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The Walking Dead

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. They really need to look to The 100 for tips on how to write complex characters, circling narratives and simultaneous A/B-storylines. It's mind blowing that this is supposed to be one of the highest quality dramas on a television right now.
  2. I read an interview with one of the producers saying "here's to another 100 episodes" and I was thinking please no. It drags so much as it is.
  3. Another season of Negan, fucking hell.
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  4. It was a pretty satisfying finale though, wasn't it? I think they managed to twist the hostage situation pretty well, seeing as how the scene from the comics has already been used in Fear The Walking Dead anyway.

    The coming season has so much potential, and I hope they get the budget they need to give it justice.
  5. I kind of hated it, but there were some good bits. Definitely not feeling satisfied overall.
  6. Even when the scavengers turned, the stakes were so low knowing the kingdom were on their way. Sasha's death was obvious from the start, but colour me surprised Rosita survived.

    Negan needs to go ASAP, but at the same time I don't know where the show goes from here.

    At this point I'm more interested in Fear The Walking Dead.
  7. It was a lot better finale than the ones from seasons 5th and 6th.

    Im glad Rosita survived i was almost sure she'll die. The trash people are so weird, im kinda sad they're enemies now because it means they'll probably die soon. Their leader trying to hook up with Rick was one of the best things in this show.

    Its cool that Sasha didnt kill any of her friends, just like she wanted.

    My only gripe is the confusion that wasnt there. I mean: you have several groups of people in one place, many of them dont even know eachother. How did they know who should they kill and who is an ally? Did the tiger pick its victims randomly?

    I like Ezekiel more and more, he's such an amusing character
  8. It's kind of hilarious and infuriating to have SO much build up to the war... then having the finale mini-war and Negan declare now the war begins. Like this should have been the halfway point.
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  9. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Well I'm glad they gave Sasha a decent send off. It was good, but I'm still annoyed we sat through a series of filler episodes to get to this point.
  10. Ñnn the show is definitely not getting rid of Negan for a long time.
  11. Eh. The pacing of this show could get slow this time and it is just doesn't make me excited. I am just ready for the show to be over, and I will wait a long time for that which sucks.
  12. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I see the show petering out before it finds a natural conclusion, I've no idea what an end game to The Walking Dead looks like.
  13. Common fan theory in spoilers:

    One of the writers has said the comic series is Carl's story, not Rick's. Most fans of the comics think it's going to end with Rick dying and Carl taking the lead in some manner.
  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I still don't really see where that takes the story other than it leading to a LOST-esque ending of Rick dying and being at peace knowing Carl's well equipped to carry on without him and the show cutting to black. If that's the ending we get... it'll be as underwhelming and half baked as the last couple of seasons so... eh.
  15. I actually quite liked the finale, although they could've offed a few characters, maybe Eric, Arat, Gregory or Tamiel. Loads of background redshirts dying was a bit lame.
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    Solenciennes Moderator

    Literally who are Arat and Tamiel I hate this show
  17. I find it amusing that Rosita is still alive and more relevant than ever. The actress playing her is unintentionally hilarious with her acting.
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  18. Overall it wasn't too bad. The most cringeworthy moment was just as Negan was a nanosecond from killing Carl, at which point I thought to myself "what's the most truly preposterous thing that could happen now to save him? I know - the tiger!" And lo - it came to pass.

    Amusing to see Maggie shed more tears for the death of zombie Sasha than for her father, sister and husband combined.

    I was also unclear about whether Dwight was double-crossing Negan or not? Did he keep his mouth shut and fight for the Saviours to not blow his cover, or was he never going to help Rick?

    So, more of the same come October, I guess. To me, all this show needs to do to get back on track is to scale back down to 7/8 episodes per series, and cut the filler. The jump to twice that number each year has made it so formulaic. There isn't a single viewer (that know of) that isn't disillusioned with the show at this point, but it continues to provide some of the best moments on TV, albeit less frequently.
  19. Dwight left the chess piece with "Didn't know" engraved, that the others found towards the end. And he didn't fire a shot in the battle. I think he's made his choice for Rick's side.
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  20. The show needs to rethink next season. They need to reconsider Negan. What worked in the comics is not working on television. That whole season could have been three episodes maximum.

    The biggest shame has been wasting Carol. She barely registered in the finale. The show's most interesting character has been overshadowed by a tiger.
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