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The X Factor (2017)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Shockbox, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. Totally, a lot of the contestants just think the louder they scream the better they'll do. Nicole for example was great tonight, but the raspiness of her voice when she gets louder is really grating after a while, she needs to reign it in and save it to make an impact where needed but she hasn't learned to do that yet. I would have said no too.
  2. Thought it was actually... enjoyable. And I didn’t think Sharon was miles off. Yes at savaging the Irish daughter. Yes at weeding out adoption sob-stories.

    The hilarity of Alisah being eliminated for a second time but still staying in the competition was a highlight (and, I mean, totally deserved given her performance).

    I was surprised at how good Holly was. She’s immensely talented but I’m wondering if The X Factor is right for her - Louisa’s career is not something worth coveting.
  3. It's interesting that Grace is managed by the same people who are currently managing Janet Devlin. They're so similar.
  4. I really like Shanya and Alisah.
    I must say I am a bit bored by the other girls - Holly and Deanna are meh, I don't get their hype about Georgine, and everytime Grace comes on I turn off the volume. I hope the voters will not vote for her so that the season will be interesting- it seems she is getting "the winner's edit", even though the live shows are not even here yet...

    To me, Rai-Elle is OK and I don't like her too much, but I think her attitude and diversity actually makes her someone that can be molded into a 2017/18 singer.
    Alisah is my favorite from the girls, but if she sings Whitney/Mariah/Beyonce/Celine every week I'll LET HER GO (that includes the song from Frozen). Plus, if she sings the same songs she sang on The Voice of the Philippines, it's going to be errrrr. All By Myself was her finals song there.
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  5. I look forward to Alisah being eliminated at Judges' Houses only to turn up and cry her way into the first live show.
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  6. I am mad af after seeing the first episode of the six-chair challenge.

    That was a complete mess - eliminating the best singer (Shanayah) and one of the most interesting voices (Nicole) just to keep Alisah for the second time (Who is great but so dated).

    This was tragic and it will get even more tragic when she eliminates Grace for sure in the Judges House.
  7. If you’d told me the winner of this series would be Meghan Trainor I’d never have believed you
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  8. Nicole (not Scherzy) has a horrible voice.
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  9. 360


    Enjoyed this last night but some disastrous decisions there. I found it hilarious how Simon kept saying "this is what I would do" and then Sharon would just do the complete opposite.

    I love Grace. I think she's great. Hope through some miracle she makes the live shows.
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  10. Last night's episode was the first one this year I properly enjoyed.
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  11. Neither Shanaya nor Nicole were really that good, so I’m not sure I endorse some of these posts.
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  12. I loved Nicole, unlike Sam Lavery she actually has a good raspy rock voice and reminded me of Bonnie Tyler. So of course Sharon hated her and booted her out.
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  13. I don't think Sam Lavery was ever really going for that raspy voice. Nicole had it but it wasn't a nice sounding voice at all to my ears, and her actual skill and range as a singer didn't seem that good either
  14. But at least Shanaya was better (regarding all of her performances), than 3-4 people she put through.
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  15. So who will be the girls they'll put into a group?
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  16. Remembering that Saara Alto was eliminated last year at the 6 chair challenge, makes the whole thing kinda pointless. Anyone can be back and anyone can be gone. Although, no one deserves to be back like Saara did.
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  17. Rumour is that having Cheryl back for Judges Houses this year is a tester for her to replace Nicole next year.

    Oh fuck off. Cheryl was a shit judge and nobody gives a fuck about this love/hate relationship between her and Simon.
  18. It isn't like they would be dumping Nicole for her though, the rumour is Nicole won't be able to do it because of a PCD reunion.

    I like Cheryl and would be happy with her back.
  19. I really cannot imagine Sharon and Cheryl on the same panel but now I want to see it.
  20. I’d prefer Nicole and Cheryl together to be honest. And I don’t think she was a shot judge, I actually always thought she gave good advise and actually cared for her acts. And when she connected with her acts, she did the best mentoring job out of any X Factor judge.