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The Saturdays - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Which I am greatful for as 808 is an awful song and it shouldn’t have be n lined up as a single.
  2. Releasing a Greatest Hits album during the streaming era was so, so, so stupid anyway. Everything was already on Spotify.
  3. This was 3 years ago though and just as Spotify was becoming the most prominent maker in the charts.

    I’d argue in 2014 a Hits album was the correct choice.
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  4. In my area WordShaker and Headlines aren't available on Spotify. /cry
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  5. Headlines is available for me?

    I don't miss Wordshaker because half of it is on Headlines anyway but I really want to have the title track on my playlist. Sigh.
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  6. I miss having title track Wordshaker, Lose Control and (judge me) Here Standing
  7. Exactly. Wordshaker and Headlines are not available internationally, so the GH gave them the chance to release Forever Is Over, Ego, and Missing You in other countries (I think Higher was already available from the Chasing The Saturdays EP).
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  8. I vote One Shot as their best non-single!
  9. Imagine Ximena belting that big note at the end. Vanina Whildsen who?
  10. I really wish Keep Her and Chasing Lights had gotten the single treatment.
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  11. Fighting an ugly cold, doing last minute stuff in the office and Disco fucking Love just came on Radio 1. I-
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  12. Disco Love seems to be popular with BBC. Didn't they use it for Mollie during one of her week scenes?
  13. This is so true. Alas I can’t bring myself to fully imagine it because Ximena’s vocals would just render any other version void and I want to continue loving The Saturdays version.
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  14. Ok. She should stop right now. This is a thread for The Saturdays.
    The "The 004" thread has been dead for the past few days though.
  15. I'm sad that the only releases we have on the US Spotify is the Chasing the Saturdays EP and Living for the Weekend. I still have to pull out my CDs regularly to listen to everything else (which happens quite often).
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  16. Lighten up.
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  17. Yeah, they need to make all their discography avalaible on all international platforms.
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  18. So is Vanessa basically confirmed for I'm A Celeb then?
  19. She's been papped landing in Australia, so it's pretty much confirmed.