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The works of Agatha Christie

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by shadedeflector, Jun 1, 2017.

  1. I'm very excited about this. They seem to have nailed the atmosphere.
  2. I didn't know they were doing this! Looks great. Shame I know the story inside and out.
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  3. I'm SO looking forward to this. The 1974 version is a "comfort" movie I watch whenever I'm sick, and this looks pretty good and I trust Branagh with the material. I've read comments that Poirot looks to messy for such a vain character, and I KINDA agree, but I'll wait for more material to come out before I make a judgement. I highly doubt it would stop me from enjoying the movie anyway.
  4. All of those 70s & 80s movies are AMAZING.

    I've watched Evil Under The Sun so many times and I never tire of it.
  5. I can't wait to see this in the cinema. I'm a superfan of Agatha Christie and even though this isn't my favourite Poirot novel, it's an iconic classic regardless. And Kenneth may be better as Poirot than I initially expected.
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  6. I honestly know nothing about this other than being familiar with the title and who Agathe Christie is, but the trailer has me intrigued (aside from the dreadful song tacked on at the end).
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  7. I'm so here for Michelle Pfeiffer, Judi Dench and Daisy Ridley.
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  8. It's the most amazing, intricate, gripping, unexpected story ever. I challenge anyone to not love it.
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  9. Someboy

    Someboy Moderator

    The fact that we get not one, BUT TWO movies with Michelle Pfeiffer this fall is a gift from the Cinema Gods.
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  10. I am super perched for this. I hope if this is a box office smash, and Hollywood will bring back more whodunit films, e.g. Identity, The Usual Suspects, because I've always had a thirst for that genre - there are really not enough films like that going around.
  11. Well we all know that Dame Judi is going to s.l.a.y. this despite the staller castlist don't we!

    Looks great!
  12. Seeing Judi Dench as a princess with Olivia Colman as her carer is a dream come true (even better than Wendy Hiller and Rachel Roberts)

    Can this film just be about them please (with a Michelle Pfeiffer cameo)?
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  13. Ugh. What's with that douche-bro'y Imagine Dragons song in the trailer? Still, looking forward to it.
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  14. Maybe three if Where is Kyra? ever finds a distributor. That film is supposed to be raw and emotional as f-ck!
  15. Hmm, the trailer makes it looks as if it's a super mystery to make you shake in your boots but I wonder how they will do this. I have never watched any of these movies, just taped them for later viewing. I'd proably watch the original only for Lauren Bacall and Ingrid Bergman, and Death On The Nile for Bette Davis.

    Michelle is a goddess so that's my cue here. But is there a trailer to be seen for Where Is Kyra? There is not even a plot synopsis longer than a sentence on wiki or imdb?
    I loved her The Deep End Of The Ocean!
  16. Uno


    Ooh, this looks fun. I've never heard of this before - is it basically Clue but less humor and more mystery?

    Playing at the Edinburgh International Film Festival:
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  18. Fab. Any chance it comes to DVD or BR before it gets a distributor, or you meant a distributor for home video?
  19. Well, yes, but I'd not underestimate how much humor there is. While it's not a comedy, Poirot is a super narcissistic prick, and the movies usually use that characteristic to get some laughs.
    Some of the older movies with Peter Ustinov are also VERY camp, if that floats your boat.

    (I also have to say, I'm kinda surprised that you have heard of/watched Clue but don't know Murder on the Orient Express, which is one of THE classic murder mysteries. That's not a knock, it's just that usually people get interested in Clue because they've seen too many of those.)