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The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The ABBA Discography Rate. #10

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. There is a special circle of hell reserved for criminal opinions, luvvie.
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  2. "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" is the only truly awful song we have left. Give me a few seconds head start so I can go into hiding.
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  4. 11.

    '...It's elusive call it glitter, somehow something turns me on... Some folks only see the litter, we don't miss them when they're gone...'
    - Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Summer Night City -


    The girls showing the boys up with their lush lqqks.

    Average: 9.0543
    Highest score: 3 * 11.00 - @nlgbbbblth @cityofdoomsday @One Stop Candy Shop
    18 * 10.00 - @Angeleyes @Hudweiser @SecretsOfFatima @chris4862 @WhipperSnapper @CasperFan @Mikey1701 @WhatKindOfKylie? @tylerc904 @DJHazey @Gotnomoretosay @Mumty @Ed72 @idratherjack @bichard @Weslicious @TrueBeliever @Remorque
    Lowest score: 1 *
    6.00 - @dancingwithmyself
    My score: 10.00


    *takes breath and waits for the initial disappointment to settle*


    Falling inches short of the top 10 is ABBA's ode to their hometown of Stockholm.

    In May 1978 ABBA's Polar Music Studio had opened its doors, but was initially not ready to be used yet. Stubborn as Benny and Björn were, they decided to start recording there early that year, but the backing track had to be recorded at Metronome Studio... The project seemed to be doomed from the start. Nothing was really working as the boys experimented with tempo changes, tried to use different techniques to give it a more urgent and driving sound and the mixing took a little more than a week... That was more time than they had used for any other ABBA track up until that point. The boys were unimpressed (and have since been very vocally about not liking it), with Agnetha being reluctant to record it as she felt it didn't suit the band's sound, yet they evidently did decide to release it as a single in September. Initially, it was going to be the lead single for their next album that was to come out in 1979, but due to the band's mixed feelings about the track, it was eventually not even included and was left as their second non-album single to be released up until that point...
    Since the 1997 re-issues, the song has, however, been included on all of the Voulez-Vous pressings as a bonus track.

    It was another hit for the band though, reaching the top position in Finland, Ireland and Sweden, where it was their last no. 1 single... It reached the top 3 in Belgium and Norway and became a top 10 hit in South-Africa, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany and Mexico.
    In the United Kingdom it initially reached a peak of no. 5, which made the band realize that maybe a seven month break hadn't been the best of decisions... In Australia it fell short of the top, reaching a peak of no. 13, while in New Zealand it was only a top 40 hit, peaking at no. 37.

    I absolute bloody love the song. I don't care what anyone says, this is a breath of fresh air in ABBA's cannon and while it doesn't sound like anything they had ever done up until that moment, I do think that's its strength. All four of them give a glorious performance, capturing the rhythm and soul of their hometown so effortlessly cool, giving us some dirty lyrics in the process... I was heartbroken to see this miss out on a top 10 placing, yet don't regret not giving it my 11...

    Mikey1701 and myself really are soul sistren of the highest kind, as his story is extremely similar to mine... "I remember hearing this for the first time as a 12 year old when mother dearest bought me More ABBA Gold and demanding to know why it wasn’t on ABBA Gold even though I had no idea what the lyrics were going on about. It’s so relentless, it goes in and it goes in HARD. I love the video as well, if only for Queen Frida staggering about the streets of Stockholm off her tits.What a woman. What a role model.". Seriously, this is about 100% my experience with the song, except my copy came from the library as we didn't have any money to spend on cd's in those days. And you can count on the fact that Frida's my spirit animal when I'm strolling the streets on a high.

    Sister in our hearts, yet not on our score sheets, bichard has a story to share of his own, as "This, along with Angeleyes, was probably my favourite in the 80s when I listened (with frightening frequency) to my Grandma's Greatest Hits Volume 2. I remember being utterly confounded when I discovered it was a lesser hit for them. Even more so when I found out B&B hated it. Kings of shit taste in their own music.". Ain't that the truth. As I mentioned above, Agnetha was even more against the idea of recording it, yet came around to it eventually. Frida, queen of looking fabulous and keeping her opinion to herself though...

    TrueBeliever absolutely loves "this song, especially the verses. They’re let down a little by the somewhat mundane chorus, but everything else is unequivocally ace.". Mundane, sis? No ma'am. But you gave it a 10 though, so who's complaining?

    Admitting he used to "always bop to this," is Hudweiser, "but when the version with the extended intro was released it only made it better. I've no idea why it was their smallest UK hit during their peak years (given how big it was in Sweden - 10 weeks at No. 1??) or why it got shafted from Voulez-Vous... someone do an ABBA club night, damnit!". Mikey1701, sis, THIS IS YOUR WAKE UP CALL.
    And he's absolutely right in saying it was their lowest charting hit between 1976-1980 in the United Kingdom, proving the children really didn't even know.

    "The full length version is the only version for" CasperFan! He calls it "Another neglected hit single. Slow, foreboding intro and then that synth stab into the amazing chorus- the intro just makes an incredible song even better. Deserves more recognition.".
    You weren't the only one in thinking so... chris4862 thinks it's "Criminally underrepresented." in their discography and P'nutbutter says it was "Cruelly shoved onto More ABBA GOLD, it's epic!".

    tylerc904 screams "What a TUNE.", following that up with "There is so much going on and it all just works for me.". It's the urgent production that draws me in every single time I listen to it... As ufint says, "It's very similar to Voulez-Vous, and almost equally awesome.", which is equally as urgent, yet I like this one more than the title track of the album that was to follow...

    SecretsOfFatima calls it "The unloved bop that could. Despite B&B’s constant disdain for it, it still became one of their best songs. It deserved far more success." and I'm inclined to agree, as most of us are...

    Or maybe not?

    Filippa tells us it's a "Nice song but not their best.", while constantino thinks this is "kinda corny but I still kinda like it."... Both gave it a 7. And it's a slew of 7's that made this miss the top 10. Ladies, get your pitchforks ready! Also giving out sept points is our next judge...
    "This was a 9 by initial listening," for poor ol' Sprockrooster, "but declined fast in scoring. Instantly hooked, but also tiresome very fast.". Sprockrooster getting sleepy while listening to a bop, us getting sleepy reading his commentary... Takes one to know one, eh?

    WhatKindOfKylie? was impressed from the get-go... "What an intro! As soon as this begins you know you're in for a bop and then some! I loved ABBA's take on Disco music, the Hi NRG sound was always going to suit them. Such a shame they never really liked this one much, and thus feels a bit forgotten.".
    Agreeing with ha is idratherjack, confessing it was very nearly his "11. I went back and forwards on this and my eventual pick but this is insanely good and never fails to drive me into a frenzy. Can't believe Benny & Bjorn don't like it and left it off the album. The video is a favourite too with Frida staggering around the early morning streets of Stockholm off her tits cackling manically. We've all been there. What is a giant dynamo though?". Sis, you should go out with me one weekend... You'd find out soon enough. Kii.

    We'll end this one with Mina, who thinks "The A*Teens should have covered this one...up until the colorful language at the end.". This song with chipmunk vocals and a donk on it? Oh, honey.

    The video gives us a tanned Anna and Frida looking absolutely gorgeous in every sense of the word, radiating and bringing us fabulousness all around... It was shot in Stockholm by Kjell Sundvall and Kjell-Åke Andersson in the summer of 1978 and makes you want to visit the city for a night out on the streets.

    The band went on a promotional tour of Japan (of all places) to promote the song.

  5. It was performed during their 1979 world tour, featuring an original introduction that had been removed from the studio recording...

    ...and they gave a surprise performance of the song on their 1981 tv special Dick Cavett Meets ABBA, which is actually a particular favourite of mine.

    The previously unreleased version with the extended introduction was finally released as part of the box set Thank You for the Music in 1994.

    Abbacadabra released a couple of versions of the song during the late 90s...

    ...while Swedish symphonic metal band Therion released a cover of the song on their 2001 album Secret of the Runes.

  6. Swedish musician Nils Landgren released his version on his 2004 album Funky ABBA, featuring vocals by Viktoria Tolstoy...

    ...and in 2005 Israeli DJ Offer Nissim recorded a dance cover of it for his album First Time, featuring Maya Simantov on vocals.

    DJ Ensamble released his version on the 2006 album Trancing Queen...

    ...while Russian singer Roma Kenga released his version of Summer Night City in 2009.
  7. RIGHT!

    So you've got your top 10, folks...

    Mamma Mia

    Dancing Queen
    Knowing Me, Knowing You

    ABBA: The Album
    Take a Chance on Me

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)

    Super Trouper
    The Winner Takes It All
    Lay All Your Love On Me

    The Visitors
    The Day Before You Came

    I know we've lost some fan favourites along the way, but all of the above are stone cold classics though.

    If any of you who hadn't submitted commentary yet, please do so and I'll be sure to include it!​
  8. These songs need to go before top 5:
    Knowing Me, Knowing You
    Take A Chance On me
    Voulez Vous

    The other 6 remaining tracks need to be top 5 and I will not hear otherwise. So yes, I am hereby demanding there will be a tie at #5.
  9. This is the definitive heavy metal version:

    And Mamma Mia needs to leave now.

    I’ve lost Always On My Mind at #11 over in the Pet Shop Boys rate and now I’ve lost Summer Night City at #11!


    Y’all have done this so wrong!
  11. Eurgh.

    Summer Night City and When All is Said and Done missing the top 10 is one of the biggest PopInjustices of all time (never mind One Of Us and my 11!!!)
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  12. Dancing Queen, Take a Chance on Me, and The Day Before You Came need to be the next three out.
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  13. Voulez Vous would be my pick to land at #10. Brilliant Top 10 anyway.
  14. I’m not mad, that was probably my least favorite of the songs left.

    Don’t @ me. I still gave it a 10.
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  15. A solid top 10. Glad Summer Night City did brilliant too!
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  16. I find it so interesting that the group apparently have such a distaste for this song, and yet still released it, not just as a b-side or album track but as a single. Queens of objectivity.

    This song has always been top tier for me. Alas, the top 10 is a solid lot, but certainly predictable.
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  17. I've got my 11, six 10s, and three 9s extremely well done everyone! At this point there isn't a bad winner in the bunch.
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  18. I don't get how ABBA can hate Summer Night City!
  19. Only one Frida lead in the Top 10? Not on.
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