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The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The ABBA Discography Rate. #3

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. 33. - a tie

    '...Sometimes I have toyed with ideas that I got from good old Dr. Freud... Nothing new, of course, it may seem to you I try to break through open doors...'
    - Anni-Frid Lyngstad in Me and I -


    The boys giving us executive realness here.

    Average: 7.9565
    Highest score: 11 *
    10.00 - @Uno @haps @bichard @idratherjack @Ed72 @AGiantSheep @DJHazey @tylerc904 @WhatKindOfKylie? @chris4862 @nlgbbbblth
    Lowest score: 1 * 3.00 - @Mina
    My score: 7.50

    Frida's not having a great week, y'all...

    First up from our tie at #33 is the Super Trouper album track Me and I. Written and recorded in September of 1980, it was eventually released as the fifth song on the album that same year. It shows a more mature side to Björn's songwriting as it's an ode to having a split personality, but accepting that and learning to live with it. I mean... This is the same man who wrote King Kong Song and Dum Dum Diddle, seaux...

    Couple its subject matter with Frida's confident and theatrical delivery in the verses and the girls harmonizing gorgeously before reaching the chorus and we've got another fantastic album track on our hands. It's definitely a hidden gem in their later discography and it was a late discovery for me too as it was one of the last songs I got to be acquainted with, having only bought the Super Trouper album after having all the rest for quite some time already... Plus, I kinda relate to the lyrics a lot, but don't most of us?

    Someone who doesn't (and has been asking for this song's head for quite a while) is lowest scorer Mina, saying "Ugh.". You're having a field day, aren't you?

    Poor ol' Sprockrooster wasn't impressed either... "This album did not deserve this track." and gave it 5 points.

    The rest of our commentators gave out a 7 or above, so I'm fairly confident in saying this song deserves all the praise it gets...

    Absolutely loving this is bichard, who calls it "Euphoric, glorious early 80s synthpop at its best. Frida sounds brilliant as always, only this time she's singing on an album highlight rather than a lowlight. I'm not sure what they used to treat her vocals, but it really adds to the song. The intro sounds like it should be on an electricity advert. The oh-ohs make this transcend into an ABBA classic. Could easily have been a single.". I'd say that's about right for the largest bulk of its parent album, as only The Way Old Friends Do would have been an odd single choice... And I don't think they actually used a lot of effects on her vocals as you can tell by the live performance of the song posted below...

    P'nutbutter also thinks this "Should have been a single, overtly camp and brilliant." and while we're speaking of camp, SecretsOfFatima even calls it a "Guilty pleasure at times." and also an "Easy breezy bop.". To Filippa it's an "Interesting song with ditto vocals.", with CasperFan saying it has a "Great chorus, but slightly weird verses.".

    Yet, some of you weren't totally won over by the chorus...
    TrueBeliever believes the "Terrific verses are marred by the schizophrenically challenged chorus (i.e. I love 75% of it, but the other 25% is cacophonic). Probably my greatest, eye-opening re-introduction during the rate. However, I’m still not convinced that I adore this song. It teeters on the precipice of greatness, but I’m still left slightly underwhelmed.". kalonite loves "the weird vocals on the verses and terrible synth brass on this, yet the chorus sucks, but they save it right at the end with the Daft Punk style robotic EVERYONE'S A FREAK!".
    That last part is also what drew idratherjack in... "My second favourite new song I discovered doing this rate. It almost sounds more like a late 80s song to me production wise so naturally I love it The vocodered "like a freak" drives me into a frenzy every time.". I'm extremely happy that this was rediscovered by so many of you... It really is a forgotten gem.

    To tylerc904 "The bridge/pre-chorus is such a rush (“Part of me is acting, while the other stands beside”), this one feels aggressively 80’s in production but I am not complaining.". Doing just that is VivaForever, who thinks "The key change could stand to be a bit key-changier.". We all love a good old fashioned key change here on PopJustice, but I'm glad they kept it kinda understated... Part of its charm.

    This is an "Etherial bop!" for constantino, explaining "The synths add an 80s sci-fi kinda vibe to proceedings which I appreciate.". Great taste, beautiful taste.

    Mikey1701 says "As with much of the parent album, this is a really good bop. The lyrics of this are a little darker than what we have heard before and in many way it signposts the more mature and sombre mood of The Visitors, while rooting it firmly in the soundscape of Super Trouper. On top of that, the production is years ahead of its time. It sounds like it could have been recorded in 1989, not 1980.". Correct.

    Also thinking it sounded ahead of its time is former rate villain WhatKindOfKylie?. "Sounds very much later than 1980, with its strong synthpop sound and the slight vocodered vocal effects. A testiment I feel to the sheer talents of Benny and Bjorn, and how ahead of their time they really were with their genius songwriting. Not to mention it's just a fantastic pop song too!!!". chris4862 calls it "One of their very best.", while ufint just shouts "So much fun!" after having had one coffee too many.

    The song was performed live on the 1981 tv special Dick Cavett Meets ABBA.

    Matt Pop remixed this as part of his '80s ABBA reworks too. Hudweiser even praised it in his commentary before dragging the original, saying "The Matt Pop Mix of this is to die for, and actually one of the few that improves on the original. I love this for about 3.5 minutes, but then it seems to drag in a swamp of synths. Frida's spiky vocals and that "ah-ah-ahhh Hyyyyyyyde!" part is amazing though.".
  2. 10 11s and it only makes 33? Damn.
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  3. Gutted. Ok, so it got a fairly decent placing, but man, Me and I is just such a fantastic feel good pop song. Certainly one of my ABBA favourites.
  4. Not Me And I! This is the first one that really hurts. I know we have to say goodbye to these amazing album tracks to get to all the singles but this one deserved better. Brilliant little bop and a great discovery for me.

    It really sounds like a late 80s song to me production-wise and I love the use of the vocoder years before Cher had even invented it.
  5. Yes, ABBA were certainly way before their time with this one. Screams 1988 not that is a bad thing of course!
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  6. Sounding like 1988 aka the best ever year in pop music would explain why I instantly loved this one!
  7. In that case, not a surprise you did then!
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  8. I'm gonna hold my hands up and say i've done Me and I and injustice only giving it a 7- this is a fucking bop! What was i thinking??? It's a 10 - and my quote saying it had weird verses? I was clearly insane when i rated this! Love the outro too! I have spanked myself repeatedly for the low score i gave it!
  9. At least you saw the light eventually!
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  10. I'm not surprised because I believe people have been calling for it to leave for a bit, but it still doesn't justify the placement. Top 25 material.
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  11. Finally.
  12. Is that 10 11's or 11 10's? It doesn't matter, because someone had to give this a lowly 3 and ruin everything.
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  13. I see what you're trying to do here, but @bichard is clearly this rate's undisputed villain.
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  14. I'm glad there was no #34 as it's a crap number that I don't like.
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  15. It's eleven ratings of ten. You're right enough.
    My mistake. Sorry folks.
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  16. Oh you.
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  17. Well, I have to say the last three losses really hurt! Life is NOT fair!
  18. I would also like to add that my commentary about Frida's vocals being treated on Me & I wasn't just an assumption. It's stated in Bright Lights Dark shadows that towards the end of their career, Frida was more open to having her vocals tinkered with. Along with The Visitors, Me & I is quoted as a case-in-point!
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  19. Me. And I.
  20. Casually blasting out my a low quality Saxophone version of Just Like That out of my speakers and I am following it up with the Matt Pop Mix.

    My neighbours are so lucky to exposed to such brilliance.