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The Walking Dead

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by SockMonkey, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. They. Did. That.

    Effectively one of the best episodes they've done in a long time, and perhaps most infuriating is that it showed they actually can tell three-four parallel story lines in one episode, despite spending seven seasons refusing to do so.

    The show has suffered the last couple of seasons for following the comics more or less verbatim, and this will undeniably force the television show to finally take a step back and become its own entity again. Chandler Riggs has done an incredible job with Carl, but this was probably one of the best things that could have happened to the show.
  2. I’ve not even finished this episode and I’m a mess. Incredible episode. This is why I keep watching it.
  3. I'm actually quite gutted he's bowing out, I never had a problem with him and it was quite harrowing knowing he was clearly going to die in the episode, then having that slow walk to him without knowing how he died.

    AH that was a great episode, finally.
  4. I still thought it was a bit of a mess, if visually pleasing. I do feel like they're sending a message by killing Carl though, that they're willing to take big steps to turn things around, but Negan needs to go. Honestly I'd be here for a soft reboot with everyone relocating.
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  5. Maggie is the best character now, isn't she? Fully formed, complex, introverted without being emotionally void...
  6. We all know Rick is going to cry like a baby like he does really well, but most of all I'm looking forward to Carol reacting to this.
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  7. If Andrew Lincoln wants to leave at some point, she's the only one I can see stepping up to HBIC.
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  8. Her and low key Dwight are the only characters I find interesting now ddd.
  9. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    That was genuinely great. I hate them, why do they always step it up for the mid season finale? Annoying. Hopefully when it returns next year it'll be another great episode with Carl's death and the quality doesn't fall off a cliff again.
  10. Meh. It was a decent episode in comparison to how awful the last batch of episodes have been. Negan is still there so more of that nonsense to sludge through. The show needed to do something to spark waning interest. If the show wraps up the Negan/Saviours story, then I will believe Gimple is serious about getting the show back on track. But Riggs did a good job although there are other characters who should be going before him like Negan and Rosita.
  11. I do love how the trash people showed up only to scarper again within seconds. The writers really don't know what to do with them.

    Maggie really is the emotional core holding it all together. I'll be devastated if she, Carol or Michonne ever die.
  12. I was so worried for Michonne when she went back to Alexandria. I thought she was going to stab herself with her Katana or Rick was going to kill her mistaking her for a saviour.
  13. BTG


    Chandler's dad is sounding off:

    I wish I could see this twist being a turning point for the show but I think they lost me long before now. The rot is deep and a massive overhaul in approach and production style is needed, rather than shocking twists.

    This is all pointless if we're still going to be served up 'Negan and Rick chat in a 85 minute extended episode containing only one plot strand' again.
  14. Surely to god they need to sack Scott Gimple pronto and bring in a new showrunner?!
  15. I’ve never been a big fan of Carl so am kind of glad he’s going. I found him quite annoying.
    I’m still really enjoying the show. When is the next part of the season back on tv?
  16. ... Aaaaaand they basically gave Scott Gimple the up and out treatment to get him away from the series.

    In other news there’s rumours that Lauren Cohan has been trying to renegotiate her contract for parity with Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus and has been courted for pilots.
  17. I’m watching this on my lunch break and holding in tears.
  18. I wish Carl's death hadn't been discussed so much before this premiere, because it made zero impact on me once it aired. I was so bored throughout this episode because I've already had 2 1/2 months to come to terms with his passing; I wanted them to just get on with it already.

    Was the Rick scene at the end a flash-forward? A dream? I wish I cared anymore. Next week looks to be another Negan episode. I think I'm officially out after this season finale.
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  19. I’m gonna continue watching, I’ll give season 9 with a new show runner a chance but fuck me has Scott Gimple run this into the ground. I’m wondering whether killing Carl is a middle finger to effectively being pulled away from the series.
  20. I thought it was a brilliant episode, if only a little too long.