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The Wonder Girls Discography Rate (#21-#20)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. The fake-out intro to Back is iconic. Just when you think they're about to lose track of the retro concept... bam! Taking it back to the old school.
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  2. He


    Back before Oppa?! No.

    Both ruin the album's flow, and make the 80s theme a parody instead of an inspiration.
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  4. The song to just miss out on the Top 30 is.....

    31. R.E.A.L.
    Average Score: 7.088
    Highest Score: 10 (@Remorque), 9.5 (@SloMover)
    Lowest Score: 4.5 (@junglefish), 2 (@eccentricsimply)​

    As the opening track from Wonder Party, Yenny wrote the song with Fredro, who was working with the girls on their English-language debut. She would also work with Collapsedone on the track, who would go on to be her main collaborator for her solo debut Me?.

    She said... this abut the track:
    A lot of people might not get the lyrics of R.E.A.L, Our starting point was the was the question, "How come guys don't like good girls?" And then we asked, "How come people eat fast food even when they know it's bad for them?" So we put those together and came up with,"There's got to be food that's good to the palate that's good to your body. In the same line of thought, there's got be girls who are good but not boring."

    Ironically, the same issues I have with REAL are ones I also have with songs like Act Cool and Back. If I had to describe a 'type' of sound in K-Pop, somehow these songs all describe that kind of experimental rap that lots of acts like to dabble in once in awhile.

    I'm apparently not the only one with reservations about the song:

    To start off with @eccentricsimply: "Why is this a thing, jesus. After Wonder World, the level of regression hurts. This song sounds like something is missing beginning to end."

    @karmarisma: "It's no 'Act Cool' but Wonder Girls' fierce rap line strikes again."

    Some of y'all loved it though.

    @SloMover: "I fucking LOVE R.E.A.L. I don't think it's aged very well but I love Sohee's delivery of her spoken lines, she sounds so cool."

    Due to its odd and unique structure, many of you found yourself loving specific parts of the track. @lalaclairi_ says: "The middle 8 is one of my favorite moments on Wonder Party." @Cotton Park adds: "I love the loose, almost lazy flow and Korean of the verses more than the chorus."

    And @Slice of Life remains wigless: "This is so cool and I get my basic life every time this comes on shuffle. Shame that they didn't really explore urban music more. That middle 8... Lawd, wig, etc."

  5. THE TOP 30:
    The Wonder Begins (2007):

    The Wonder Years (2007):
    Tell Me

    So Hot (2008):
    So Hot

    The Wonder Years: Trilogy (2008):

    2 Different Tears (2010):
    2 Different Tears

    Wonder World (2011):
    Be My Baby
    Me, In
    Sweet Dreams
    Dear Boy
    Nu Shoes

    Wonder Party (2012):
    Like This

    Reboot (2015):
    Baby Don't Play
    Candle (feat Paloalto)
    I Feel You
    John Doe
    One Black Night
    Faded Love

    Why So Lonely (2016):
    Why So Lonely
    To The Beautiful You
    Sweet & Easy

    Draw Me

    And yes, Reboot makes up a little more than 1/3 of the Top 30.
    Iconic. And ddd at many albums holding on due to their singles.​
  6. Oppa is iconic and one of my favorites from Reboot to where I've played it almost 400 times dddd oops.
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  7. He


    I never gave it the chance, it's just too silly for the album. Literally everything before those two is a 10.
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  8. Oppa is love. Oppa is life. Oppa is Lim's greatest contribution to history. She did thaT.
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  9. Exactly.

    It's still awful
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  10. Wonder Girls' albums wouldn't be the same without a silly Lim song breaking up the flow of amazing songs!

    I'm surprised at the cull of early Wonder Girls. I didn't think the early stuff was that bad.
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  11. Co-sign.
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  12. Oppa is a solid 7... nothing more.
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  13. Will not stand for Rising Flower HyeLim shade.
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  14. Dddddd I'm sorry for being busy today, hunties.
    Let's eliminate one tonight and then I'll do two tomorrow morning and start the solo songs

    Tonight, we say goodbye to.....

    30. Draw Me
    Average Score: 7.235
    Highest Score: 10 (@send photo, @lalaclairi_, @Slice of Life), 9.5 (@eccentricsimply)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@karmarisma), 2 (Sanctuary)​

    As their final release, Draw Me serves as the goodbye single released upon the announcement of Wonder Girls' disbandment. The disbandment still feels confusing, considering the girls were at a creative height and their last comeback had done both commercially and critically well.

    But maybe we'll just have to live with the reality it was for the best if it's what the girls decided on.

    In a time where most senior girl groups are dropping like flies, Draw Me isn't too offensive in its beige-ness, but it does feel to these ears like it's lacking a little. Its biggest crime is just feeling like a non-event; I mean, even the Goodbye Wonderfuls clip video uses a ballad off of Reboot, not their goodbye single. At least 2NE1's basic goodbye song got a proper-ish video ddd.

    Still, it's a very pretty song and inline with the music they were making during the Why So Lonely era. The arguably huge emotional relevance and impact of the song works though, and clearly has a wonderful impact of some of you. This is what y'all had to say:

    @karmarisma: "I like to pretend this doesn't exist so I can say that Wonder Girls disbanded with a firecracker like 'Why So Lonely'. Smh at this ruining the girls' perfect 2015-2016 run."

    @lalaclairi_: "With almost every 2nd generation girl group being either finished or essentially disbanded, this song becomes even more poignant."

    @Slice of Life: "One of my top songs of the year. It's so sad that y'all won't listen to this just because it's a ballad. This is so emotional without employing the pathetic approach to ignite emotions. I just know I would play this song till the day I die. That's how much this song means to me."

    @eccentricsimply: "Ah, this song is so bittersweet. At the same time it's a genuinely great song, it's just so sad that the group had to end after offering such great music two years in a row. I understand and respect that it was their decision, but it's still upsetting."

    @Cotton Park: "Yenny. Again. So expressive, honest, subtle, and dynamic."

    @SloMover: "It was a bit obvious that any Kpop group would go out on a ballad, but this one is really lovely. I love how it keeps the Why So Lonely-era influence."

  15. That means our first category to fall is:

    Avg: 6.105 // Miscellaneous (2007-2016)
    (ddd I think Sunye's wedding is the only photos of all 6 together?)
    30. 7.235294118 - Draw Me
    35. 6.647058824 - Wonder Love
    36. 6.558823529 - Like Money
    52. 5.058823529 - K-Food Party
    53. 5.029411765 - Joyo Joyo​
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  16. I can't believe I trusted you two. Wtf.

    You don't deserve Braces Oppa.
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  17. It's called the bitter end for a reason dddddd cause my ass is still bitter.
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  18. Someone loses their 11 today.....

    And we lose a key single......

    What misses the cut to be in the top half?......

    29. SuperB
    Average Score: 7.352
    Highest Score: 11 (@send photo), 10 (@JuanJose)
    Lowest Score: 5 (@eyeline, @Cotton Park)​

    Dddd this so trashy and sounds like a Euro-pop song from the 2000s, but I see why people like it and bop a bit to it myself. Yubin is coming for that Lead Vocal spot, even though this combo on first sight isn't the most vocally able to be paired up.

    This is the last of the duets from Wonder World to leave us and the first 11 out.

    @send photo, who bestowed the 11 onto this, starts us off: "Jesus I still get my absolute life to this. I love the dark, sensual undertones of it. Also still gets regular play from me."

    @SloMover bops to the Eurovision entry teas: "Again, this one wreaks of the time it was released - the Mr Saxobeat influence is all over this but like G.N.O., I still bump to this. Yubin's rap against the electro grinding sound is FIRE"

    Sneaking in both some shade and a compliment, @karmarisma adds: "Considering they had to work with Sohee's struggling vocals and Yubin's deep voice, they really played to both of their strengths with this banger."

    @Slice of Life: "Cute but I always found this overrated."

    And we finish off with @eccentricsimply: "I have a weird feeling about this song. In one hand I don't understand how it fits into the album at all, but at the same time I'm pleased that it's genuinely different from everything else."


    28. Irony
    Average Score: 7.382
    Highest Score: 10 (@JuanJose, @Remorque, @karmarisma)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@send photo)​

    The story of Wonder Girls actually begins in 2002 with a music program talent show, where a 13-year-old girl named Sunye would be scouted by JYP for his company. He got the idea to assemble his first girl group and use Sunye as the main vocal for it.

    He began to scout more trainees, finding one-by-one more girls to compliment Sunye as group members. By 2006, he had found 3 other girls and took to MTV to document the process. MTV's Wonder Girls first season followed JYP in his search for the last girl to complete his Wonder Girls - Yenny, who was on her fourth time auditioning for JYPE - and their eventual prep for promotions and debut.

    In early February 2007, the girls completed the release of their first single, their first music show performance, and their first showcase, which aired live on MTV - this single was called "Irony".

    "Irony" remains a bit of a hidden k-pop classic and would catapult the girls as a young group.

    Some y'all had issues with the song sound of its time. @lalaclairi_ says "a bit dated", while @Alouder98 argues: "This song is criminally underrated. I understand that people might find it dated but then what K-Pop song from 2007 is not dated??"

    @eccentricsimply adds: "It's so weird watching a Wonder Girls MV that has Hyuna in it. In retrospect this is not a bad debut song. Nothing impressive, but nothing offensive either, and it was pretty appropriate for the music back then, I guess."

    There's apparently some Produce 101 cover of this that's iconic as multiple of you make reference to it.

    @karmarisma: "I will always think that Queen Sejeong's version is the best rendition of this song. But I did not want to be stuck listening to a scratchy Youtube mp3 rip of the song, with 4 repetitions of Queen Sohye's lyrics mistake, so I searched up the real song. I was pleasantly surprised. What a SOLID debut song and the irony is that it's the last song on this horrendous album. Take my unironic 10."

    @SloMover: "I can't listen to this anymore without thinking of Produce 101 and Sohye screwing up the lyrics. It's cute but this was dated on release. Extra points for Hyuna not rapping in her now trademark voice."

    Meanwhile, it seems, as far as WG singles go, Irony's biggest crime is being inoffensive.

    @send photo: "fuck lol I forgot how budget they were"

    @Remorque: "It kinda took me five listens of this song and three performances from yesteryear to get me into this '98 Destiny's Child-ish mess, but I'm living for it ever since..."

    @Slice of Life: "For a debut single, this just lacks the energy to be amazing. Bore me a bitsy, unnies."

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  20. He


    Well, Sejeong and Sohye kind of made me a Wonder Girls stan.

    Sejeong killing Irony and Sohye showing me the goddess Sunmi is.

    Good job P101.
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