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The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The ABBA Discography Rate. #6

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. But if you were going to truly agree with her, you would have given it your 11. God help us if the song got a bunch of 11s.
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  2. No, I don't think that I didn't give the song time to grow. It's actually the other way round the longer I listen the less I like it. Yes I gave the song 7 points (I think) because of its lyrics and because of Frida's fascinating backing vocals.

    The problem I have with this song:
    Like "The Winner Takes It All" it's a song that lives from Agnetha's voice not from the melody as many other ABBA songs. This was a winning formula with "The Winner Takes It All". Her rendition is heart breaking. Nobody could do it better than Agnetha. But all that what makes "The Winner Takes It All" so emotional is not there in "The Day Before You Came". She doesn't show much emotion, she sounds bored or boring and this aspect makes the song boring to me ...
  3. Yeah, the vocal delivery is pretty one-note, but I think it just adds to the intrigue of the song, because you're left wondering how she feels about this unexpected, monumental day in front of her.

    As someone who's a big fan of "The Winner Takes It All" *cough cough,* partly because of the vocal delivery in that song, I don't think that kind of emotion if applied to "The Day Before You Came" would have worked.
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  4. But for all the lovers of "The Day Before You Came" there's a performance from show express that is wonderful. Frida gets extraordinary applause and her backing vocals are highlighted. And I even seem to like Agnetha's vocals more ...

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  5. Yes that's true. But there are emotions in this song. Frida delivers them. And Agnetha could have but for what ever reason she didn't. To me she sings it like a kid would decline a poem she/he had learned by heart but didn't understand, didn't even think about what the poem could mean ...
  6. I think that's mimed! The vocals might be a slightly different edit than the recorded version, though.
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  7. For sure, they very rarely sang live on these TV-performances ...
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  8. I love that video. Queen Frida appears on top of a grand piano and the crowd/her subjects go wild even during her awkwardly lip synced backing vocal. Queen of Stealing the Limelight.

    And I’ve got to ask- what on earth is Agnetha wearing in that video?
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  9. What a masterpiece of a song. So unlike Classic ABBA. Such a standout.
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  10. Lancelot chic.
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  11. I love how much I love The Day Before You Came now. All thanks to this rate!
  12. Of course an alternative slant on the song could be that Aggie's been trying to pleasure her man for weeks...months....possibly even years, then the day following the song, it finally happens.
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  13. DEAD.
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  14. Uno


    The Day Before You Came should've been Top 3 you HEATHENS!!!
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  15. In that instance this should've been their next single:

  16. I remember seeing this many years ago, and thinking: Why is Frida miming to a synth sound, I had never realised that was her vocal

    And of course, they mimed, they have no mics on or with them
  17. What a bop!
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  18. This performance is iconic. Frida riding in on that piano like a fucking queen. Incredible.

    Also, and this video is a really good example (for Agnetha), I always thought the girls were really good at lip syncing. For some people it's just stupidly obvious, but they were always natural and perfectly in time. This song in particular is pretty easy to muck up some of the lead ins on the verses and it's an awkward rhythm to the lyrics sometimes but Agnetha doesn't miss a beat.
  19. Yes they were always spot on at making the lip synch look good I feel.
  20. Only an icon. I love when Queen starts lip syncing she looks like she's having orgasm.
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