lies, Faster etc I'd say they were pretty damn weak in comparison.
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  14. Listing three of their worst album tracks to bring down If This Is Love?

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  15. I really kind of wish this happened. :(
  16. They only had a very few truly weak singles -
    Forever Is Over (not weak per say but it doesn’t fit with their sound/image)
    What About Us (I just hate it and loathe Sean Paul on it)
    What Are You Waiting For?

    A stronger Discography would have been

    If This Is Love - Up! - Issues - Just Can’t Get Enough//Work - Ego - Wordshaker - Here Standing - Misidng You - Higher - Died In Your Eyes - Notorious - All Fired Up - Last Call - The Way You Watch Me - 30 Days - Not Giving Up - Disco Love - Somebody Else’s Life - Leave A Light On - Lease My Love - Walking Through The Desert.
  17. I genuinely like every single even their cover of Just Cant Get Enough.

    Of course I'd have preferred certain songs over others but all in all a bloody strong singles discography that holds up. I only wish What Are You Waiting For had been Radio 1 playlisted just so they could've ended on another top ten.
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  18. GCZ


    I still wish the girls had released 808 as the last single instead of What Are You Waiting For.
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  19. If that did happen and WAYWF went top 10 it wouldn't have been thier last single.
  20. Possibly though I think Finest Selection bombing so bad was more the factor for the "break"

    Polydor probably thought a greatest hits would do well given that they have mostly done very well with their singles. Sadly that never happened despite being by far one of the best girlband greatest hits of all time (deluxe version especially)