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The Walking Dead

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Enid is the girl who is with Carl/Maggie. Simon is the Saviour who goes on pick ups with the moustache.

    They REALLY need a massive cast clear out.
  2. They clearly need a more memorable cast too.
  3. The zombies are more memorable.
  4. Does that mean they'll get their names on the opening credits too?
    I noticed that Gabriel and Aaron aren't in it yet.
  5. It's okay because Simon and Jadis can provide "series regular" fodder.
  6. I like Jadis, she's cool, i like her weirdness. Enid is meh but tolerable. Simon can die anytime
  7. Tbh Simon can stay as long as he likes because zad.

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  8. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Jadis and the trash people are infuriating because literally nobody speaks like that and it's not been that long since society collapsed just shut up shut up shut UP
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  9. More importantly what about hot ginge (and gay) Daniel, presume with his raised profile he's a shoe in for more prominence (he says hopefully).
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  10. God we can only hope.
  11. Only just watched this entire season after being exhausted from the premiere 7 months ago. It's become such a frustrating series to get through. I do really enjoy the occasional episode, but we're now beyond the point of needing one-off episodes for the sake of character development. We're already hugely invested in enough of these people, so now it's time to focus on keeping the story moving. The plots are feeling circular, and it's taking ages to even get from Point A to Point B (which just ends us up back at Point A). Too much time was spent on Negan this season; he was well established in last season's finale and we didn't need more on his everyday life. To have the entire season build up to this big battle only to have the entire thing backfire is a cop out. The show needs to be moving towards some type of conclusion; at the very least, it needs movement. As it stands, I often feel like I'm watching the same episode for the millionth time and I won't be able to take it much longer. That, or just go through a major cast overhaul and let us start seeing this from some new perspectives.
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  12. Well said! I actually got so fatigued by the draining Negan-centric first half of the season that I gave up at the mid season finale. When it came back, rather than being excited or looking forward to it as I had all the years previously, I realised that I was really past caring. Which is a shame.

    If I knew it was working towards some conclusion now I would have stuck with it as it used to be my favourite show but when the producer said it could run for another 10 years I bailed. They have really run out of interesting characters and situations to keep you interested. Andrea, Shane, Beth, the prison, Woodbury feel like a lifetime ago.
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  13. I miss Beth. Why does this show build a character up and then boom their dead. They killed way too many people too soon and now we are left with largely boring cast.
  14. It doesn't help that they killed all the wrong people!
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  15. On one hand, they killed her off when the show was somewhat entertaining so I feel like she went out on a high note but both her and Andrea's deaths still really bug me. Both characters were really evolving and had a lot more potential to expand their storylines. Even if they had been killed off at a later point then I wouldn't be so infuriated with it but it's just the biggest downward spiral for the show. It's like they choose a name out of a hat when it comes to killing characters sometimes. I loved Jessie but her death felt shocking but right.
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  16. Wait; how come nobody's talking about the new episodes of Fear the Walking Dead?

    (No need to answer that..)
  17. The thing is... The first season just didn't give me enough dystopian madness, as the virus started... So I have no need for the follow ups, as surely it's just the same as the main series now.
  18. Eh, it’s starting to go in that direction but they’re not all hard faced killers yet.
  19. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    There's honestly just nothing to latch onto. I didn't care at all about the helicopter scene. They're all just fucking angsty and ridiculous, it's not relatable and they ploughed into the politics of other human beings immediately instead of exploring how to cope with zombies like the main series did and you saw the more realistic terror and ineptitude turning into steely resolve and emotionless violence over time. I got about half way through the latest episode and then switched off and haven't bothered finishing it, I had the same thing with The 100 last year and similarly haven't gone back to finish the episode.
  20. The only good things about Fear The Walking Dead are Ofelia and Luciana, and they're barely in the series. I'm still miffed they didn't stretch the 'birth' of the virus for more episodes; it became 'The Walking Dead In Mexico' far too quickly, and immediately became uninteresting as a result.
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