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The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The ABBA Discography Rate. #10

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Oh it has been hexed 20 times over already. Too late.
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  2. And it was only a 5, people! It's not like I gave it a 0...

    I will be seething if it misses top 10.
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  3. Well 0 or 5 it's just the same ... it deserves MUCH better :-)
  4. If if was a 0, some of y'all would be tracking me down and going after me with pitchforks, I presume!
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  5. We’re doing that anyway....
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  6. Good luck xx.
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  7. I love that this rate has been going long enough to have had a baby. A testament to the importance of ABBA in life.
  8. What sort of cunting cuntery is this, cunts?
  9. I bitterly regret not giving this my 11, although oddly don’t regret giving it to the boptastic Under Attack!
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  10. Very well said, I feel the same too!
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  11. Sorry the next one's taking so long, but I'm in the middle of talks about buying another house, this time with my boyfriend, so there's lots of discussions, lots of places to visit and lots of decisions to be made.

    And some of y'all ain't gonna be happy about the one we're losing at #11...
  12. Does everything left have at least one 11?
  13. I would say When All is Said and Done is probably my 3rd favorite ABBA track. It's just gorgeous.
  14. *prays on The Day Before You Came going next*
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  15. I really do hate you at times.
  16. Let me fix that by saying I regret my score for When All Is Said and Done and wouldn't have minded it winning.
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  17. You are forgiven.
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  18. When All is Said and Done >>>>>>>>>> The Day Before You Came

    Unless we're talking the Matt Pop Mix where it's more like '>>>'
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  19. I love them both equally.
  20. The Day is sooooooooo dull.
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