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The Saturdays - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by poploz, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. Last night I revisited the Back To You video and wow. Very well done, immaculately produced; that single deserved far more than it got. Perhaps not the banger to launch a solo career but even that doesn’t matter anymore. It was, however, very on trend.
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  2. Aoife Belle looks just like her mother, beautiful young girl. Must be heartbreaking to see your daughter like this.
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  3. I think about this performance weekly.

    Una's drunk ass from 2:40-2:53 is iconic.
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  4. YAASSS! This perfomance is epic!
    Una's drunk as hell! Rochelle is visually embarassed with the whole situation. Vanessa's mic with interference. When will your faves have so many "problems" in one cheap performance?
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  5. Una's drunken passion (and march forward) is one that can only be associated with me at the end of a drunken night when walking into McDonalds...

    She's a hero.
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  6. Has she ever acknowledged her performing peak?
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  7. SCREAM.

    Honestly Una is so lowkey iconic.
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  8. Talking about Una, she will perform at this year's Country 2 Country in London.

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  9. That perfomance LMAO!

    God I miss them so much!
  10. Rochelle and Vanessa look grand at those pictures posted a few pages back, sorry I haven't visited this page in a while.
  11. I'm just listening to the demos from the 'Polydor Girl Group Project' CD (or whatever it was). It's really interesting to hear the different versions.

    I was wondering if anyone has pictures/more info about that CD? Didn't someone pick the CD up at a carboot sale? Such a great story.
  12. What are u talking about? Haha.
  13. The CD that blessed us with these:
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  14. I always forget about that Hell Yeah song. It's awful.
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  15. Hell Yeah sounds like a kids movie soundtrack during the film's closing credits.
  16. The Missing You Stevenage performance is also iconic.
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  17. You would stress lowkey.
  18. Yeah the CD people weren’t meant to have until I sent it to someone who later turned out to be untrustworthy...I’m glad people enjoy the songs but it sowed the seeds of the end of a friendship!
  19. Does Mollie's middle 8 vocal keep repeating or is that on purpose?

    I hope they do a reunion performance at Stevenage, just make sure Una's drunk and that there's someone recording the gig.
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