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The SHINee Discography Rate: Part One (#58)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by eccentricsimply, Mar 30, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    She's voted.

    Replay - 7.37
    The Shinee World - 6.25
    Romeo - 6.41
    2009, Year of Us - 9.91 (dd I didn't realize how aggressively I stanned this of all things until now)
    Lucifer/Hello - 7.53
    Sherlock - 8.35
    Dream Girl - The Misconceptions of You - 8.15

    I always thought of myself as a bit of a ballad hater but all my 11's in the past 3 rates I've done have been ballads and it's giving me a bit of an existential crisis.
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  2. I finished putting your scores in the spreadsheet and................... We really need to address this sub-forum's hatred of ballads.


    My averages, in case you're curious:

    Replay - 7,75
    The Shinee World - 7,41
    Romeo - 8,75
    200, Year of Us - 7,66
    Lucifer - 7,10
    Sherlock - 8,64
    Misconceptions of You - 9,05

    ALSO, do you guys need a extension? I have no problem give you guys one, so let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. [​IMG]

    Sorry for being a flop xxxxx
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  4. Can you get it done by the 18th, sweetie?
  5. I've been putting this off because I've had some issues with my ears/been ill, but I still want to take a part in this. I'm scared about how people will react to my score for Ring Ding Dong, though...
  6. Yes please! I'll need one.
  7. I'm giving you guys a TWO WEEKS entension, so I expect at least another five to ten ballots in my PMs by May 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  8. Will Juliette and The Shinee World make the Top 10?
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  9. [​IMG]

    On a serious note - I have six ballots but I didn't want to do this without at least ten so like... please people...... vote.
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  11. I'm gonna do this! I've actually never heard every SHINee song (even though they're my ultimate favs...), so this is going to be interesting.


    Edit: I finished that quicker than I thought I would...

    Amigo - 8.833
    Replay - 8.500
    Sherlock - 8.429
    Romeo - 8.000
    Dream Girl - 7.700
    Hello - 7.250
    2009, Year of Us - 6.667
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  12. Ahh a rate dedicated to my ult faves?

    I'll try and get this done within the next few days!
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  14. Oh my god once again I’m saved. I was just coming to grovel for forgiveness.
  15. A week babe, don't let me down. Remember how I listened to all Tegan and Sara's discography???
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  16. I am doing this!
    Will just probably send my votes at the last minute like I did with the girlgroups' #1s rate.
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  17. I'm about half way done.
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