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The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The ABBA Discography Rate. #3

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. I really like Does Your Mother Know. I think I gave it an 8.
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  2. The alternate version is so much better in my opinion, B&B why were/are you like this?
  3. I'm shocked (DNA 7" Mix) that Does Your Mother Know has gone out so early and was looking forward to it tormenting everyone for a while longer.
  4. Evil (genius)!
  5. Me too.

    If we're already close to an 8.0 average with eliminated songs having 10+ 10s already...I wonder if the winning song will have a 10+ average.
  6. Ugh Eoghan Quigg back in our lives. Call the exorcist.
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  8. Bjorn Again's cover of Stop! was all sorts of Does Your Mother Know-ed:

  9. Yes, No, No, No, No, Meh, Meh, NO, NO, FACK OFF, Its about time it went teebs, DEAD TO ME.
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  10. The biggest injustices on that hit-list are Soldiers and Head Over Heels, but sadly I don't think either have much longer to live.
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  11. I love, love , LOVE Head Over Heels, and want at least top 30 for it.
  12. I was never that keen. And then I saw the video

    It changed everything!
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  13. Let Frida's light into your black heart, luvvie.
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  14. To be fair, a lot of those got 7s, which is definitely an above average score coming from me.
  15. I seriously thought we had already lost Should I Laugh Or Cry.
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  16. I wish we had! It's my lowest score remaining.
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  17. It's a song that I would generally consider underrated, but in this instance, it's actually overrated. There's no way it's better than some of the stuff that's already left.
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  18. Eagle and Waterloo are my only sub-sixes left now, which really isn't bad going. They can go next, please (especially the former!)

    EDIT: and Fernando. I'd forgotten that even existed!
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  19. I had forgotten about the existence of Eagle! How is that dreary old dirge still in?

    I hate it and even deleted it from More Gold in a pop rage!
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