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The Saturdays - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Rochelle in those shoes

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  2. Quen Rochele making the wind blow with the sheer power of her mind so it compliments her outfit and gives it movement.
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  3. I just started watching 'Chasing The Saturdays' again and I forgot how much I truly loved this group.

    I remember watching that first performance of 'What About Us' on youtube and being so excited. It's a shame it never really took off but I don't think they had what it takes to break through there.
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  4. QUEEN
  5. Gosh how I miss Vanessa’s belting ad-libs. They hung it up right when she was starting to attempt them again.
  6. Vanessa's vocal decline is so odd.

    Like, yeah, she wasn't exactly using proper and healthy technique, and would quite constantly push and sometimes strain above her supported range because the band required so, but it all happened so freaking quick, it doesn't make much sense. That's why a lot of people thought she had nodules - but that was eventually cleared up.

    Tension in the mouth and muscles (because of stress, anxiety, pressure, etc.) can actually explain quite a few of her misteps, but just in general, she seems less capable than she was before.
  7. Love Rochelle’s NTA look. With her natural hair she looks like she’s just got out of S Club Juniors rather than nearly 30.
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  8. Was she in the jungle for 30 minutes? I remember her going in, then nothing.
  9. You could barely notice her. If we had Chasing The Saturdays’ Vanessa in the jungle, we’d have a winner.
  10. She was invisible for the first few days but she ended up getting some decent airtime before the eliminations started. I thought she would do much worse than she did but being eliminated 4th is nothing to laugh at.
  11. I think hers and, in a lesser extempt, Frankie's vocal decline were affected in a big way by both their anxiety and insecurity issues. They were trying to prove themselves, forcing their instruments and losing control of their voices.

    Of course a bad technique also had a big part to do with it, that's for sure, but Vanessa's voice started to get better when she worked on her Issues.mp3.
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  12. Well they all sound strained on If This Is Love. That middle eight by Rochelle in particular.
  13. I think Forever is Over ruined Vanessa’s voice. Also I’m sure her drinking/smoking/partying didn’t help either. Didn’t she go to Rochelle for an intervention of sorts?
  14. Forever Is Over also ruined their killer singles run for me #oop.

    Had it not been for that, they'd have literally released amazing singles straight up until Gentleman.
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  15. They missed their chance with 808. IT GOES OFF.
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  16. Forever Is Over is amazing. What ruined their singles run was their cover of Just Can’t Get Enough.
  17. I love Rochelle is embracing her curls, she used be really negative about it. That sad story about her daughter really changed her look on things.

    It looks like these aren't her natural curls yet, she's probably still out growing her chemically treated hair.
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  18. 30 Days is the worst single they've released. It sounds like a solid album track... nothing more, nothing less. It says a lot that they didn't even perform it in full on the greatest hits tour. Along with Missing You.
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  19. What sad story?

    Edit: Talking about sad, poor Aoife had surgery on her arm after an accident

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  20. Who wrote the Wikipedia article for If This Is Love?

    Are all their articles as meticulously dissected and full of faint praise?
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