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The Workplace & Job Hunting

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DoggySwami, Jun 17, 2014.

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    Sorry you're going through this @Solenciennes and @Gasur, in my previous job I had difficulties with my manager and once they get into you they don't let up. I've managed to move on and being in a nicer environment you just cannot take it for granted. Good luck to both of you xx
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  2. My past experience with managers hasn't been too bad, but at my first job I accepted the position on the condition that I could work flexi-time as I was still recovering from a long-term illness, and any time I tried to take advantage of that ie. arranging to come in late the next day if I had a particularly challenging time the day before so I could adequately rest, or arranging to leave early and make up the time because I felt unwell by the days end, I was shut down which really upset me. I ended up just struggling through a lot of days, making myself sick and needing a lot more time off sick than I would have if the agreement was respected. Once I was healthier I really enjoyed the job and my relationship with my manager improved.

    I work remotely in my current job and it's a very solitary way of working, but I think it's becoming a normal way to work. I have little interaction with my manager beyond scheduled appraisals or just general catch-ups to share feedback whenever something crops up.
  3. Been offered a job girls
    In Malmö
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