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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. Dal*Slaybet , Queens of Pop and winners of KPJ Song of the Year Rate.

  2. Someone Like U, Closer & I Love You are the K-Pop songs that deserve your 10s, so y'all better have done them right.

  3. Thanks! I quite liked that song and scored it above average! So NO shenanigans from me for this one!
  4. Appaling taste shocker!

    Poor ol' Sprocky doesn't like KPop...

    Love you theaux. xx
  5. But this is Japanese via a misguided Canadian dddddd....
  6. Ignore it.
  7. Awwww, poor K3. At least they smashed it in the PJSC where the joyless people of the world couldn't torpedo them! *hugs @WhenTheSunGoesDown* They'll always have that.

    I want to go clubbing with @Sprockrooster now.
  8. Seeing "Hello Kill Me" gifs used to misguidedly help torpedo an argument.

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  9. (hi)



    by: @NuhdeensPassport

    Average: 5.695

    High Score: 10 x 1, @sexercise
    Low Score: 0 x 5, @Animalia @constantino, @NecessaryVoodoo,@One Stop Candy Shop @send photo
    ohnostalgia: 1

    I'm writing this on an empty stomach and a foggy drive, so apologies for any lapses in coherency. I suppose I should clarify that I'm not driving... that seems important. Anyways, I've been thinking, and by thinking I really mean procrastinating, about art and mental health and Demi Lovato and Skyscraper. Mostly because I noticed a thread in some of your commentaries- the obligatory shout out to the message of Skyscraper. I almost picked up an uncomfortableness from some to drag the song because of Demi's much publicized mental illness, addiction, and other struggles. Which, I am not judging positively or negatively, I am simply noting. Would it make some of you feel better to know that Demi had nothing to do with writing Skyscraper?

    ""Skyscraper" was written by Toby Gad, Lindy Robbins and Estonian singer Kerli Kõiv and produced by Gad. Kõiv said they wrote the song while drawing inspiration from a picture of the apocalypse.In an interview with Seventeen, Kõiv elaborated on the picture, stating, "The world was in ruins and in the middle of all the collapsed buildings was one skyscraper still standing tall. It was slightly raining and the first rays of sun were starting to shine through thick clouds of smoke. I was actually feeling amazing when I wrote it. It came from a really empowered place." Kõiv revealed that the song is also personal to her, stating, "I come from a very small place in Eastern Europe so my whole life has kind of been one big fight to live my dream against all odds. But I think it's hard to be a human in general — we all have our own struggles and things to overcome.""

    Thanks Wikipedia! So there you go, the song came from some cliche picture of the apocalypse, not Demi's personal diaries. Therefore, it's okay to hate it. Except... I probably should've cut the Eastern European part cause that seems slightly guilt inducing. Fuck. Well, never mind. The song itself isn't that bad, it's actually Demi's vocals that depress the fuck out of me. This seems to be intentional. When she recorded Skyscraper, Demi's voice was damaged from purging. She decided to keep the original take instead of using a rerecord because it was more emotional and "conveyed a message." I'll leave it up to you to decide what message you received. And if that message is "where's the mute button?" you wouldn't be alone. Cause one thing I learned reading back what I wrote during a bad anxiety day- sometimes the art you make to cope with your mental health resonates with nobody, not even yourself.



    Let's open with some good old fashioned grovelling! @Slice of Life (9) "I... ugh, actually like this mess. Shoot me, @ohnostalgia! I deserve it. But really, I think this is cute. Not Demi's best but I can't help but like this. Plus this is an amazing song to sing in the karaoke so there's that. Kekeke." Not sure what is cute about a post apocalyptic depressive Eastern European freedom song, but OKAY!!! Go join your #controversial #truthteller @sexercise (10) at Lovatics Karaoke: "Incredibly effective ballad that deserved to win her rate despite this forum’s insistence that it shouldn’t have." Congrats on constructing commentary to match the emotional maturity of your faves new song #sorrynotsorry! @GimmeWork (8): "Not my favorite Demi ballad, but still very solid. I prefer later, live versions of this song because it sounds even better now that her voice has matured and gotten stronger.” Okay, are we done with the positivity yet??? REALLY. @evilsin (9): "The song that made me notice Demi, it's just really really beautiful and she sings it as beautifully." Question: if you could go back and unnotice Demi, would you? Discuss. Hello, @Animalia? Would you like to share with the class? @kalonite (7.5): "I hate how much I enjoy this. Also, @Animalia hates how much I enjoy this." We are here for you in your time of need.


    Okay, let's move on to what you're really here for: HATE!!!!!!!!!!!

    @DJHazey (3) "I can't believe I'm going to be one of the people helping to take down Demi in a rate, but this will always be a struggle to listen to. I still cannot understand how the hell it beat Heart Attack, Cool For The Summer, or Give Your Heart A Break. That "don't be an idiot" rule applies to whoever made this happen. I literally felt like everyone in the rate was expressing hate towards me by having it win because I was one of the few people stanning for every result throughout. Watching the finale go down this way was like a slap in the face. Take her out swiftly because there won't be any tears shed by me."


    Let's try this again. @constantino (0): "Tragic. Give Your Heart A Break is a legitimately great song and yet THIS soppy, cliche, insincere pile of shite somehow emerged victorious? Demi can’t catch a break, can she? I can’t be too bitter because there is no way in hell I would’ve participated in that rate anyway." *nervous laughter* Speaking of Give Your Heart A Break... @Posh Spears (4): "Well I hope WarmBlood11 scoring the vastly superior ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ a 1 was worth it for this slop to win. The “go, run run RUN” bit is really painful isn't it? She sounds like she's being choked. Jealous actually." I feel like I should be putting on my mom hat here, but nah. Bring on the death wishes! @NecessaryVoodoo (0) awakes from his restless slumber to slur: "Look I'm probably never going to be a big Demi fan but ddddd legit bop Cool For The Summer didn't win but this overwrought but somehow still limp, ballad did? Honestly, it's just exhausting to listen to her grind out those vocals." I TRIED TO STOP THEM. And look what thanks I get from @iheartpoptarts (6): "The Disney pop contingent has failed me. Though I guess you have to like this kind of stuff to rate the entire Demi discography…" @digitalkaiser (2): "Thanks, but painful.”

    Time to talk with a Demi voter, @Remorque (6.5): "I don’t even think I gave it a 10 in the Demi rate, let alone here… The oversinging, the ‘acting’,… And it never seems to really get going properly, doesn’t it?" Okay, you're safe. I cannot say the same for our next voter... @GhettoPrincess (8): "I originally gave this a 10 but I’ve come to realise that while the song itself is a ten, Demi’s vocals actually ruin it a bit. Also Demi is just so annoying so there’s that too.” You couldn't have had this realization LAST YEAR and saved us all some trouble? @ufint (8) tries to trick us with less complimentary commentary but gives the exact same score: "I appreciate the message the song tries to convey and Demi’s raw vocals are heartwrenching. However, the song itself isn’t that strong and since I wasn’t a fan of Demetria at the time and I don’t have any emotional attachment to this song I can’t fully get in to this." Just say you're a fan. Be more like @Mina (7): "I actually like this song, though it falters in Demi's vocal delivery style."

    @Sprockrooster (7) spouts lies and curses!!!: "Not Demi Lovato getting herself into two Winner Rates. And both of the times with a questionable winner, but 11-giver to Heart Attack in the first winners rate @ohnostalgia might disagrees [editors note: NO!!!]. Demi Lovato is one of the 11 artists who was featured in the first winners rate and now. She is put in a list (of artists featured in both winners rates) with nothing but legends: Kylie, Shania, Beyoncé, JLo, Gaga, Katy, Rihanna, Kanye, Nelly Furtado and Madonna. Now watch her nestle her way into her third winners rate too.” Thankfully we have @A&E (2) to brighten the gloom: "The only thing Demi's scraping here is the bottom of the barrel." Also my child @LA Hallucinations (5) came to visit! "She literally has like 3 good songs and this is not one of them." I knew I raised you right. @One Stop Candy Shop (0): "I honestly can't find anything I like about this song.” I appreciate your literal nature. @Reboot (6) wants you to know she TRIED: "I love me a good ballad, but her voice isn’t doing it for me on this song.” Apparently that's only worth a one point deduction from @berserkboi (9): "Really nice until the grating vocals at the end)." Stern!

    @KingBruno (5.5) counterbalances: "This is a bit overdone. It's just too much.” Gimme that understatement that I love! Time for some unique @eccentricsimply (6) shade: "I enjoyed this a lot more when I could ignore how hard she tries and how hard she fails." @Squashua (5.5) is Fair and Balanced: "I'm torn by wanting to score high to show appreciation to DemLo overcoming her very real struggles so openly and to score down because taken out of that context (especially when anyone else tries to sing it) it's an overwrought shrug that isn't subtle in the slightest. Meh, i'll pan it." Is @sfmartin (6) a trained vocalist? "For some reason I've only heard cover versions of this and other Demi songs, I have to say I was expecting so much more considering what her voice is capable of and subsequent output. It really does sound like a vocal chord scrape in parts. Not pleasant." You were the only one to correctly identify the vocal damage! I'll get @send photo to make you a prize.

    Speaking of....

    "Considering the poor hosting and backlash I’ve read about this winning I’m glad to have a song I can justifiably tank."

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  10. I think any club in the Dutch speaking part (Flanderes) of Belgium will do!
    Ah oops. If I would have thought longer I would have come up with myself.

    *Note to self: use Gangnam Style next time.
  11. A&E


  12. Wow, gifs of my WITNESS livestream of my Monday back at work are already making the rounds?
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  13. RIP, K3. This forum full of bitter monsters doesn't deserve your floppy bops.
    I love you too!
    Queen of discovering Belgian pop acts in Winner's rates!
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  14. Should've voted for a bop, guys!
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  15. FINALLY! This should have been out before good ol' K3.
  16. I would, yeah.
  17. The fact that Skyscraper won over Cool For The Summer sickens me.

    Was Cool For The Summer in the rate?
  18. Honestly, this would have made it at least to the top 70.
  19. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Skyscraper is great fyi.


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  20. Try again, fat!