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The Wonder Girls Discography Rate (FINAL RESULTS)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Sep 24, 2017.



    As we hit the half-way mark, with only 27 songs left to go, we'll be taking a small break to run-down how you all ranked the 4 solo songs that were part of our rate.

    You'll be ranking songs from Sunmi & Yenny:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For the record: If the solo tracks were included as part of the main rate, all 4 would have made it into the Top 15, so this is some tough competition going into it.

    So let's get started.....

    Our first solo song we lose is.....

    4. Full Moon
    Average Score: 8.676
    Highest Score: 10x6 (@Alouder98, @send photo, @lalaclairi_, @Cotton Park, @JuanJose, @Cotton Park)
    Lowest Score: 5 (Sanctuary)​

    Sunmi's first full project lead starts us off. Full Moon is the second single she released after returning to the scene back in 2013. The video itself is a wintery black swan-like spectacle, with Sunmi even then showing what type of conceptual and visual artist she would grow to become.

    Fans speculated that both of her solo comebacks were to prep the general public for her rejoining WG. She had apparently started interacting with fans again in the official Wonder Girls fancafe in late 2012 and had already stopped going to university classes, with rumors swirling her return to music was imminent.

    Flash forward to 2014 and she serves Full Moon. The tea is that Yubin was meant to be the rapper on the track instead, and not Lena, but Sunmi wasn't allowed to have her on the track yet because JYPE didn't want rumors spreading of her likely re-joining Wonder Girls and anything between the girls had to still be under-wraps.

    Receiving six 10s, this is clearly a fave of y'alls, but unfortunately for this small subset of songs, everything is a fave, and this ends up being our first out.

    @karmarisma: "I was not ready for the jump scare at the start of the MV. This is not okay. But do you guys remember how Brave Bros pumped out hit after hit in 2015? Well this was another one of his timeless hits. Sunmi + a werewolf concepts needs to happen again."

    @lalaclairi_: "Eh, eh, eh, eh."

    @eccentricsimply: "I don't know what's the general opinion about this and 24 Hours, but Full Moon doesn't hit me as hard, even if it's very addicting as well. I gotta say, it's ridiculous how she looks completely different depending on what hairstyle she has at the moment."

    @Cotton Park: "Sunmi is just a whole nuther kinda sexy."

    @SloMover: "I love that Sunmi wanted a bite of the Brave Sound sound and this is probably one of my favourites of this kind of Kpop outside of Sistar's releases. With that being said, Lena's rap sucks and almost ruins the song."

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  2. Didn't expect this one to leave first...
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  3. Full Moon is my favorite Sunmi song dddd.
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  4. My poor SuperB! Can't believe its out so early. Hope you guys won't wrong Stop! too, it's the best album track pre-reboot.
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  5. Our second solo single to leave us is.....

    3. Ain’t Nobody
    Average Score: 8.735

    Highest Score: 10 x 4 (@eyeline, @Remorque, @Slice of Life, @Mikl C)
    Lowest Score: 6 (@Alouder98)​

    Yenny spent her time in Wonder Girls proving to be a strong lyricist with a sense of yearning skilled with melody. She wrote several ballads and tracks for the girls, and expanded her time as a songwriter during Wonder Girls' two-year-break away from public life.

    But she wasn't happy just working behind the scenes. Thus, HA:TFELT was born and Yenny began work on her own music. Though working wth a producer who handled some of Wonder Girls' production, the music of HA:TFELT would be darker, more experimental, and lyrically raw. From this experiment came the mini album Me? and from that the lead single "Ain't Nobody".

    Through this project, Yenny began to experiment and began her time as queen of art, not the charts.

    Many of y'all had positive opinions on the track, but in this mini-rate, positive doesn't cut it.

    @karmarisma: "THE TITLE TRACK OF THE ONE OF THE BEST KPOP ALBUMS RELEASED = HA;TFELT'S 'ME?' I will shamelessly promote this album to compensate for the fact that Korea let such a perfectly constructed masterpiece flop. Yenny channels her inner Sia with this album and song and does it perfectly."

    @lalaclairi_: "There are better songs on the mini album."

    @LightningRider: "This is just art. I adore Yenny so much—she’s got a long illustrious career ahead of her and I can’t wait."

    @eccentricsimply: "Gosh, she's so underrated and I'm gonna include myself in the list of people who haven't given her the attention she deserved, teebs. Although I do enjoy Ain't Nobody a lot, other songs in this mini and her new songs fit her so much better."

    @SloMover: "I absolutely did not expect Yenny's solo release to be this unexpected and good. The verses leads you to expect a standard Kpop ballad affair (which I what I thought was the type of music Yenny would release) but then the beat drops... Wig."

  6. Friendly reminder that the Me? mini album is an astonishing work of art.

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  7. I so fuckin' love her.
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  8. As we take time to countdown solo songs, we'll take a moment to list some Honorable Mentions that weren't included or missed the deadline. Many of the girls have worked on one-off's, original soundtrack songs, and even released their own projects throughout their time in the industry.

    Sunye - "Maybe" (2011)
    From the Dream High OST Part 2, this song served as Sunye's first solo track.

    Yenny - "Smile" (2011)
    "Smile" was the first original song Yenny put out for WonderFuls via WG's Youtube channel

    Yenny - "Hello To Myself" (2012)
    Before she took the name HA:TFELT, Yenny made her OST debut in 2012.

    HA:TFELT - "Thru The Sky" (2017)
    Her first release after announcing her departure from JYPE and the disbandment of WG, Yenny offered up a tropical bop for the Cross Country official soundtrack.

    HA:TFELT - "I Wander" (2017)
    Her latest comeback that missed our deadline to be included, Yenny continues to show herself as one of the most creative writers and visionaries in k-pop, cementing her place as an unconventional voice.

    In her audition for JYPE back in 2006, JYP asked Yenny if she was sure she wanted to be in a girl group, as she seemed passionate about being a soloist. She reassured him she wanted to be in a group, but we're glad that getting to express her unique voice and point of view via solo material was always in the cards for Yenny.


    Who will take the top spot for solo singles?

    Will be it 24 Hours?

    Or will it be Gashina?

    Find out later today hehe xo~
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  10. I have fond memories of Hello To Myself because of Dream High 2.
  11. I lowkey want this thread to kind of act like a "Wonder Girls - A 101 Guide" for anyone to get into them so I've been trying to be expansive in my write-up's and factoids and hope there's at least one thing I can include that every person reading goes "Oh, I never knew that".

    Smile is so cute. I'm glad JYP was letting her do more and more as time went on.
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  12. And the time has come....

    What Sunmi bop will snatch the title of fave solo song?...

    2. 24 Hours
    Average Score: 8.941
    Highest Score: 10x6 (@karmarisma, @send photo, @JuanJose, @Slice of Life, @junglefish, @Mikl C)
    Lowest Score: 7.5 (Sanctuary)​

    As previously mentioned, Sunmi began slowly interacting more and more with WonderFuls again around 2012 through the official Wonder Girls fancafe.

    Something was definitely up and people could sense it. It would still be denied throughout her comeback that there was any intention to have her rejoin Wonder Girls, but the fans had a sense of suspicion and that suspicion would eventually manifest in Sunmi rejoining her original group.

    To get there though, it required Sunmi rejoining the k-pop scene, and with a new sound came a new look:

    The hype for Sunmi was huge as 24 Hours achieved an all-kill upon release. Affectionately known as “Mimi” by Korea since her debut back in 2007, Korea welcomed her back with open arms and Sunmi received exceptional success.

    You all warmly agree with Korea and had this to say:

    @karmarisma: "This is where Sunmi began as one of the top female soloists in Kpop. No one has managed to pull off the odd butt shake and strange choreography and vibe as well as Sunmi does. The song's talk-rap-whisper-singing should've been a trend in Kpop, instead of trashy hiphop and tropical house, because it just works so well in this song."

    @lalaclairi_: "Sunmi becoming a hit solo artist was unexpected but it's so right."

    @LightningRider: "The random tango breakdown f*cks me up every time."

    @eccentricsimply: "That chorus never gets out of your head once you listen to it"

    @Cotton Park: "If Gain and Sunmi ever got together.... (Sound of minds exploding.... whatever that would sound like...)"

    @SloMover: "The song bops but I hate that Sunmi is barefoot in the video and performances..."

  13. Meaning.....

    Fine, in order to forget you…

    I will live like the flowers, that’s who I am….

    Can’t nobody stop me now, no, try me…

    1. Gashina
    Average Score: 9.382
    Highest Score: 10x9 (@send photo, @lalaclairi_, @JuanJose, @Slice of Life, @junglefish, @ThisIsRogue, @Mikl C, @ohnostalgia, @eccentricsimply)
    Lowest Score: 7 (@karmarisma)​

    This came out of nowhere it feels like.

    We knew that Sunmi left JYPE and would be likely releasing more solo music, but to think she would go on to have one of the biggest hits of 2017 didn't feel like something anyone was honestly expecting.

    The song, the video, the choreo - it all feels like a force of nature, complimented by Sunmi's carefree and charismatic personality that pulls people in naturally, comforted by her friendly demeanor.

    The lyrics in English really make the song click and make me want to scream "GASHINA" at a man for leaving me, using the gun-hand motion choreo and all. Sunmi makes me want to be the best me, and the best me is serving the choreo as best as I can.


    Feeling like one of the largest moments in k-pop in ages, let's see how y'all feel about Gashina.

    We start off with @lalaclairi_: "This is such a high energy song, and it allows Sunmi to let loose her weirdness. What more can we ask for?"

    @eccentricsimply reminds us Sunmi is queen of the gays: "SONG OF THE YEAR. I for real enjoy this song so much, even if it's basically using the same trend everybody else seems to have used this year. I love how she gave the gays everything they wanted with that dance practice."

    @SloMover: "One of my favourite songs of 2017. Sure, the tropical-edm sound is done to death but Gashina has an edge to it that sets it apart in my opinion. Sunmi is such a star."

    And @karmarisma remains the ultimate rate villain: "I'm ready to be sent to jail by everyone on this forum for not seeing the hype for this song. It literally sounds like most of the edm/tropical house songs released so far this year? And the processing at the start of the song + Sunmi's vocals are nice but they don't match the hype. That neck bopping and gun choreography is more than enough to pull the points up though. Not to mention Sunmi being gorgeous, and also Sunmi's backdancers being attractive enough to have their own fancams. And also the fact that Lia Kim choreographed this."

  14. He


    24 hours is so perfect, even if I only found out about it not long ago. That look is amazing and I love the “light make up” look.

    Gashina is trendier but it signals control over her career, you can see how confident Sunmi is in her identity as a solo act. It is delicious seeing her perform it. I hope she follows this up with a mini soon enough.
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    And what better way to begin our second half....

    than with a shock elimination?....

    Let's see what leaves us today.....

    27. Like This
    Average Score: 7.382
    Highest Score: 11 (@LightningRider), 10x3 (@karmarisma, @Cotton Park, @Slice of Life)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@eccentricsimply), 1 (@junglefish)​

    "Like This" served as the lead single from the Wonder Party mini-album and was a much needed moment of success for Wonder Girls in their native country, as American promotions and touring throughout Asia meant long periods away from Korea and comebacks became rare, leaving room for many of their rival groups to rise up.

    (At this point, the SNSD vs Wonder Girls rivalry was basically over with SNSD taking the undisputed title in Korea despite their own breaking America attempt having even more awkward results than WG's had so far).

    The flash mob format of the video was the magic to help cement its hit status in Korea. GOT7 members Jinyoung and Jaebum - at the time known as JJ Project - star in the video if you can spot them as part of the flash mob, and I'm sure other JYPE trainees are throughout the video as well. The best part of trainees in Korean companies? Free acting labor.

    It's an odd song. An English version apparently exists, but never saw the light of day, leaving many confused as to why its success in Korea didn't see JYP push it in the US as well.

    I lowkey hate this so much out of all their singles, but I do see some of its appeal and charm. I also see that polarized feeling is shared amongst the rest of y'all. This feels like a song you either love or you hate. It's the first title track / lead single to not be the last track standing from its project & our 2nd lost 11.

    Despite being a rate villain, @karmarisma decides to stan for the viral sensation that is Like This: "I learnt this dance back in 2012 (when I first got in to Kpop) and you'd be surprised at how great it is for some light cardio. The song is poppin' as expected and I wish flashmobs were this dynamic in the West. That leg wiggle dance to shimmy is everything."

    @Slice of Life joins in the flash mob choreo teas: "YATHHHHHHHHHHHHHH BAWP. Did I tell y'all that this is one of the few K-Pop choreography that I can dance perfectly? Yath, I'm coming for that main dancer gig unnies. But in all seriousness, this just doesn't let up. I hate when people call this as one of WG's weaker moments because they are deaf and need to get their ears checked."

    @Cotton Park says: "One of the songs that made me love K-Pop. Very underrated song." and @lalaclairi_ adds: "This is just pure fun."

    Blessing it with an 11, @LightningRider writes: "YG-style siren synths with an old-school hip-hop beat and a rhythm-driven top line—this is my 11 purely because I’m struggling to think of any other song in K-pop that even sounds like this. It’s one-of-a-kind, and it never fails to get me dancing."

    Some of you had some reservations, like @SloMover: "Everything about this track was sort of behind the times, from the song itself to the flashmob video, but I really enjoy Like This, it's so fun." and @Alouder98: "Like This is such a frustrating song. The verses and the pre-chorus are 10/10 but the chorus is one of the worst choruses that I've heard from a Big 3 girl group".

    While this single just left @eccentricsimply confused: "What were they trying to do here????"

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  17. He


    Did any other girl group actually compete with SNSD on sales? They seemed quite untouchable. Maybe 2NE1, but they barely had any releases.

    Twice seems like the only anomaly.
  18. WG vs SNSD were mostly from 2007-2008, I believe.

    WG - Irony, Tell Me, So Hot, Nobody
    SNSD - Into The New World, Kissing You, Baby Baby, Gee

    It was exacerbated from Gee & Nobody being released only a few months between each other and both being huge (I think Gee edged out Nobody in the end in digital sales in Korea, but both have sold bucketloads and Nobody had things like being the best selling foreign song in China).

    JYPE reacted to Nobody's success by pushing WG worldwide.
    SM reacted to Gee's success by pushing out as many SNSD comebacks as they could.

    Comebacks 2009-2012:
    WG: 2 Different Tears, Be My Baby, Like This
    SNSD: Genie, Oh!, Run Devil Run, Hoot, The Boys, Dancing Queen

    What hurt WG was essentially their awful management. Be My Baby was huge in Korea, selling over 4M copies (selling more than The Boys did). Any other company would have followed up quickly to such a huge hit, but it took JYPE over 8 months to follow it up with Like This.

    There were easily points in time where WG's power was more than SNSD's (pre-Gee) and times where the were on equal footing, even post-Gee, but to their credit, SNSD essentially hit Korea with hit after hit after hit after hit, while WG were busy trying to find a way into the American market.
  19. SCREAM.

    I did NOT expect this! When I scored Like This, I scored the whole thing and not just the song, which is a 3 at best. I don't care if it was a hit, JYP should be ashamed that he made the Wonder Girls come back with that pile of crap, it's like he was already trying to sabotage their career so he could get rid of them. The worse thing about this comeback is the video, really. It looks disgusting : the colors are drab, the girls look like they picked their clothes at some night market, the choreo is dumb. I absolutely HATE it.
    In short : the song is shit, the video is shit, the dance is shit. Like This is shit.

  20. Dddddd why did I know that song would be polarizing.

    Fun fact - Out of the 26 songs left, every single one has received a 10 and 25 of them have received multiple 10's, so I'm ready for things to get... messy. Another elimination coming ~soon.