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The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The ABBA Discography Rate. #17

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. I do so love the Hi-NRG of Bang-a-Boomerang - it's a literal bop. I can't keep still when it comes on.
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  2. Me, being alerted to Two For The Price Of One hate on the previous page


    Me, bopping to it regardless

  3. I happily quite like Two For The Price Of One.
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  4. Spotify loves Frida leads on shuffle today: Super Trouper > I Let the Music Speak > Me and I > ...uh Waterloo
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  5. Me and I is so lovely and it always seems to come on shuffle for me lately.
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  6. It's amazing and my favourite discovery of this rate!
  7. Me and I is up there in the Top 3 best discoveries of doing this for me too. It sounds more late 80s to me production wise oddly so I can't help but love it.
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  8. I bet 'Head Over Heels' tumbles out soon.
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  9. 60. - a tie

    '...If I explore the heavens, or if I search inside... Well, it really doesn't matter as long as I can tell myself I've always tried...'
    - Björn Ulvaeus in Move On -


    I had no idea this existed...

    Average: 6.9130
    Highest score: 4 *
    10.00 - @TrueBeliever @One Stop Candy Shop @constantino @Terminus
    Lowest score: 1 * 0.00 - @bichard
    My score: 8.50

    The lovely Move On leaves us together with Bang-A-Boomerang at #60. Recorded in 1977 and released that same year as the fifth track on The Album, only Chile got this as a single release in 1978, paired with Mamma Mia as its b-side. The Spanish version, Al Andar, was released in various parts of South America in 1980 to promote the release of Gracias Por La Musica, an album that included the Spanish versions of several of their classics and this album cut.

    For me, personally, it's out a bit too soon. The waltzy melody, Björn channelling his inner William Shatner, Agnetha proving that she can make the simplest of verses come alive, Frida delivering in the harmony department and that fucking chorus that doesn't seem to leave your brain after you've listened to it... Yes, I quite like this one.

    This received a zero... I don't know what in the world bichard was thinking, but maybe he can explain...
    "Utter shit. The spoken word bits are embarrassing, and so is the rest of it. It barely constitutes a song as far as I'm concerned. It's clear that Benny and Bjorn were stretched at this point.".




    Mikey1701, please...

    constantino gets it spot on, calling it "STUNNING. The combination of the gentle harmonies, rattling guitars and the warmth of the melody make this such a gorgeous discography moment. What a discovery.". I feel you.
    One Stop Candy Shop admits "This is in my ABBA top 5. That chorus is just unbelievable. I'm normally not a big fan of 'spoken words' bits, but it works here. And if you don't like that part, you can always turn to Al Andar.". Yes! I don't know why nobody else has mentioned this too, because a lot of y'all really didn't like that monologue... *see below*

    Epic Chocolat simply states it's "Lovely." and Filippa finds haself in the same corner, calling it a "Lovely song, I like the lyrics!".

    tylerc904 liked it, but wasn't here for the intro... "I had to deduct points for the Morgan Freeman-style monotone segments, but this is still fabulous. ".
    The same goes for Hudweiser, who says "Spoken intro aside, one of my favourite album tracks of theirs. The electric piano is gorgeous, the backing vocals empowering (love the way they're brought up to drown out the lead as it fades) and the melody of the chorus is simple yet beautiful. It really does remind me of a crisp autumn morning on a beach somewhere." and the aforementioned Mikey1701 too... "The production and the sentiment of the song is lovely but I struggle to get past Bjorn’s inexplicable spoken first verse. What is with that American twang to his voice? You could say that it evokes the same feeling as Eagle- I can detect some similarities in themes and in the production but it doesn’t feel as compelling or memorable. Still, it’s one of my biggest rediscoveries of the rate- the echo my first sentiment, it really is lovely.". Taken care of the good sis bichard yet, precious?

    It kinda grew on kalonite though... "The more I listened to this, the higher it climbed. Started with a 4, and made it up to a 9. The opening monologue was a bit much at first, but I kind of love it now? I could do without “Like a roller in the ocean life is motion”, but the chorus is really interesting and unusual. It's summer.".

    Actually, some of you actually deflated your scores, just because Björn can't keep his mouth shut at the beginning of the song...
    CasperFan says "Ugh at the talking opening- I keep waiting for Johnny Mathis to start singing When A Child Is Born. Thankfully the girls arrive to save the song from being a complete dud!"...
    And chris 4862 admits that "This song would be an easy 7 without that godforsaken monologue...". He gave it a 5 in the end.

    And with these, the hate just kept on grewing... Mina calls it "Overly clichéd.",
    ufint thinks it's "Such a strange song. The spoken intro, weird lyrics, weird melody. I don’t get the message this is trying to convey." and it was a bit too long for poor ol' Sprockrooster... "The will to stay alive? The will to carry on and listen to this you mean! Moving on here (though the ending is a bit iconic, but I ain't waiting for that over 4 minutes).".

    SecretsOfFatima just asks "Why, just why?" and I think VivaForever can answer that... "Oh Lord. I just realized what the problem with this album is. They were trying to be... credible.". I would never calls this anywhere near credible, but do you...

    WhatKindOfKylie? was feeling generous this one time... "Gave it a couple of points as kudos to them doing something more artistic and poetry like so to speak. But this really is not my cup of tea either.". I don't want you all to keep waiting in utter suspense theaux... He gave it a 2.

    We'll end with TrueBeliever, for whom the song probably brings up quite a few *feels*...
    "Despite the spoken parts, this song’s message elevates it back up to a 10 – it’s that good. We played this song at my mom’s funeral, so it has a very personal meaning for me. She loved Maui, and I envision her lounging on its beautiful beaches when I hear this song. The keyboard and flutes are heavenly, and then the vocals are harmonious, while highlighting Agnetha’s lower register and Frida’s richest timbre.".
    It definitely is quite a positive song to be associated with such a devastating moment and I can only say how much I'm terribly sorry for your loss and I hope your mom has found peace on that beautiful beach.

    A Spanish version of the song, titled Al Andar, was released for their 1980 Gracias Por La Musica album. All of you who hated Björn going all 'documentary' on our asses, will probably like this substantially better than the original...

    Heavy metal artist Rob Rock recorded a cover of the song for his 2005 album Holy Hell. Enjoy.
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  10. No. No, no, no, no, no.

    -throws things-
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  11. Oh I really haven't seen this coming! This goes way too early ...
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  12. Move On is magnificent and it's horrible to already see it go at 60.
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  13. It's the spoken word verse from Bjorn that did for this!
  14. Further proof that Bjorn should be seen and not heard.
  15. This was legit in my Top 10. It's the California coastline of their discography.
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  16. @bichard gurl.....

    When will your criminal taste end? Consider yourself reported.
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  17. Sis...
  18. How anyone couldn't love the chord sequences in Move On is deranged - those A > AsusA's into each verse (behind the flute) and the D > Fm > D / E > Bm's in the chorus. Beautiful songwriting.

    -throws more things-
  19. You want Bjorn to sing more leads? OK!
  20. I wonder what an ABBA album in 2017 would sound like?
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