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The Wonder Girls Discography Rate (#21-#20)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Our last song for today is.......

    26. Remember
    Average Score: 7.500
    Highest Score: 10x3 (@Mikl C, @send photo, @eyeline)
    Lowest Score: 3 @karmarisma)
    You know the competition is getting TOUGH when we start losing album tracks from Reboot.

    Serving as the final ballad that closes out Reboot, it's not shocking given the way ballads have faired so far that this would be one of the first to leave its parent album. Written and co-produced by Yenny, the girls all sound pretty fantastic and harmonize beautifully. Even Yubin opens up the song with a surprisingly controlled and strong vocal.

    The track is someone singing to a friend or love, asking them to not forget a specific moment in time, and to think of that moment when hearing this song, no matter what time changes. The context of the song becomes far more emotional when realizing it flows into an audio clip of the girls talking with Sohee & Sunye while eating. The track was also used for their "Thank You For Being Wonderful" video dedicated to WonderFuls at the time of their disbandment.

    @Slice of Life: "This is so cheesy but I love it dearly, sometimes more than the other ballads. This reminds me of my graduation song when I was in elementary and it always bring me to the verge of tears ddddddddddddd. This also works perfectly as disbandment song for WG."

    @LightningRider praises Yenny: "This is the Wind Beneath My Wings rip-off their songwriters have been trying to write for years, and Yenny managed to succeed where they failed. What a woman."

    @eccentricsimply adds: "I will never get over the necessity for every Korean group/artist to finish their artist with a ballad. At least this one is one of the decent ones," while @karmarisma remains a bit... blunt dddd: "A very unmemorable slow song."

    @SloMover: "Whitney Houston is threatened."

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  3. Gashina winning over 24 Hours is a CHOICE
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  5. I didn't know we were rating videos. Well, fuck, lemme redo my fucking list.

    Pleh. Such mean-ass shit. Didn't expect that. Whatevah.

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  6. Oh lord. It's a Kpop rate, chill.
    I'm sure another one of your 10 is gonna win the whole thing anyway since you gave that score to 3/4 of the songs.
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  7. Well, now I'm really crushed.
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  8. Look...someone with taste.

    @LightningRider This forum only accepts fun if it's on the Reboot album...
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  9. He


    I think they are different beasts though.
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  10. Not with the slander OPPA and Back got!
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  11. The fact that y'all are already this messy over Like This of anything....

    *looks at the upcoming eliminations*
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  12. Because I forgot to do this before....

    Another category falls:

    Avg: 5.970 // The Wonder Begins (2007)
    28. 7.382352941 - Irony
    43. 5.823529412 - Bad Boy
    55. 4.705882353 - A Sorry Heart​
  13. I sun gan is soooo beaut. I urge the non 10s to listen again. And get fucking taste.
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  14. It seems like.....

    more than a few of you....

    had issues with fun....

    25. Nu Shoes
    Average Score: 7.764

    Highest Score: 10x3 (Sanctuary, @Remorque, @Slice of Life)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Cotton Park)​

    Their first track ever only released in English, Nu Shoes is a track from the Wonder World album.

    Produced by Alexander Kronlund, Lukas Hilbert and Rainstone, the team who was handling their American debut project, the track serves camp and early 2010s electronic vibes. It was speculated the track would also land on the mythical English-debut album and was a taste of what was to come.

    It does feel odd that they had this, or even the English-version of Be My Baby, but chose to push The DJ Is Mine mere months later in partnership with their TeenNick movie.

    The lyrics can be a tad... questionable, but many of you found the song too joyful to hate.

    @Slice of Life starts off: "'Sometimes I really wish I had four feet. So I could dance with myself to the drumbeat' ICONIQUE DDDDDDD. Lim sounds so good here. This should've been their English debut single."

    @LightningRider says: "Who allowed a “TREAT. YO. SELF.” anthem to bop this much."

    @karmarisma is actually here for this bop: "I've never seen a song capture the feeling of wearing new shoes quite as well as this one did. Relatable queens :')" while @eyeline adds: "Such a dumb song but damn does it go off!!"

    @SloMover: "For a third time, this wreaks of the time it was released - there's RedOne influence all over this one."

    @eccentricsimply: "The melody in this isn't bad, but I'd probably enjoy this song a lot more if I didn't understand what they are saying dddd"

    Okay but the "Sometimes I really wish I had four feet. So I could dance with myself to the drumbeat" line really is iconic, I love it.

  15. See, THIS is fun and THIS shouldn’t be out already.
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  17. Our last song we lose tonight is....

    After all these years.....

    24. 2 Different Tears
    Average Score: 7.852
    Highest Score: 10x2 (@Remorque, @eyeline)
    Lowest Score: 2 (@Cotton Park)
    After spending over a year pushing their iconic hit "Nobody" around the world, JYPE finally decided it was time for Wonder Girls to have another comeback in Korea. There was just one problem....

    They lost a member, with Sunmi citing a desire to pursue her education and homesickness to return to Korea. Inadvertently, Sunmi leaving the group would not only affect Wonder Girls, but another project JYPE was currently putting together: Miss A.

    Hyerim aka Lim was one of five in a group unofficially named SISTERS meant to be “the Wonder Girls of China”. The girls even promoted throughout China before their debut.

    Jia, Fei, Sarah, Efay, and Lim - SISTERS aka Wonder Girls China​

    The story goes that Sarah & Efay apparently ended up leaving SISTERS before they could debut. This left the group as a trio: Jia, Fei and Lim, set and ready to debut.

    Problem? Following Sunmi’s departure from WG, JYP moved Lim over to be a member of WG, possibly due to the success of Nobody in China and Lim being Korean yet also known in China as pat of SISTERS, making her a link between the two cultures (Lim would also be an asset, being fully fluent in Mandarin, Korean and English).

    This would leave Miss A as a duo, causing JYP to find and bring in Suzy (and eventually Min) to form Miss A, creating a link between Miss A and Wonder Girls as sister groups.


    With their new member after losing Sunmi, the girls set forth for their next comeback: 2 Different Tears. The song would be recorded in English, Korean and Mandarin. Fans at the time said the promotion period for the comeback in Korea was oddly short for a group as huge as WG, and it was likely their global ambitions pulling the girls away from Korea.

    @SloMover: "I was holidaying in Asia when this was released and remember both the English and Korean version being absolutely everywhere. It's an acceptable song but definitely one of their weakest titles. Why they thought this was good enough to be their big launch song is beyond me."

    @eccentricsimply: "I live for the 40 different versions of this. It's by far not their best title, but it's not bad either. I like how this and Roly Poly in Copacabana have pretty much the same mood."

    No, really - they did so many versions:

    @karmarisma: "I listened to this for the first time for this rate, and WHAT A JAM? (RELATABLE QUEENS) But I tell you, that remix version is a 10."

    @lalaclairi_: "Messy".

    @Remorque: "God, I fucking love this! This is the synth-bawp I was waiting on from I Wanna on... It was a great way to introduce Hyerim and the only qualm I have with this is how off SoHee's vocals sound..."

    @Slice of Life: "I used to hate this with such intensity. Now I learned to tolerate it. It's not bad. It just sounds like an average T-ara b-side. I don't think they were going for that angle when they released this."

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  18. Wait. What? "Like This" was eliminated? Shut the front door!

    (My evil twin is gonna be pissed...)
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  19. 2 Different Tears deserved to be eliminated decades ago BUT NOT NU SHOES NO NOT MY PRECIOUS NU SHOES.
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  20. Wow, my taste is really different to all of yours...

    Also Slice unnie, I can't help it but...