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The Winner's Gonna Take It All: The ABBA Discography Rate. #6

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Remorque, Feb 8, 2017.

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  3. And fabulousy so!
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  4. Now my holy trinity of ABBA is out, I'm rooting for Lay All Your Love On Me.

    So I expect it will go next.
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  5. Lay Your Love On Me is still such a timeless dance track.
  6. I'm almost past caring.

    I will be past caring when SOS goes.
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  7. SOS, best hang on for longer yet! What a song that really is.
  8. I hope to find my old VHS of random ABBA stuff, there was a great documentary in 1993 (I missed a school disco to stay home and watch) called A for ABBA where there's an out-take of Frida trying to tell the story of how they met; she pauses, closes her eyes and shakes her head and says "Oh My God... I can't do it now," opens eyes, smiles and continues: "blah blah blah blah blah blah." It's amazing.

    OH MY GOD IT'S HERE!!! (Warning: contains Jimmy Saville footage)

    Go to 03:55

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  9. Cool find!
  10. I wish Jimmy Saville was the worst thing about that documentary. Despite some awesome footage like the Frida one you mentioned, it's so mean-spirited.
  11. Yes. I fucking hate Lowri Turner purely because of this.
  12. I don't know who she is as I have only seen that thing once, but is she the one that said that said that Agnetha was the only person worth looking at (something to this effect)? If so, I hate her.
  13. That’s her. She was some fashion editor or some shit. And clearly a total bellend.

    Some years ago she wrote a column saying gay people shouldn’t be in politics because they “don’t know what it’s like to have children” and added “but they’re fun to shop for furniture with” or an equally terrible sentiment to that effect. Nob.
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  14. Clearly she never saw Frida’s iconic red weave. That alone makes Frida Worth looking at. The weave and her phenomenal leads (if we ignore I Have Diahorrea). What a fucking moron the Lowri Turner is.
  15. I remember someone writing to Points of View (!) about the show, saying all the talking heads were unnecessarily rude about ABBA, like they were so above them, bunch of also-rans.
  16. I had a customer at work last night sporting a Frida inspired red spiky weave! I immediately told her I loved and who she reminded me of and I apparently made her night.

    Your Queen, still fashion inspiration over 30 year later. Your faves could never.
  17. ^Timeless Icon!
  18. 5 - The Visitors - 1981


    Average: 8.1522
    #8: The Day Before You Came
    #12 (tie): When All Is Said and Done
    #12 (tie): The Visitors
    #14 (tie): One of Us
    #24: Head Over Heels
    #25: Under Attack
    #28: Slipping Through My Fingers
    #29: Soldiers
    #31: Should I Laugh Or Cry
    #35: I Let the Music Speak
    #42: Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
    #50: You Owe Me One
    #53: Two for the Price of One
    #54: Cassandra

    Highest scorers:

    @Mikey1701 - 9.8786
    @chris4862 - 9.5000
    @WhipperSnapper - 9.4286

    Lowest scorers:

    @dancingwithmyself - 5.3571

    @cityofdoomsday - 5.5714
    @Epic Chocolat - 5.7857

    My average: 9.0714

    Our fourth album to fall in its entirety is the band's eighth and final album, The Visitors.

    The words have fallen several times during our countdown...
    Gloompop masterpiece.
    And that's exactly how I would describe the record as a whole.

    In 1980, after the release of the Super Trouper album, tensions between the four of them were extremely strained, what with Björn and Agnetha finalizing their divorce, starting to adjust to living life on their own and Benny and Frida filing for divorce, with Benny quickly moving on, leaving Frida a broken woman who was distancing herself further from the other members as time passed... These personal tensions made their musical and professional relationship a lot more difficult and all four members have been vocal ever since about the atmosphere in the studio while recording The Visitors being cold and distant.

    The music Benny and Björn were writing for the album took on a more serious approach too. Not only divorce, isolation, loneliness and heartship were the topics du jour... No, a subject as heavy as the Cold War was a running theme throughout some of the songs. This coming from the band who brought us Bang-a-Boomerang and Dum Dum Diddle...
    And whereas the band previously had a collection of songs to choose from for the tracklistings to their earlier albums, this time they had nine songs, which were all featured on the album...

    Recording sessions for the album weren't without their technical issues either. The Visitors was the first album to be pressed on the new CD format in 1982 and ABBA's sound engineer Michael B. Tretow had to become accustomed to using the new 32-track digital recorder that was used to mix the songs digitally, which made it difficult for him to not get a difference in quality between them.

    It was eventually released in November 1981 to critical acclaim, but the public seemed to have quietly given up on the band... It was nowhere near a flop, as the album reached the top spot in Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, their native Sweden and the United Kingdom, yet sales figures, when compared to their previous albums, were lacklustre.
    Pair that with the fact that there was almost no promotion for the album or the individual songs that were released as singles and all four members quietly seeking other means to express themselves and you get why the general public had somewhat lost interest. Together with their professional relationship their commercial star was fading too...

    What we're left with a is a very heavy album, a certain sadness constantly bubbling under songs that are dressed up as bops, with more ambition and technicality than on any of their previous efforts and a record that was a fucking risk of epic proportions from a band that had once been written off as camp, cheesy one-hit wonders.

    And although it's the most mature, grown-up album they ever released, fourteen year old me got all the fucking feels he never knew he needed when listening to it for the first time way back when...

    I suggest you all listen to it again. Pour yourself a glass of wine, sit down and just listen...
    Let the music speak for itself and enjoy.
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  19. Brilliant album. Not the easiest of listens given the dark undertones, but well worth the listen.
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  20. Queens!

    Now that The Visitors is out I am pulling for "Gimme Gimme Gimme" or "Lay All Your Love On Me" for the top. But it's going to be "The Winner Takes It All" isn't it.