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THE SO+Y 2017: ◈⟐ THOT 100 ◈⟐ #38 // #37

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Squashua, Dec 4, 2017.


How many songs should make the SO+Y Final?

Poll closed Dec 16, 2017.
  1. Let's make it a Top 100.

    10 vote(s)
  2. Same as last year - 60 songs.

    3 vote(s)
  3. 80 sounds like a reasonable extension.

    7 vote(s)
  4. Other

    0 vote(s)
  1. Guess who gave DINOSAUR a 9
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  2. Dinosaur is better than half of what’s left.
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  3. I wish I knew what scores qualified as beige so I could go back.

    Unrelated, but changing the lyrics to Big Blue Thighs really makes the difference
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    NEXT OUT IS......



    DEAD @ IT 11s:

    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    Aries // Eliminathan // @Empty Shoebox
    @Kuhleezi // PopZeitgeist // @Salami

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Monkey0 // @send photo

    0 - D is for Danger!
    [SQSH: D is for yo' in Danger gurl~]

    To all the misguided YG stans and musically malnourished Blinks still surviving out there, you may well come for our ZERO out of 10 scorer with this one (as it knocked the song down about 8 places) but let it also be noted that out of the TWELVE people who had this on their ballot only half of them deemed this worthy of a 10/10. Is this forum's support of the BP in Your Area as flimsy as YG's of his own group? Well considering As If It Actually Became Their Last (kinda shockingly) bombed out at #43, neither Playing With Fire or Boombayah could touch top 10 last year and Whistle wasn't even balloted in 2016 it does seem that way.


    Whilst obviously we should focus here on the song, the MV and the full comeback package (the only one for the whole of 2017 whilst LOONA, a pre-debut group, managed to release almost as much material as THE WHOLE OF 2NE1'S DISCOGRAPHY AND BLACKPINK'S COMBINED in the same 12 months), there's no getting away from the fact that YG's tyrannical half-arsery is emblazoned all over this hodge-podge "will this do?" attempt at a bop that does the bare minimum to satiate the YG/BP/2NE1 masses through making them have to go cold turkey for an age and releasing damage control press releases like "it's a gift for the fans".

    Do you know what have been a proper gift for the fans?



    As If It's Your Last (Because It Might Be) musically falls under the same problems that I personally had with Boombayah in that it literally bursts out of the gates with a tonne of energy, change-ups and everything seems surprising only to run out of material by, in both cases, Lisa's rap verse and just rehash the same structure again with little creativity and minimal effort. It doesn't have Whistle's marching band climax nor does it have the top-notch production of Playing With Fire behind it and, thus, probably for me falls as their 4th placed single only in front of Stay's anemic folk-balladry. The rotating of parts for the second verse/chorus i've always found a bit awry as the original Rose pre-chorus - Jennie/Rose Chorus works so so well and fits their vocal abilities excellently. The second time around Jisoo doesn't have the welly to handle Rose's pre-chorus, Rose's clear vocals don't have the same punch as Jennie's more gravely voice to kickstart the chorus and Jennie's end-chorus belt (in turn) isn't as stable as Rose's so basically....


    The frankenbop nature of the song doesn't help too much either when, again for me personally, you end up with whiplash from three distinct sections that don't bother to try and segue between each of them (again, if this is a 2NE1 demo as to be believed it's quite possible YG's inherent laziness is the one at fault here).







    which all look like a lot of fun separately but they could've done with some transitions to help 'em out so it didn't completely pull a 270 everytime I started to get into them. These three kinda disparate sounds are then replicated in the visuals which, whilst gorgeous to look at the girls do their very best to sell the heck out of, have really nothing to do with each other. There's the cool dungeon subway, there's a roman-column schoolgirl dance arena, there's a Bazaar-esque set up (which (G)I-DLE have since kinda swiped and improved on), bedrooms with aeygo fluffiness the girls probably cringed a bit over, Lisa's hyperspeed Pimp-My-Ride showroom, an ice cream van, some watery bed goddess set up for Jennie and the corridor in the bridge. As a distraction? Sure, cool but i'm not sure wandering around the YG props warehouse constitutes as a concept let alone when some of the visuals had been covered in Boombayah previously. By all means give your group some visual motifs but a distinct visual identity for your latest comeback would be fabulous too thanks (especially when it's lucky if we get 1 song a year). Can you tell by now that this is pretty much aimed at YG's direction / lack of care, attention and interest manifesting in a half-hearted throwaway release?

    Ultimately, I may critique this all I like but the girls proved they had the charisma to get this jettisoned into the US World Chart #1, SK's top 3, Canada's top 50, sell over a million copies and gain over 300 million view on YouTube (not to mention bestowing some charity on the DC film series by offering them a snippet for Justice League). They'll come back eventually and do it all again, probably with just as half-hearted a release but it's a sad state of affairs nonetheless that they're out hawking ice creams in Japan becoming the "poor Michelle" of the Idol industry in the mean time.





    EccentricSimply: Ah man, I’m exhausted of being proven wrong when it comes to my original opinion on stuff. I absolutely detested this song when it came out, but it didn’t really take a long time until I was deciding this was easily their second best song only losing to Playing With Fire. Although it’s a 2NE1 reject I don’t think it would’ve worked with them? Blackpink doesn’t really have a proper identity yet, but it still fit them better than it would’ve fit 2NE1. I just fucking hope YG either gives them something better or frees them from this torture.

    Salami: What an absolute waste. The only song they released last year, they could’ve had three comebacks. At least we got an absolute banger out of them. Classic Blackpink - Lisa rapping nonsense in English, Rose crawling on the floor, all four of them being legendary from start to finish.

    Slice of Life: Well, I am a recycling advocate so of course I stan this. No but seriously, I know this is literally a 2NE1 reject BUT... A bop issa bop and I also love 2NE1 music so yeah... I'll take this kekeke. I always get my life to this and this also pumps me up whenever I feel low or whatever. I'm basically grasping for straw here... looking for an acceptable reason to back up my decision to give this a 10 dddddddddddddddddd. [SQSH: YOU DIDN'T EVEN GIVE THIS A 10 SCREAM, MESS, e.t.c]

    Empty Shoebox: This one's a mystery. There's so many things about it I shouldn't like (rap, what seem like sound effects, nonsensical lyrics) but I have loved it since first listen. Maybe the tempo is just perfect for an oldie like me to dance badly to, maybe it's the variety. I don't know. I don't have to. I just know that I like it.

    Ryan_Riot92: I’m unapologetically still bopping to this! Although I want more from these girls … It’s not really their fault because YG is such an idiot but these girls need more love because it feels like they’re being neglected. At the same time, I’m also ready for them to take on a new sound as well … I don’t want them to stay a 2NE1 tribute band. Throw us an R&B banger or something.

    karmarisma: As a stan of all the rbf unnies in Kpop, you wouldn't believe my happiness when Miss Jennie Kim finally debuted. But then Blackpink came back with back to back bops and YG decided that the best reward for them would be to chuck 'em in the dungeon. Please continue to create successful bops for our 2NE1 spinoffs Blackpink <3

    He: 2NE1’s last single! hehe… Nah, really I was not feeling this when it came out, mostly because YG, but it’s really good. The chorus is breezy and oh so pop, it’s lovely.

    ThighHighs: Was I a bit bummed when this first came out? A little bit. I was expecting something hot and fresh like they had given me before and instead we got a regular old dance track. However, I momentarily forgot that I LOVE a regular old dance track! The gals have enough charisma to sell it and obviously I am buying, because this was one of the songs of my summer.

    Kuhleezi: Time to go off: I’ve become such BLACKPINK trash (Blacktwink?) in recent times, and must I say it, it was high fucking time! These girls are so insanely talented, and the star quality in this group is over the roof. Jennie’s charisma is so blatant she’d probably be ready for a solo career in a minute (not that I’m suggesting anything dd), Lisa would be the main rapper every other girl group would kill for, Rose is a hell of a vocalist and Jisoos is well Jisoos. I understand everything that surrounds them is so exhausting, and I can see the critiques of them copying 2NE1, but then I listen to their output, look at their visuals, and the whole package is so damn near flawless that makes me forget to care about anything else. What does “BLACKPINK in your area” mean? It’s like a triangular roadsign, warning you in 300 metres you’re going to be blessed for life.



    Aries: Very nearly my 11 but I ultimately felt that 2017 was such a good year that it would be a bit of a slap in the face to bestow top honours on what is literally a dusted-off 2NE1 demo. [SQSH: I know you gave it a 10 but the second half of this sentence is pure shade so have beige comment section feature sis]

    Cotton Park: Now, I finally understand the REAL meaning of the title. It's what creepy-ass Yang Hyun-Suk tells poor Rosé and gang how to sing it on those rare blessed days when he summons them from the cold, clammy YG dungeon. Because every track very well might be. I hear Jisoo actually kind of likes it down there. Driving the other three crazy with her chewing sounds, personal space invasions and whistling. Nobody wants to say anything. In the area. The general vicinity. #FREEBLACKPINKINMYAREA!
    [SQSH: I love this screenplay for the next The Strangers film]

    GeiPanda: I overplayed this when it came out so I’m not super enthused to hear it nowadays. I will say that I found this extremely catchy for those first five days.

    Eliminathan: They went from four songs a year to one song a year so I guess Blackpink aren't going to be releasing anything anymore their legacy lives on in this bop. The visuals and colour composition in this video are well thought out until Lisa starts rapping and it turns into a blurry mess.

    Ceir: I wonder if 2NE1 had a video shot for this, that's locked in the YG vault.... [SQSH: Heck, every artist since YG's inception probably shot a video for this]



    Send Photo: I can actually assign parts to each 2NE1 member this is such a blatant leftover. They’re capable of much better. Pretty sure they recycled the Scream bridge too. [SQSH: It is quite Scream actually now you mention it]

    Monkey0: This is 2NE1's demo, right? The chords, parts of melody. I can spot which part was meant for which 2NE1 member. Cool tribute.

    McQueer: I’d probably enjoy this more if it was 2012 but its not. Also I love Lisa but Teddy really did her dirty with ‘you gon finna catch me’. Mess.

    RUNAWAY: his was okay i guess. it’s just a fucking cheap-ass cash-in on an obviously re-used 2NE1 song, so it lost a lot of points for that. 2NE1 would’ve done it better too. Having the girls sing exactly like Bom and Minzy was just wrong and I feel for these girls, but YG is just terrible.

    D is for Danger!: I'm so frustrated with this group. I want to love them, but they disappoint every.damn.time. Playing With Fire showed potential and let the girls be themselves for once. With this song, Beige Pink is back to being 2NE2. They were literally fed leftover 2NE1 scraps by their manager and CEO at YG. Rather than actually put any effort into this group, he'd rather have them be a prettier version of 2NE1. Besides the opening beat, everything else feels dated and like it's been done before. Lisa is still forced to rap like CL and Rosé to sing like Bom. Free Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo from YG!!!!!
    [SQSH: Ok look whilst I don't agree with the song itself being a 0 (I was quite generous with my 7.5) everything said here is pretty much the scalding hot T of the situation with receipts so it's absolutely warranted a response to what is perhaps the most ridiculous management we've seen of a top-tier group in ages]


    Serg.: I wish I could spare you all the '2NE1 reject' commentary you're gonna get. In a year of 0 comebacks for a rookie group, Blackpinks GIFT for fans, held up really well. At this point YG is going with the Adele release strategy for them just without any sales when it eventually drops, this is very good for a throwaway basement song they've had, the girls add their own stamp on it, the video is very good and uhm I just love them I'm so excited to hear their b-sides and enjoy their music as they already keep me as a big stan without anything you can only imagine how annoying i'll become when they eventually do something. Also the song gave us the iconic Jennie not giving a fuck while performing so I'll be thankful for this forever. [SQSH: "throwaway basement song" is certainly an assessment...]

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  5. [​IMG]
    I’m so glad we left the beige jokes in 2017.
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  6. He


    I mean, I'm not even mad at that 0. YG deserves it.

    Poor girls.
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  7. (Attempt at Krystal's high pitched vocals) DANGER!
  8. Epic writeup. If YG put as much time into this powerhouse of a quartet as @Squashua did writing about their "last", Twice would be out of breath, gasping for air, sprinting to catch up with them... and Red Velvet... well they're already doing that to keep up with Twice...

    The only one that seems to be busting ass for these girls are their outtfitters and accessorizers....
  9. Ddddddd so much hatred. A bop is a bop, unnies. x

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  10. My new favorite non-Sana/non-YoonA/non-KimLip/non-somebody-drinking-something gif.
  11. Would've opened my death list, but.... she's already dead Jill.

    and the user using those jokes kii.

    Well, I'm subjected to living with this forums hatred of Blackpink, but I'm glad Korea can't relate and made this GIFT the 2nd best selling GG song of 2017.

    I totally thought I gave 11 to Likey dddd
  12. I love BLACKPINK, I just hate BLINKs.
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  13. What's the tea?





    TRASH FOR IT 10s:
    @Ceir // @Cotton Park // Eliminathan

    BEIGE ABOUT IT 4 to 5s:
    Send Photo


    I feel like i'm just constantly eliminating Red Velvet songs these days but then i look at the spreadsheet and there's still 2 more singles (Peek-a-Boo / Red Flavor) and 2 more album tracks (Zoo / Look) to go for them so it's definitely not a blackout for SM's current only premier girl-group. This marks their 4th loss, 3rd album track and their 3rd Beige approved entry in a row. People can't moan if they're consistently getting good marks from everyone now, can they?


    Needless to say Perfect Velvet is, was and will continue to be considered a great album release in a field where full lengths are as rare as Blackpink releases. The evocatively titled Kingdom Come really exemplifies the collections M.O. to an acute point - lush, razor sharp 90's r'n'b of the highest order. If there's one word that highlights the power of Kingdom Come it would be:


    H A R M O N I E S


    Like for real, this is some En Vogue level old school gloriousness. As much as I love K-Pop as a national music scene, it's rare that a full group, not just the one or two lead/main vocals, can blend and riff around in such tight vocal formations as Red Velvet when they're in full Velvet mode. This is first and foremost an RV pipes showcase - some people will love that, some people will claim it's a bit too much and lacking much depth to the actual instrumental (i'm in the former camp but the latter is probably why 42nd is its final resting place). The production is just as concrete, vacuum packed and pristine as the vocals even if it doesn't go all Egoist-dance-break at any point (which would sound pretty rubbish in this context let's be real), and the thing that always strikes me is that it's not afraid to hit hard on that kickbeat despite songs of this nature often going for the ultra sparse, ultra slow trajectory. It's refreshing to hear such a sense of push in this basically and the dream/not-for-definite nature of love the lyrics of present is nicely reflected in that musical point.

    In some ways, it's like the 90's r'n'b aural equivalent of the scene in Wizard of Oz where the good sis Dorothy gets caught up in the poppy field's hazy, heady scent concoction and falls into a deep slumber.


    The imagery this song conjures up is super vivid and sensual with all the Sleeping Beauty / fairy tale semantics of the lyrics i.e. fragrance of roses, white petals on the floor, thorns, courage, mysterious pathways and bewitchment. Frankly we were cheated of a visual of that ilk, or any ilk really when all we got was Peek-a-Boo's messy convoluted narrative that never went all in on its more horror/creepy leanings. Again though, as a Literature major (with a bit of film theory) i'm biased - there should be more medieval & baroque influenced MVs in general and I wanna see RV doing this sound and giving me some Ophelia painting meets Vermeer's use of lighting luxe visual realness next time around please.

    Now go lie in a salacious stupor for an hour in a partial lit room and reflect on love, bodies and languid evenings :




    Salami: I’m sure everyone will disagree but this is why I haven’t listened to their second album - it doesn’t sound exciting. [SQSH: I'd definitely recommend giving it a listen because half is r'n'b masterclasses like this, the other half is more Peek-a-Boo or Look-esque].

    Empty Shoebox: Another one that just sounds like album glue for between the big songs. [SQSH: The "big songs" wish they had vocal harmonies this good]



    [SQSH: Err... no one was really beige about this in their written reviews, so no commentary here this time & no Regent required]



    EccentricSimply: R&B perfection, truly. This is a stand out in an album filled with songs that go from good to great and I’m always in awe of how well Red Velvet shows both their red and their velvet side.

    ThighHighs: People are going to come for Red Velvet for having so many album tracks in the rate, but when the album tracks are of this quality, how can you be mad? If there’s one thing Red Velvet can pull off, it’s a downtempo moody song like this. The have the vocal chops to pull off a song like this, and 90% of other kpop groups don’t have it. [SQSH: I'd kinda argue it's more like 98% of Kpop groups honestly]

    Karmarisma: Red Velvet harmonies are my best friend, are Red Velvet harmonies your best friend? This makes me melt.

    Eliminathan: I'm shook that so many goddamn Red Velvet songs made it through and dragged my flop groups but even if I prefer the songs that didn't make it, I adore this song. Perfect Velvet is a good album even if I'm a Red Velvet anti now.

    Slice of Life: Goddammit Perfect Velvet album, stop being so generous with these masterpieces. This is just... hnnng... amazing. The focus on vocals is much appreciated. This is probably Red Velvet's best vocal outing? Iconique.

    He: Really THE album track from Perfect Velvet. Like this is sublime and blissful and just so good. Ugh.

    Serg.: Wendy shines so much here [SQSH: It's a shame those pipes also spout racial stereotyping every now and again...]

    Kuhleezi: I love you. Til Queendom come. [SQSH: Y A T H cut through that royal patriarchy sis]

    McQueer: No other girl group is touching Red Velvet when it comes to smooth ass R&B album cuts. Like seriously, those harmonies are dense and gorgeous.

    Monkey0: Superior Velvet side strikes again.​

    Cotton Park: This is also one of my favorite songs of the year, overtaking "Babyface" and "Thirsty" and "How? Why?" as my favorite album cut of the year. The unforgettably haunting and soulful wistfulness of it, draped in that vocal kaliedoscope that only Red Velvet can seem to deliver. It's just my opinion but Joy has to be one of the most improved K-Pop idols of 2017. She has a thin, vulnerability to her voice that gives it such a compelling distinctiveness to it, and her crooning in "Kingdom Come" over that sultry wash of the other four harmonizing still gives me goosebumps. [SQSH: Interesting that your Super Trash album cut is still flying strong and overtook this then in some respects (not that i'm against it doing so at all].

    Ceir: This is honestly my favorite song of the year. That full-on 90s rnb throwback. The hi-hats in the drum loop! The ACTUAL harmonies in the chorus, that then kick in again in the second verse! I don’t mean them all singing the same note together, which is what normally happens in a chorus. I mean, legit harmonizing during the chorus and with the backing vocals from the second verse onward. Then you hit the middle 8 and Wendy just takes it to another level and ends it with that high note in the last chorus. [SQSH: This basically outshined anything I could write hence the above messery of a post. Stan a bit Hyung]

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  15. My biggest contribution to this forum.

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  17. It wasn’t you, but good try.
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  18. K.

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  20. I gave Kingdom Come a 9.5. And Zoo a 9. Eaux.