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The Travel Thread

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Hitori, May 23, 2012.

  1. Anyone know where you can find good bubble tea in Malaysia?
  2. I'm gonna be in London in about a month (June 4-8) as part of my summer backpacking through Europe. If someone wants to show me the sights I'll pay you back in food! Drop me a PM.
  3. Hmmm thinking about going back to Berlin in October for the Joanne tour...Not Gaga being my biggest motivation for looking for a job since abject poverty and social ostracization.
  4. Yeah this needs to happen. Let me not be messy and buy the ticket on impulse though. Brussels and Amsterdam or Prague and Vienna (both in addition to Berlin and Munich)?
  5. I have to be in Switzerland by the third week of February, and I wanted to spend a few days before that visiting other places. I was thinking maybe some cities in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic?
    I could take a plane from Buenos Aires to Frankfurt and start from there
    I don't know how many days I could spend on that because it will depend on the cost... So, what do you guys recommend? Should I check into plane or train tickets? Which cities, options, etc?
  6. @Florencia. If you only have a few days to explore I would recommend picking a few cities that are connected by train, rather than plane. Flying around Europe can be cheap but you'll spend a lot of time travelling to airports, queuing, etc. which will eat into your exploring time. Trains in Europe are reliable and fairly affordable and will drop you in the centre of cities.

    If your final destination is Switzerland I would recommend flying to Frankfurt and getting the train through southern Germany, ending in Zurich. Nuremberg and Munich in particular are great cities to spend a couple of days in, and the journey through Bavaria to Switzerland is beautiful.
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  7. If you only have a few days, I suggest you stay in München and use it as a departure point for day trips throughout southern Germany. Augsburg, Nürnberg, Regensburg and Salzburg are all beautiful, nevermind the countryside. Otherwise, Wien is one of my favorite cities on the continent altogether and warrants as much time as you have.
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  8. MM


    Yeah, you can get a Bayern ticket and it's like 25 Euro for up to 5 people for a day.
  9. I'm currently in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria by the Black Sea. Weather has been glorious and the whole place is fabulous trashy fun but weather has been a bit shit today which has turned out quite well cos instead of going out on the razzle I'm laying in bed on my 4th pint watching Comey testimony and UK election result.

    No one can say I don't know how to enjoy my holiday!!!
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  10. Any tips for Sitges girls? I'm working on my summer body and we're going the end of August.

    Here's a tag for @Vasilios - send me places with not only bottoms in Sitges, thanks
  11. It's... not for you.
    It's basically retired gays from all over the world.
    Why not BCN?
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  12. I love older. BCN already went to. I need a lazy holiday. We'll see. I'll prepare myself for the complaints
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  13. Sitges is a LOT older nnnnnñ. Think 70 older.
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  14. I'm going to spend 2 days in Verona next week, but I was thinking for the second day to go hiking around Lake Garda. Has anyone been and do they have any recommendations?
  15. What is it like going to Lab in Berlin on your own? Better? Worth it if you're not entirely in it for endless random shags?

    Going to Berlin with a straight female friend but don't wanna miss out clubs again.
  16. I'd give Lab a miss to be honest. It's fine but it's essentially just a drug-fuelled sex bar and I found it a bit... depressing?

    There are places you can go with your friend that would be infinitely more fun: CDV right on the river, Stattbad, Tresor, Griessmühle, Watergate, Sisyphos. Google their door policies before you go though! Make sure to not get wasted before you get there.
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  17. Any hidden gems in Barcelona? I've never been and plan to see the main sights, but I would also like to seek out some off the beaten track things.
  18. If you have time for a day out, Montserrat is a hilltop monastary that's absolutely jaw-dropping. Likewise,
    Sitges is an iconic gay-friendly town (mostly full of eldergays) that's a lovely short train ride away – you could easily do that in an afternoon and be back by dinner.

    In Barcelona itself don't bother drinking or eating anywhere on or directly next to La Rambla – it's tourist hell and the prices and quality reflect it. Likewise on the main drag from Barceloneta subway station down to the beach. There's a seriously mind-bending amount of places to eat everywhere, and you'll find the best stuff tucked away on side streets. Make sure you try a Cava bar (Can Paixano is the most famous, and rightly so) while you're there too.

    One thing I always do is buy some booze and head up to the top of the steps, past the fountains, at Montjuic to sit and watch the sun go down one evening. It's beautiful.
  19. Bona Sort (in the Born district) and Casa Jaime (in the Eixample district) are both phenomenal. Bona Sort has a great atmosphere and location I couldn't recommend it more. Casa Jaime is quite an understated restaurant that's a little out of the way from things but the food is totally worth it. It was very popular with the locals and very busy but still had quite a chilled atmosphere.
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  20. Bought myself a one way ticket to Havana in January. Don't what I'm going to do exactly but in intend to end up in Rio for carnival.