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The Walking Dead

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Just in the finale? Tell me what she did this entire season except sit in a cottage, read books and eat pie? You could scrub her from this season entirely and miss nothing. There was promise in her mental deterioration, but now you've had her return to the gun wielding badass again to save Rick... I'm going to roll my eyes so far back when they put her back into 'I don't want to kill anyone any more!!!!!' mode.

    Bring in fresh scriptwriters, that's all they need to do, because that's what is completely killing this series. Don't be afraid to ramp the gears up fully and have a season where we can barely keep up! If anything, the fans will be thankful for it.
  2. After all that Carol's been through, I for one and happy for her that she's living the apocalyptic good life of reading books and eating pies in a cottage.
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  3. I thought they were going to explore a romance between her and Ezekiel but now I think she and Morgan may bond (maybe just as friends).
  4. I think I'm done with this show... every episode recently has just been a letdown
  5. I checked out this season and by the sounds of things i've made the right choice.
  6. I’m utterly convinced that Melissa McBride asked for some time off this season, there’s no way they took one of the leading characters and completely benched them. She appeared in 7 episodes this season, with 1 appearance being for a couple of seconds in the opening episode dream sequence and another being a quick chat with Benjamin.
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  7. I've realized this show is basically Grey's Anatomy with zombies instead of doctors.
  8. Good comparison. Although I still like Grey's. They can still pull out a strong episode once in awhile.
  9. Sigh... well, at least it was an exciting episode of TV but again, after an entire season of foot dragging and slow, slow buildup to the finale, it offers no real resolution and only functions as a setup to next season. Urgh.
  10. I was surprised at how few deaths there were in the finale. The producers were hyping up this HUGE ending to the series and scaring us all by saying people will die in interviews. I at least thought they'd cull some of the dead weight extras like Aaron's bf or Gabriel (I could only hope).
  11. Gabriel is the worst, I’m just glad they’ve kept him around so they can kill him off instead of a better character (hopefully next season).
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  12. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    I wish they'd do something interesting with Gabriel like have a flashback to when the group found him and reveal that he's actually not religious, stole the real Gabriel's identity and is actually [something interesting]
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  13. Why do I always believe it when certain cast members speak up about the finales and I take their word for it.

    Last season Andrew Lincoln was physically sick reading the script. Erm, ok. This time Lennie James was "jumping around all giddy" after reading the script and I'm sure Norman Reedus said something about the Season 5 finale which made it sound it was going to be the best thing ever.

    I get they want viewers to watch, but don't bullshit about it.

    I'm just glad Rosita survived, but I don't think she'll be around much in season 8.
  14. I can see where they're coming from, but it's such an internal perspective. Being an actor on this show must be tedious at times; but shooting a scene like Negan's lineup must have been an incredible opportunity for Andrew.
  15. I've just caught up with this season and I've loved it. I appear to be the only one, but I've enjoyed it.
    I also like watching Talking Dead afterwards too.

    One thing I wonder about 'our' group though is why don't they just move somewhere else? America is massive, they could leave Negan and co. behind.
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  16. Jadis, Simon and Enid have been upgraded to regulars for season 8.
  17. Who? Who? Who?
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  18. I wouldn't worry they'll be dead by the mid-season finale.
  19. [​IMG]
  20. The first one, YAS, for shooting Rick... the next two, whom are you?