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The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The ABBA Discography Rate. #10

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. 12th isn't too bad for a track that was never a genuine hit anywhere, when you think of what it's up against. Though I'm still gutted for its loss.
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  2. LTG


    Ok but you could have given it your 11 if you like it this much.

    How come I was the only one? Y’all need Jesus.
  3. Under Attack has Frida’s criminal knitwear AND spiky weave. Plus she invented vocodering. Queen of innovation! Ha ha.

    I was torn between WAISAD and UA for my 11, to be honest. They are both worthy!
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  4. My 11 is still in, but When All is Said and Done is a heartbeat behind it in terms of ABBA-glory. I should've asked @Remorque if I could nominate two 10.5's instead.
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  5. @Mina, a 5? I'm not going to pretend I'm completely off the hook because I didn't give it a 10, but it'd be a 10 today. Now I have absolutely no regret about begging for The Day Before You Came and Dancing Queen to exit the rate immediately.
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  6. Ouch.
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  7. A masterpiece of a song! Did well, but not quite well enough I think.
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  8. Preach, sis! I can feel the vein in my forehead starting to bulge. I now deeply regret not giving this my 11!
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  9. The two ultimate anthems of The Queen™ out before the top 10? No. I rebuke.
  10. I say we start the rate over and rig it to ensure a HRH-led bop triumphs!
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  11. I'm in!
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  12. Justice For Frida: Queen of Pop!
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  13. Yeah I'm here for that too!
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  14. And leave me out of it?!? I am deeply saddened.
  15. You gave the holy bop a 5/10, you forefeitted the right to take part!
  16. Nah, the holy bop is definitely my 11 (which is still in play - don't you dare hex it @DJHazey...).
  17. I was speaking about When All Is Said And Done!

    The Day Before You Came or Summer Night City to snatch the crown- and our weaves.
  18. Unholy bop xx.

    If my 11 doesn't win, I hope "The Day Before You Came" takes the crown.
  19. yes, I support that!

    @Mina i truly love you but giving "When All Is Said And Done" only 5 points? But don't worry I'll get this kind of feed-back soon. So somehow we'll always be in one boat :-)!
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  20. Reported.
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