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The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The ABBA Discography Rate. #3

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. I was playing You Owe Me One at work today, and when the chorus came on my colleague asked me if I was listening to J-Pop.
  2. [​IMG]

    Mina's Updated Hit List:
    (songs rated 7 and below, listed in chronological order)
    Money, Money, Money
    As Good As New
    If It Wasn't for the Nights
    Super Trouper
    On and On and On
    The Visitors
    Head Over Heels
    When All Is Said and Done
    Should I Laugh or Cry

    Come through for me @Remorque !
  3. Could be my Hit List too. Songs rated 9 and above!
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  4. You both clearly hate ABBA!!!
  5. Let me answer this with some words from a song written by Benny&Björn:

    I'm amazed at all his words
    Soaring like the flight of birds
    But the message they can bring
    Is the flutter of a wing

    Me, hating ABBA, ts, ts, ts
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  6. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but does anyone hear 'You To Me Are Everything' in the
    ' I don't think I'm different or in any way unique
    Think about yourself for a minute
    And you'll find the answer in it'

    part of Me & I - very similar melody .
  7. ....exactly how many songs did you rate 9 and above?
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  8. I think about 35 songs ...

    From your list nearly all ...
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  9. If it makes you feel any better, any song NOT on my list above got an 8 or higher from 21/33 of the remaining songs.
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  10. So we all are here for ABBA only because of different songs!

    What a surprise :-)!
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  11. I think ABBA was an iconic act in pop that still has influence today! I just don't give out 9s and 10s very easily.
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  12. Me neither. And - like you - I do not like a few songs which get overall praise ...

    But I think it's good to see that nearly each song has its fans. I like the many different opinions to each song.
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  13. Dancing Queen was played last night whilst I was out. Everyone loved it and it got everyone up dancing.

    I still think it's an
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  14. 33. - a tie

    '...I can see what you want, but you seem pretty young to be searching for that kind of fun... So maybe I'm not the one...'
    - Björn Ulvaeus in Does Your Mother Know -


    Seaux glamourous.

    Average: 7.9565
    Highest score: 11 *
    10.00 - @AllGagaLike @haps @Animalia @ohnostalgia @kalonite @Terminus @2014 @Sprockrooster @CasperFan @chris4862 @GhettoPrincess
    Lowest score: 1 * 2.00 - @cityofdoomsday
    My score: 8.50

    Now a lot of you are going to have a field day...........

    You've been calling for its head for a while now.


    Recorded in February of 1979, Does Your Mother Know was released as the second single off of Voulez-Vous in April that same year, the same month the album was unleashed onto the world. It followed up Chiquitita and was a number one single in Belgium and Germany and made the top 5 in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland and The Netherlands, while also making the Australian top 10 and the US Billboard Hot 100 top 20.

    It was most notable at the time for not having the girls singing lead, but Björn taking the reigns on the mic again, where he tells a young girl off for trying to flirt with him...

    ..and that's exactly why this bigger single was written off by a lot of you. Personally, I think it's a lot of fun and everybody involved is having a fucking ball, so why fault that?

    Well, most of our commentators were very positive towards this song though.

    Mumty admits he doesn't "have many problems with this track. Give Bjorn his moment to shine." and I can only agree... Give the man a break. We all love a trier! Eh, Geraldine?

    Björn's vocals were actually well liked! For GhettoPrincess "Bjorn’s vocals really work here, normally it’s all about the girls' vocals for me but it’s a welcome addition. Also the girls sound great on the backing vocals/harmonies.". Disagreeing about those backing vocals is Mina, who thinks "the ladies' vocal performance sounds a bit too Nightcore for me..." after admitting it is indeed a "Catchy song with catchy lyrics.".
    CasperFan makes "no apologies for giving this a 10- a disco-rock song, Bjorn’s best lead vocal. This song has a KILLER chorus and no-one will convince me otherwise." and Hudweiser goes one further, calling it "Bjorn's best, though he sounds like he's putting on an accent. The almost doo-wop vibe of the girls squeaky bits are adorably naff and I don't think anyone else could ever have carried it off.".

    Starting his commentary with "Oh wow, what a mess from me.", we could say the same to poor ol' Sprockrooster, when he admits "I love this song, but I never knew it was ABBA (I though it was the Bee Gees)! I actually did not realise before this rate the men also sang on some tracks. But now I am no longer unknowing and I have taken this into my life.". You're welcome, sis, though most people here are actually trying to forget the sorry fact.

    To WhatKindOfKylie? it's the "most notable Bjorn lead, and it's not hard to see why. Pure cheese, but when it's as strong as this, even more better for it!" and during the years it's grown on constantino as he "used to find this a little too cheesy, verging on cringe (I know right), but over the years I’ve learned to fully embrace it.".
    "Speaking of verses vs. (verses versus!) choruses,", tylerc904 much prefers "the former on this." and thinks it's "Kind of a cool thing to have a male led single this far into their career, it really works.".

    One Stop Candy Shop tells us that "Björn the creep comes out again.", but TrueBeliever actually goes one further... "I know that this used to be a fan favorite, but I just don’t like this Bjorn/Benny driven jingle very much. It makes me feel like a dirty paedophile in need of an immediate shower once I listen to it, if I don’t skip it that is.".

    idratherjack "Used to hate this because it wasn't the girls singing but it's a grower...", yet to P'nutbutter "The B's bring it for once.". Filippa thinks so too, as she calls it a "Really feel-good-song.".

    NOT here for Björn the rock star is Mikey1701... What up, sis?
    "That introduction is great, the guitar riffs sounding like an updated So Long (which is no bad thing!)... and then Bjorn starts singing. And doesn’t stop. Does Your Mother Know could have been a great song- I live for the little sax flourishes and the harmonies (of course)- but the fact of the matter is that Bjorn is simply a boring singer. He’s just going through the motions, it doesn’t feel like he means what he’s singing whereas when Agnetha and Frida sing, they embue them with emotion. He wanted to be a rockstar… and this proves why he couldn’t be one. He’s not that interesting.".
    The true OUCH! of the rate, people...

    Meanwhile, bichard says it's "Much maligned for being the lead single from Voulez-Vous when clearly other songs were much more suitable, this has acquired a lot of hatred.", but does admit that "in all honesty, it's quite the bop. By no means lead single material, but great to listen to nonetheless.". SecretsOfFatima gave this an 8 and tells us his "score is a slight protest at it becoming a single over the other far superior tracks on the album. Disgraceful." but then follows it up with the fact that it's "Still a bit of a bop." to him.

    Bop away, gurls.

    The video for the song was a fun performance video shot in a club and involves a lot of people going crazy to the song... *cue that its_not_realistic.gif anytime you like*

    The song was performed on the Spanish show 300 Millones and it features some iconic dance moves from the girls...

    ...and in Switzerland, where an alternate version was performed, which featured a 30-second instrumental introduction which was ultimately cut from the final version and has a much rockier 50s sound to it.

    That same year the group went on their second (and last) world tour, where they also performed the song live... Here's the performance from one of their shows recorded at Wembley Stadium.

    I love the fact that girls fully rock out to the song!
  15. British band Ash recorded a cover of the song for the compilation album ABBA: A Tribute – The 25th Anniversary Celebration, released in 1996. It's quite the racket though...

    The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus performed it during their 1997 ExtrABBAganza! shows...

    ...and three years later Irish girl group B*Witched performed it for the 1999 ABBAmania special.

    I can't really make out if Weslicious prefers this version to the original or the other way around when he says there's "That awkward moment when it doesn't bother you that Bjorn is on lead because you knew the B*Witched version first, and the original is better.".

    British punk band The Restarts released a cover version on their 2002 Slumworld album.

    The song was featured in the 2003 movie Johnny English, where you can see Rowan Atkinson lip-synching to it in his bathroom...

  16. ...and in the 2008 movie version of the Mamma Mia! musical, where Christine Baranski's character teaches some beach boys a lesson.

    VivaForever even prefers this version, telling our lead singer "Sorry Björn, Christine Baranski did it better.". Ouch. She's not alone though, as ufint is "not a fan of the guys singing, but this one is catchy as hell. This is the one song where I probably prefer the Mamma Mia! version.".
    The actress gets a little shout-out again, as kalonite says he knows "this gets torn apart but I just love it. Call it nostalgia, call it Christine Baranski, call it what you want. It's just bouncy fun.".

    Eoghan Quigg performed a version on the 2008 season of X Factor too.

    You're welcome for that last one............... Kii.
  17. For the record, "Does Your Mother Know" was an 8 from me, not a 10 as several of y'all presumed after my defense of it (was I really defending it, or more deflecting attention from the songs I did give 10s to? Hmmmm.)

    There are so many worse songs left in the rate (take note of my previous post)!
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  18. Does Your Mother Know, is fab personally. Total 70's cheese.
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  19. I love "Does Your Mother Know". It has a tendency to lighten up my mood and to me it's the only ABBA song I instantly start bobbing to the rhythm ...
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  20. ^Yes, that intro is just so instant.
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