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The X Factor (2017)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Shockbox, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. That Digital Spy article...

    Leona apparently disappeared. Not having some huge singles or albums.
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  2. Judges officially confirmed for this year.

    Simon, Nicole, Sharon and Louis.

    Same articles says that changes are being made to the show (surprise surprise) including the length of the series? It's scheduled to begin 26th August so the only thing they could be doing is it finishing a couple of weeks early?
  3. Alesha Dixon is standing in for Nicole just for the first day auditions. I wish it was permanent last years panel and series as a whole was dire and I think Alesha would add a lot even more then on BGT.
  4. Nicole was there for the first day in Liverpool but Alesha filled in this weekend at the Manchester auditions.
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  5. I think that this is testing the water for her as permanent "standby" in future series - maybe there is truth to the rumours that Nicole held out for better opportunities until the last moment this year...
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  6. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I feel like Alesha would be much better suited on X Factor than BGT - she kinda seems over the latter now, whilst I can see her being a perfect mentor for contestants on X Factor.
  7. I'd love her on X Factor, but in terms of job security she's definitely got a couple more years of Britain's Got Talent in her. The way they turn over judges, X Factor is a fucking temp job in comparison.
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  8. I hope they don't change the BGT panel because it works well so why mess with it?
  9. I love Alesha but this shows how far the show has fallen from it's grace. Remember when replacement judges were Katy Petty, Anastacia and Natalie Imbruglia. Now it's Alesha Dixon.
  10. Don't try and downplay Alesha's accomplishments she's been on two of the biggest shows in the U.K she's been a household name for nearly a decade and she's actually been asked to be permanent judge before any of those artists you've mentioned.
  11. Basically, they brought Alesha in because she's cheap.
  12. Also, they know she works well with Simon and doesn't exactly have a busy schedule. Smart choice for a last minute replacement.
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  13. What's the opposite of "that escalated quickly"?

    I remember the acts' polite claps and grimaces the last time Dannii Minogue wheeled out Natalie Imbruglia as her assistant at judges' houses when everyone was clearly hoping for Kylie. And we must be twice as far from Torn now as we were then. Not sure Alesha could possibly be less of a draw.
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  14. I am of course referring to when they were judges years ago, not now.
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  15. I don't think so Alesha is very smart they've wanted her on the panel for years. And she's probably one of the most paid women on TV. Don't do it.
  16. I love Anastasia as much as the next gay, but she definitely guest judged on X Factor AFTER I saw her on the 'Here Come the Girls LIVE Tour' with Anastacia and Heather Smalls.

    It was amazing, but she was past her peak.
  17. She's got one song and that wasn't even a hit, I know that Simon/Sharon/Louis aren't musicians, but those they do have should at least have had significant success, unless they just stick them with the groups every year.
  18. Been having a look at Johnny Robinson's twitter, he's RTed a lot of UKIP MEPs and also Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins. Cancelled.
  19. Are you talking about Alesha? I would say she is definitely qualified, she has a platinum solo album and that one song that wasn't even a hit went gold, so was a hit.

    And lets not forget about Mis-Teeq who delivered a platinum and a gold album plus a few hit singles.

    Edit: She is no high flyer, but definitely is qualified to judge.
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  20. In 1997?

    I mean, the only Natalie Imbruglia songs I like are 'Want' and 'Wild About It', so I won't complain about you implying she was anywhere near her peak in 2010, but the only person who has ever been impressed to see Natalie Imbruglia on The X Factor is Natalie Imbruglia.
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