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The Winners Rate: AND THE WINNER IS.... Me, Because I'm Done

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by ohnostalgia, May 29, 2017.

  1. Yas! Can't Control The Kids is my trashy fave of hers.

    Also: Why do K3 look like they were being forced to film the 10,000 Luchtballonnen video at gunpoint?
  2. A&E



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  3. Drag me and my nonsense commentary but I was hoping for the first Taylor gif response of the rate. But I understand because of the whole write-up in the car deal.


    @GimmeWork is definitely right about the not the best Demi-ballad. Not by a long shot. Consider the following:

    "Don't Forget" -- She even does a little bit of the whispering that her Disney-sister that only passively responds to her on Twitter Selena is slaying with today and this was years before the Whisper Chanteuse got her name.

    (I usually argue against people over doing the Whisper Chanteuse joke, but forgive me for implementing it here)

    "World of Chances"

    "Shouldn't Come Back"

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  4. Also, Gangnam Style is a bop.

    Because I'd always prefer bops I can sing along to.
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  5. I sing complete gibberish but I get to the end goal all the same.
  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

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  7. In before


  8. Here's a romanisation so you can learn the pronounciation. Get to singing, sis.

  9. I still love Skyscraper (though less than I did back in 2011), sorry bout it. Sometimes a clichéd motivational ballad is exactly what you need, and it's easily one of the least offensive things Demi has put out.

  10. Personally I can't wait for someone's ill-advised K-pop commentary to send this Winners Rate spiralling into a vortex of racist accusations. It's tradition innit?
  11. Me & my K-hunties ready to accuse everyone of racism if they don't like K-Pop.

  12. Every day I tell myself it's the last something from the Internet leaves me shook but here we are.
  13. Me, a special operative, taking care of things on my own

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  14. Someone will be accused of being xenophobic, which will somehow lead to someone saying "just go to the Xenomania rate where you belong", tears will be shed, makeups will be done. What's a winner's rate without it really?


    Also, I can't imagine what @BEST FICTION would be like if Christina had managed to be in this rate. I think we all should be thankful because any score lower than an 11 would probably be dragged to hell. Unless @send photo held a secret Bionic rate he hasn't told us about yet and "Not Myself Tonight" rightfully won.
  15. Well if Xtina released her non-existent new album I may have held the Discography rate I was asked to... But alas...

  16. Poor Nelly. We should make it up to her by buying her latest album The Ride on iTunes.
  17. I wonder what you'd do if you found out that she had like two albums during all this time and both had been scrapped. Like what lengths would you go to in order to get your hands on those unreleased tracks?

    I also wonder what song you would want winning that rate. Like, what is the Christina Aguilera stan's #1.
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  18. Unfortunately Xtina has a home studio, so leaks are literally impossible, which is why the only song that's ever leaked of hers in the past... 25 years was for Burlesque, cause it wasn't in her studio.

    And I'd want Dirrty to win.
  19. Ok but the title of best 2NE1 solo song in my eyes ever still belongs to Kiss.

    This performance solidifies it's status as the best even further.

  20. Okay but now why I am getting images of you with binoculars scouting out her mansion and then sorting through the trash, just in case something is there?

    Also, I didn't expect that song pick. Not Myself Tonight or Genie would probably grab my 11.
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